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June 27, 2007


(Thanks to Jeannie Kelly)


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Sounds like the story I pointed out in the "Phillipines" thread, as there was a link to it from that article.


Do you think this is grounds for divorce?

That man's hardheaded.

"St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara."

With a name like "Mascara" he's gotta be tough. Can you imagine the harassment he got on the playground in grade school?

pssst, diva, is tammy accounted for?

Richard that IS the story you pointed out. You should have sent it in to the Blog.

and all I can say is...Weirdness Magnet Strikes Again!

Yay! I loved the headline in the version I saw: "Florida man's headache mystery solved by a bullet"; that somehow had me imagining a slightly different story...

I guess it was really a shot in the dark.

this guy must have really had a snoring problem. she should have tried the "breathe-right" strips before the bullet.

I think perhaps she's in bed now. The real issue is, is the JEWBAN accounted for!

Yup, Siouxie. Chances are Jeannie beat me to it anyway.

Man, If I had a nickel for every time I've woken up with a bullet in my head . . .

Two convicted felons (of differing genders) finding love on the outside?
Now there's a movie for CBS to make!

if you don't send it in, 99% of the time we won't even see it. i don't click ANY links in the comment sections because i can't see what they are.

"Not tonight dear, I have a headache"

"Headache? I'l give you a headache!"

I've sent you a boatload of stuff lately, judi!! *insert sucky-uppy cheesy grin here* ;-D

when the officers arrived,this was playing.

lmao, cg!

course...she missed.

which is why I tell you ladies...the MACHETE doesn't miss!

Your browser doesn't show you the actual URL in the status line when you hover, Judi? As a fallback, the web site gurus out to be able to rig it so the URL is automatically embedded in the post.

Point taken, though.

At the wedding, they sang--

For he's a jolly good felon
For she's a jolly good felon
For they're two jolly good felons....
She's probably gonna shoot him in the head.

"His wife, April, told investigators later this afternoon that she accidently shot her husband, deputies said."

Deputy: Your husband seems to have a bullet in his head. Do you know anything about that?"

April: No, well, maybe I mighta shot him, y'know, accidentally-like. Did you say in the head? Yeah, I guess that was me. Did you say something about a lawyer?

Soon to be the world's worst defendant. Some public defender better stock up on aspirin, he's gonna be banging his head on the defense table a lot when she's on the stand.

Don't you know that scenario went something like this:
"You shot me in the head!"
"Die already!"
"I'm dialing 911!"
"If you do, we both go to jail! We're convicted felons, remember?! And we have a gun in the house?!"
"Oh yeah. $h!t."
"Okay...here's the story we tell them...."
"See...if you had just died after getting shot in the head in the first place, like most people do, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

Are we sure they weren't reenacting this http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099819/?
(can't get my brain to work in html right now.)

MareBear's link.

Thanks Siouxie. Every time I tried, it was leaving the html open, and I didn't want anybody to have to clean up my mess. :)

Anytime, Mare! I have a cheat sheet and I just copy and paste. I'm not that smart ;-)

Bunch of lying moe foes.

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