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June 27, 2007


As well as an excellent addition to one's resumé: Dangerously Chewy

(Thanks to jon harris)


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She might - just MIGHT - surpass the McDonald's coffee lady.

Dangerously Stupid, more likely - which WBAGNF most so-called "reality" shows on the air these days.

Sounds like a p0rn movie.

Someone masticated in such pain...

That's a great accompanying photo of the gal. Now, just p u l l the trigger, Lady.

McArthur's lawyer, Brian Muawad, says the candies caused her to develop a condition known as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction.

I'm sure her husband's not too happy about this either...just sayin'.

Course if I had a lawyer named Mua-wad....


hopes for class action status. after that we can go after the bubble gum peddlers.

Victoria McArthur ==>
Civic Tartar Humor
Court Trivia Charm
Our Catarrh Victim

Siouxie, I was just thinking that her husband sent a thank-you letter to Mars Candies, since "McArthur says she has had trouble chewing, talking and sleeping since the incident."

Ducky, that could very well be. My mind is obviously down closer to the gutter. iykwim.

I blame casey.

LOL Siouxie!

But you can't put all the blame on me....great minds and all.

*snork* at Siouxie's I'm sure her husband's not too happy about this either...just sayin'.

Amen, sister.

Siouxie, TMJ doesn't only cause the jaw to remain closed, it can also lock in the wide open position.

Siouxie, TMJ doesn't only cause the jaw to remain closed, it can also lock in the wide open position.

damn bot.

The bot's jaw is locked in the wide open position.

wicked, well...then in that case...

*sends Mrs. McArthur a pair of knee pads*

If she needs a lawyer, I understand there's an unemployed judge in DC with experience litigating asanine lawuits and who could really use the work just now.

This almost happened to me when I bit into some salt water taffy.

*SNORK* @ Siouxie!! :-)

casey, we would get in sooooooooo much trouble!!!!

(when are you coming to Miami???)

better send Mr. McArthur a board for his butt, judging by the size of her mouth. oops, did i type that outloud?

O/T. In an effort to understand the mysteries of cyber space I would like to know if anybody is being bot focked today. I'm once again able to blog from my home setup, in that it's not getting hung-up at Typepad and the bot is nowhere to be seen.

lol ww!

In a related video link:

"Lawsuit Tough to Swallow?"

not gonna go there.

Mot, I haven't today. But then again, I showed the bot my machete this morning. I think he may have been a tad intimidated by it ;-)

Mot - do NOT look a gift horse in the mouth! I haven't been since last night!!!

or it may have something to do with the fact that i opened a help ticket complaining about it on monday :) i doubt it. but anything's possible.

I guess it's a case of making hay while the sun shines. Sooz, those knee pads are looking decidely worn.

How close exactly is Romero, MI to Sandusky?

YAY for judi!! our fabulousa s.b.!!!

Mot, if you do look that gift horse in the mouth, make sure it's not in the wide-open locked position.

um...I rollerblade a lot???

Back from lunch, Rick?


I'm glad something worked cause the bot has been particularly botfockety lately!

Siouxie, didn't you work the Hunt last year? If so, do you plan on working it again this year? I was thinking I could help....whadda ya think?

Judi, that just may be the reason. *bows deeply* you have my eternal gratitude.

Yes I did, casey and yes I am. I've already notified ms. judi. It's a lot of fun even behind the scenes! It would be awesomely awesome if you could make it down here!


*sends plantiff a Big Hunk™ Candy Bar*

I'm back from lunch Diva. Problem is everytime I sit down on here, I get paged. It has been really hectic around here lately.

I lost several baby teeth to Bazooka gum. All at once. I think I missed my opportunity. It sure would have paid better than the Tooth Fairy, who chose to make it a flat rate in this instance rather than a per tooth rate. At least the cartoon was funny.

*pages Rick*


btw, judi...the bot is definitely under control. I just posted a link on another thread and it usually captcha'd me every time. YAY!!

dare we sing: DING DONG THE BOT IS DEAD???

Lock her up with the "dry cleaning pants lawsuit" imbecile. They can keep each other company.


I recently DL a new browser, and it is different from IE. The bot found me again, as well as no Hover Mechanism over links and emails. I'm thinking about trying yet another one just for comparison sake.

Judi, what are you using? A different browser may give you the hover option quite easily.

Botwise, all I know is I was permitted to post the word "bathroom" today without any challenges. In the past, every single freakin' post has been blocked, and I was going blind from trying to decipher those wrinkled scraps of poorly xeroxed gibberish. I actually gave up posting for several months because of it, thus endangering my mental health.

Hmmm....are there any lawyers in the house??? Eleanor???
Doesn't Inability to Post qualify as Loss of Consortium?

P.S. THANK YOU, Judi!!!

Betsy, I was getting challenged at every post as well. Once it got me...that was it! it stayed on my @ss all day.

I think not being able to post definitely qualifies as pain and suffering.

Siouxie, does that mean I can sue my company IT?

Ex-Matt, yes. El (our legal expert) will represent you.

I once bit into a solid milk chocolate bunny. Only it wasn't. So, expecting resistance and the laws of jaws and physics and such being what they are, I ground my uppers into my lowers, jarred my brain, and life has never been the same.
Should I mebee sue the Easter Bunny?

"Caution: candy is chewy" is now in league with
"Caution: edge is sharp" printed on knives.

I remember the first time I dislocated my jaw due to my TMJ, I was a poor college student eating my taco bell when it happened. It pains me to think about it, I had trouble smooching with my girlfriend, could not eat steak or other foods requiring chewing, (I still hate apple sauce) I could not talk because my jaw would grind. It took many years of therapy for me to finally remember this tragedy I had blocked out. Yum Brands surely owes me for the hardship they caused me.

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