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June 29, 2007


This blog's pal and bandmate and co-author Ridley Pearson has a terrific new book coming out this summer called Killer Weekend. You can go to the Amazon site and see exclusive video of Ridley and me sitting in my back yard and trying to keep reasonably straight faces while we engage in flagrant strumpeting. But it really is an excellent book.


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(How does one strumpet in the back yard, btw, Dave?)

Ahh...that'll be the NEXT one I'll get after I get the one he suggested to me (Beyond Recognition).

YAY for Ridley!!!!

Haha! Why could I only view it in one little tiny square in the top left? I'm sure there is something to click, but alas, I missed it.

Oh, and best of luck with the book!!

I get it now - the one who writes the book gets to wear the blue shirt.

I look pretty dang good in blue - guess I'd better get writing.

If I go to his book signing, will he also sign my other Dave Barry books?

For that matter, will he sign anything I put in front of him?

Is there gonna be a movie? Reading is such hard work, you know....

forgot to mention - nice kitchen chairs, Dave. I hope you wiped off the bottom of the legs before you put them back.

i don't know that i want a book that will make it hard for me to get off.

if we tied dave's hands down, would he still be able to talk?

bethie, click on that little square of video.

Good call, Annie! Does Mrs. Blog know about this?

crossgirl - you have to keep moving like that, or the gators will attack. It's a Florida thing.

cg, I was just about to say something about "getting off" myself. our minds look great down here in the gutter.!

Cool! I'm gonna get out of the line for iPhones outside the Apple store and go over to the line for Killer Weekend at Barnes & Noble.

*checks bank balance, slinks out of line*

Annie, cg - THAT and the fact the Dave is married to a Cuban. He got that from her, I'm sure (she says while waving her hands around).

That was just killer. Methinks The Blog may have a Killer Weekend with Mrs. Blog a pond away. Let's steal the weinermobile and a great deal of beer and crash at Dave's!!!

Oh, and Poor Ridley. Dave, you were trying to crack him up. *EG*

Siouxie - I met Mrs. Blog. She doesn't have to move her hands at all. She just says something and looks. That is more than enough.

For the record, she is a very nice person.

PS - "Flagrant Strumpeting" WBAGNFA sequel to Tricky Business.

you give really good interview, Dave.

I just finished my first Ridley book for grownups: "First Victim". The man has a truely disturbed mind. HIGHLY recommended. I'll definitely read the rest of them.

Annie, she is. I've met Michelle as well. And she's gorgeous to boot!

Siouxie - I agree, she could do much better.


You'll get no argument from me.

You'll get no argument from me.

Posted by: Dave | 01:14 PM on June 29, 2007

Dave, on the fact that Michelle is gorgeous or that she could do much better? ;-)

Aaaaw, that's sweet.

The left coast misses you, Dave. Would it kill you to have some stinkin' joy in LA?

Guess I gotta work on my Cuban Stink-eye of Doom.

Siouxie - he's in 'I have no opinion' mode. Like that goat that keels over when startled - don't move and you might survive.

Aw, Dave. That is a sweet thing to say. :-) I bet you're still kinda mushy over her aren't you?


LOL Annie.

btw...the Cuban Stink-eye of Doom works best when brandishing a sharp (or dull) machete.

I have brandished a machete. I have also garnished one. Brandished is slightly better. But only at room temperature.

Yes - what little I have left, I am losing.

Thanks, Bloggers!
Or at least those of you who can read.

*waves @ Ridley!!!*

Sorry Dave, but I didn't quite catch the name of the book. Was it...Killer Weekend?

Ridley - will someone be publishing a 'Closed Captioned for Dummies' version for Jeff?

WAITAMINIT!!! When did Dave write a BOOK?????

Ridley will the bookstores be closing this afternoon and reopening at 6pm specifically for the mad rush of people fighting over copies of Killer Weekend?

Shhh! Don't tell Ridley, but Amazon has knocked $8.00 off the cover price! And free shipping! (Gee, who knew strumpeting was so easy?

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