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June 26, 2007


Mr. Paul Levine offers an analysis of the Dave Barry for President groundswell in Chattsworth, CA.


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First to vote for the analysis!

First with the obligatory, "Dave's pole numbers continue to stiffen."

Wow! Did you see those pictures of the political figures as you scroll down the page? That picture of Carter was down right disturbing.... then I saw the rest of them.... YIKES!

Dave, your campaign is BUSTing out all over!

was that punkin!?!

Was that Punkin??? wowsa!!

and a hardy hearty *snork* @ fivver!!

wooo hooo!! a psychic simul with crossgirl & Punkin's bazoombages!

Hey! I have a brian, brayne, a MIND, too ya know!

Yes you do my BFF! and they're both lovely (brian and brayne).

of course you do, punkin. that's why we tolerate love you.

The (presumably) female in blue is...uh...uh...it just looks painful.

Uh...it just looks wrong!

And PS - I'm really bummed. I have sent in several questions to the juggernaut forum and haven't had even one answered. *pouts*

That's one 't' in Chatsworth.

so...ummm....did anyone enter jack's site? just curious. yeah, curious, that's it. judi? siouxie? med?

cg - um...no??

*fans self*

DeskDiva...I share your pain. I sent one in days and days and days ago, wondering if George Thorogood would indeed be the house band at the White House. I haven't seen it there yet, and haven't been notified...but Tom in FL had a question and was answered with the fact that GT would play the White House, and possibly actually destroy Deleware.

Of course, seeing the sent in dates, and the respond dates...I'm sure he just hasn't gotten to mine as yet.

(Yes, I'm slow. I'm doing several things at once here...nothing new there.)

Diva - I guess this thread sheds some light as to why you have gone unanswered. Dave's staff has been actively pursuing new supporters and other adventures.

Very funny imagery ya got there, guys!

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