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June 27, 2007


...I'm an Indonesian chef."

(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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Two firsts in one day?

"It is all right to use it as a food seasoning, but it should not be fully legalized,"
Ummm, ok....

Would "Illegal Food Seasonings" BAGNFARB?

Knock, knock Anybody home?

Mmmm - indonesian brownies!


Yum, Indonesian food.

Lots of pastry chefs specializing in brownies in Indonesia, then?

Now I know why I get that mellow feeling after eating Indonesian curry.

DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!! it's oregano.

It's nice to know that the U.S. is right up there with Singapore, Malayasia and Indonesia when it comes to enforcing the death penalty.

Frankly, I never quite bought into the idea that Europe doesn't do it anymore, so the U.S. shoudn't. But, when you consider who else is in our camp, makes you stop to think.

"It is all right to use it as a food seasoning, but it should not be fully legalized."

Does it count if you have the herb first and then just get the munchies?

Snork at Diva.
I have never partaken of the magic weed, but based on it's smell I'm not entirely certain the flavor it would impart would be tempting. But perhaps my palate has just gotten used to eating actual food rather than using "seasonings" to cover up the rot.

Removes extraneous apostrophe, puts on dunce cap, and retreats to corner.


In the USA we give injections that are humane even if the person is convicted of murdering a person by jamming a picaxe in their stomach. With the huge "Oh it's so cruel to kill this murderer" crowd outside holding candlelight vigils for them, while completely ignoring their victims.

In Singapore they have public hangings on Friday morning. As in a short drop and a sudden stop, leave 'em 'til they stop twitchin'. I know because my ship left Singapore on Friday morning to keep any of the more morbid members of the crew from going.

Which is more humane?

almne - I prefer the second option..... and my redneck uncle would add, "leave them there until the body rots off the rope." Now, THAT"S deterrent.

Indonesia: we put the "haute" in "haute cuisine".

what a horrible perfect waste ly ingenious use of the herb.

When they have those "Oh it's so cruel to kill this murderer" crowd outside holding candlelight vigils, they should start showing them the nasty details of what the murderer did. Although that probably won't shut them up, either.

My main concern about capital punishment is that sometimes (hopefully rarely) innocent people get convicted.

KJP: Awesome, dude!

I agree. Let's start by hanging people who hijack a perfectly humorous blog thread.

Next topic, please...

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