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June 23, 2007


LAPD cracks down.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Yes it is.

I personally am missing 40 milk crates - hmmph!

Two FIRSTS in a row - yay me!

Two Hat Tricks???

So what did I win? ;)

And Dave, I'm still waiting to find out what Robin Givham was wearing at the conference. :)

I know I shall sleep better tonight.

One is the Loneliest Number...

Yay Bethie! You weren't there when I posted.

How goes it?

Robin was wearing milk crates. Nonfat.

damn. i hope this trend doesn't head east or i'll have to start replacing all my milk crates with cinder blocks lifted from construction sites. that or resign myself to having no furniture.

Good one. I was goign to ask if this milk crate made my butt look big. Next time: non fat.

So, O.J. is free, Robert Blake is walking the streets, but the LAPD is cracking down on milk crate thefts?

Well, it's something they can do., anyway.

And may I say, you West Coasters are getting an early start this a.m.


I get zip. Am I alone?

Hey, we got Paris, didn't we? And we have to get an early start - do you have any idea how many milk crate perps are out there?

We'll always have Paris. Until Tuesday, anyway.

OJ and Blake were more the celebrity/juror factor than the LAPD factor, imho. Spector? We'll see. Four walls of sound and a cot?

I have had up to 5 milk crates in my possession over the past several years - and I'm totally getting away with it!

just try and find me copper!

I'm down to 2 or 3 now - some of my crates have been stolen - what kind of society so we have when people steal a man's milk crates?

Rick - looks like Karma came and got ya.

HI Eleanor! Nice to see ya! I see a lot of other people have gotten up and started the day now too! Yay!

I agree with Stevie on OJ and Blake. California is probably the only state in the union where those two would have walked.

I am glad that the crime rate in CA has diminished to the point where the big capers involve missing milk crates.

Instant Creamer's gonna get you.

Don't tell anyone under penalty of law, but I have a box from the Post Office that I am not supposed to have. My dad, the local friendly Postal Worker gave it to me,and then I noticed the "Under Penalty Of Law" message on the side. Yay!

Let's talk postal bins. Now that's an outrage.

I keep mine loaded in my shopping cart in case I need to make a quick getaway.

Cheese it - it's the dairy cops!!

Well, it's not a "bin" really, it's more like a small, sturdy "plastic box" that's stapled together. That makes it a little better.

And Fed Ex labels. Tell the truth -- how many do you have stacked up in your office, just in case you need them? Huh? Huh?

Sounds like the reporter was really milking this story.

Why buy the cow when you can get the crate for free?

Hey, at least they're finally recovering stolen property. Better latte than heifer.

They have a zero-lactose-intolerance policy, I guess. Did the arrestees have to serve house arrest in a barn?

they could do away with the crates like they did away with the milk cartons in elementary school, just package it in a big garbage bag o' milk and a bunch of straws!

Gouda thing I skimmed this thread before posting. Udderwise I'd be calf-inclined to kick some dairy-air

oh, there won't be rumen the jails if they start locking crate thieves up, just in casein they were thinking about it...

"Better latte than heifer." Ouch!! Too early. Where's my coffee?

insom! You're a cheese-wihz.

Possession of stolen milk crates is an "entrance crime." It leads to shopping carts, pizza delivery vehicles, and ultimately, politics.

"ooh, there won't be rumen the jails if they start locking crate thieves up."

That's using you're noodle, insom. Let's rennet up the flagpole and see if anyone saluts.

Whoa - spell-check on aisle 7....cheese-WHIZ. Sorry, insom.


It's been awhile, bethie. My, how you groan.

bethie, we've got more puns to run past-your-eyes, if you cud stand it...

bethie - this cud's for ewe.

The black market in stolen milk crates is a cottage industry. Theft is whey up. But after the sweep, the crooks were heard to say "Curds! Foiled again!!"

(okay, I'll say it myself: Oy.)

Dairy cop to thief: "There ain't ruminant this alley for both of us."

Doesn't the milk run out through all the holes in the sides anyway?

Stevie!!! I have a bone to pick with you!! (and it ain't no penis bone) Could you at least have gotten a better looking celeb???

I'm still too tired to snork...so I'll just giggle ;-)

I think I saw a picture of a missing milk crate on the side of a milk carton.

Brilliant, Annie - Brava!

Message to Siouxie - next vacation, think room service! ;)

"I think I saw a picture of a missing milk crate on the side of a milk carton."

Xlnt. Who are you, Annie - Mrs. Steven Wright?

(Note to sxi - sorry, Paris was still in jail).

moochas gracias.

I hear ya El! Room service and a personal masseur.

Annie, my mind is snorking but my body refuses to move...

De nada. I'm one of your biggest flans.

Btw, what are you supposed to do if you lose the milk carton?

Siouxie - El's right - vacation is defined by room service. Sounds like you need a vaca from your vaca.
btw - 'vaca' = 'cow' in spanish, so we're still on topic.

Put a picture of the milk carton on the cow. silly.

Siouxie - now you're being udderly ridiculous.

Got that right, Annie...I can't moooooove!

Seriously, as tiring as it has been, we've had a blast. All the kids have enjoyed it. The adults are now in need of traction - but 'hay'...sokay!

The cops were cleaning and needed more storage, hence the deployment to detain more evidence.

Wow. And here I was keeping the fort held last night. You all must get to bed early. All that milk and cookies (to say nothing of milk crates- why should I? Everybody else has) must make you sleepy. BTW, doesn't CNN have anything better to put online?

Insom, "just package it in a big garbage bag o' milk and a bunch of straws!"

That's already available; it's called a 'cow.'

Los Angeles Police Department Absurdly Nitpicky Crime Enforcement.

aah, acronyms.

ot - it was a lovely morning here, listening to the birds chirp and feeling the cool breeze. Now the Loud Family next door is yelling at each other. They have to yell to be heard over the sound of their tacky tiki music. When the kids aren't yelling, they're whistling or screeching. Wish I had a milk crate to toss at them, but after the raid they're gone.
end ot...

Oh crate! All these cheesy puns are milking the life out of me. I would love to cream all of you for making my head explode. I dairy you to tell me one to my face. It is just udderly ridiculous.

"Back to the grind," says an officer assigned to annie's acronym unit as he starts his shaft shift.

On the bright side, Annie, your neighbors are teaching your boys how NOT to behave.

It's awful having $hitty neighbors, though. ((((Annie))))

Man, you guys are making my blood curdle. I hope we can do butter next time. But, until then, let's be crateful the cops aren't policing the office copy machines.

*Snorks* to all.

There was somebody in that video who sure looked like Nicole Richie.

Cat - half the people out here look like Nicole Richie. They also look like 'half a person.'

Cops are reclaimin' milk crates, eh?

... um ... is there a mileage limit on how far they'll go to recover the property?

Oh ... no reason, merely curious about interestin' stuff like that ...

Annie, you are in RARE form today!! And THAT's sayin' something, Sister. ;-)

*two thumbs up*

"Milk prices are going up because gas is going up."

Wrong. Milk prices go up (and are artificially high in general) in California and around the nation because the government sets price floors on wholesale milk. Read about it here.

If there were 1/5 as much Internet outrage about the milk cartels and their government protection racket as there is about the RIAA, kids could drink more milk. And maybe fewer people would jack their carts.

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