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June 25, 2007


Simulated bubble wrap.


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Technology leaps forward, yet again.

Next... Simulated Toilet Paper

They already have that, and dress it up for holidays:

s_k's link

"No bubble wrap was harmed in the manufacture of the 'Simulated Bubble Wrap on a Key Chain'™"

snap, crackle, BRRRAAAAPPPPPP

After 100 pops you can get a simulated sound such as a fart?

No suprise that this product is from Japan.

I so gotta have one! That just reminded me that I have a small piece of bubble wrap that I saved just for that purpose!

Great minds and all fivver.

wow, a flatulant psychic simul!

Shew fivver, have you been eating Mexican?

"keeps you amused for days."

please - speak for yourself. bubble wrap can keep my amused for a 8 - 12 hours, tops.

so, after a hundred 'pops' you get a random noise, and every once in a while a fart? that'll keep me amused for days.

Something that needed simulating ... my world is now complete.

Were't me casey! It was the bubble wrap. Yeah, that's it.

*pop* *pop* *pop*
*pop* *pop*

Huh? Wha? Somebody say something? *pop*

*pop* *pop* *pthffffthhffftttffft*


I love this stuff! Does it come in gigantimous bubbles size??? (yes, I like the big ones) (bubbles)(yep)(casey - stop laughing)

(psssssst...Punkin...I congratulated you and the Mr. back on the other thread).

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (just in case)

Thanks, Siouxie! I did see!

Gonna "celebrate" tonite.

Anybody know how to secure this trapeze to the ceiling???

punkin, industrial lag bolts through a rafter.

happy aniversary!

Punkin, make sure the floor is padded.

Anybody starts using one of these things in the cubicle next to mine better be ready for a return foray of knuckle-cracks, nail-clips, and some very natural digestion-related sounds.

Not that they don't have to put up with that already...

Mrs. and Mr. Poo, please enjoy this virtual song by imagining it sung to the tune of "Roll out the Barrel":

Hap, Happy Ann-a,
Happy Anniversary,
Hap, Happy Ann-a,
Happy Anniversary,
Sing we bananas,
Sing we bananas and cheese,
Then you'll have a happy,
A happy Ann-i-ver-sa-reeee!

(I am forced to sing this every year for my in-laws' anniversary. Sorry if this generates earwigs.)

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