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June 27, 2007


...love the one you're with.

(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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Does this make him bi-sexual?

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Sounds like he does everything "vigorously"!

LOL casey!! that's one of my fav Queen songs too.

And yes, alcohol was involved.

That bicycle is already 'spoke'n for.

It's an old story. He was in the mood, but she was two tired.

*snork* at ford!!

Stewarts says that the incident was all a misunderstanding, partly due to the fact that he'd had too much to drink.

Partly due to too much drink? I love that this guy would rather cop to sex with a bicycle than to fully admit he's a roaring alcoholic. And really, who amongst us hasn't tried to make sweet, unselfish love to our recreational toys while in the throes of a good bender? I have a skateboard that hasn't said a word to me since I bought that Schwinn with the long, pink banana seat and the...the tassled hand-grips...oh, baby, that's a sweet ride...little silver bell goes chingCHING!...mmm...

[Ahem] Sorry. Ah...excuse me, I need to run out to the garage for a moment...

lol Ford! good one!

Wender, you made me LOL!

*slowly backs away from Wender*


Musta been one of those Mountin' Bikes.

Lol to everybody! Batting a thousand so far. (Of course I just ruined that, but you get the idea.)


"Robert Stewart, from Ayr, allegedly was naked from the waist down in a hostel room when two cleaners walked in."

Now see, if the cleaners had knocked first all of this could have been avoided.

"What do you like in a lover?"

"A big rack and a nice firm seat that I can ride for hours!
Oh, and a bell and a flag!"

Hammie, you're in rare form this morning. LOL
(don't forget a place to hold your cup)

and lol @ Stevie's "schwing"!

For some reason, all I could think about was the quote about "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." What happens when the man needs a bicycle? What does the fish get then?

His solicitor, Gerry Tierney, said: 'My client denies the allegations and intends to defend the charge vigorously.'

Are we sure his lawyer wasn't really Algonquin J. Calhoun? Sure sounds like him.

At least there was rubber on the tires. Wouldn't want an unwanted trike.

all right, all right, what's all this then........EWWWWW.

"Bicylcle-sexing" WBAGNBFARB.

"...and the horse you rode in on!"

"I rode my bike."


Would it have been OK if he had his trousers on? This is why pre-pubescent girls love horses, isn't it? And did Lady Godiva get arrested? Too many questions, too few answers.

Guess he's bicycsual.

as jay leno said, this makes him a pedal-phile...

B is for the bruises that you gave me...
I am one sick sumbitch yes it's true
C is for coupling with my Huffy
Y will take my shrinks years to work through!
C is also for chains so oily
Long enough to bind me fast to you
E is for "Ewwwwwwww"! (most folks reaction)
put it all together you get "bicycle" i love getting on and off with you!

And yet another reason to visit jolly old england. But I'd leave my bike at home...

Oh, feh, throw a capital E up there to England, thank you...

"They say they were shocked to find him mock-copulating with a bicycle – and that he continued to do so as they looked on, the Sunday Mail reports."

Wonders how long they looked on and if they were wishing for a bicycle built for two.

Hmm. Wender on a Bender? LOL. Y'all are in rare form today!

You guys didn't comment on this yet, I'm surprised,

probably just mistook it for the town bike...

I wonder if he got a rim job?

"They" have always said that IT is just like riding a bicycle..... Who among us can prove "them" wrong?

If he'd left his Viagra at home, would he have had to use a tire pump for assistance?

Does this now make him a Pedalfile?????

(thanks to Jay Leno)

applause, for this fine selection of puns r us. and a great poem insom. good thing the people on the other side of my 'wall' have already left././ i'm snorkin over here.....

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