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June 26, 2007


The One-Eyed, Golfer-Snatchin' Gator

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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And golf is hard enough without worrying about gators.

Well sure, with a name like Burger... what did he expect..?

"Bogey, the One-eyed Gator,
Lived by the tee...."

extreme golf...

Actually, it should be
"Putt, the One-eyed Gator,
Lived by the Tee..."

Hey, I think I see the prospect for a new "extreme sports" reality show!

Yep. That's just Florida for you. Doesn't even have anything to do with the weirdness magnet.

A man who lost his ball...

So.....the one-eyed gator vs the one-testicled golfer?

LMAO @ Sio!

What could be greater than golf with a gator?

When asked about the incident later, the gator said, "Golfers taste like chicken!"

What I just love about this story is that there was a sign saying "Beare of Alligator" and he stuck his arm in anyway. Truly a candidate for an "Honorable Mention" from the Darwin Awards.

or..."To be honest, that golfer was subpar."

Add a "w" in "beare".

Flings Phil a 'w.'

Philly cheesesteak sammich...

Golfer: It's what's for dinner!

One-eyed? Probably par-sighted.

Now THAT'S a water hazard.

The pond at the sixth hole has a "Beware of Alligator" sign.

I don't know about Florida golfers, but if there's a sign like that, I ain't reachin' into no water.

Underwater there's a "Beware of high-velocity golf balls" sign. How do you think the gator lost an eye?

'...and he yelled" for help...'? I think he yelled something unprintable!

Hmmmm... $3 golf ball versus $1,000 ER bill; Mr. Burger don't cypher well.

OK, anyone else hoping this story would end with the guy head-butting the alligator?

Wasn't this in Happy Gilmore, and wasn't the golfer's name Chubs? Not Burger?

"Putt, the One-eyed Gator,
Lived by the Tee..." (Annie Where-but-here)

"Little Brucie Burger loathed that rascal, Putt. He gave him arms and golfing balls and other fancy stuff."

*tee-hee* @gjd.

aw geeeeee. there used to be a one eyed gator named blinky (isianmtu) that lived downtown. i miss blinky. blinky had to go bye bye because he kept playing in traffic. the nice trapper man took him to busch gardens where he was promptly slaughtered by big mike or one of those other mean ole nasty jealous of his celebrity gators.

there's wildlife in these ponds
Holly Crap!!! ...ya think???

and Holy Crap, too

Jazz - you made me think of Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. "Hidey-ho!"

I just thought of some older folks I'm going to encourage to fulfill their dream of moving to Florida to play golf. Let's see, there's my sixth grade teacher, my first swim coach, that guy on the corner that wouldn't return baseballs that fell in his yard... might even offer to pay their greens fees.

Appears the golfers in Florida are maybe a mite shorter on brains than elsewhere in the country...

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