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June 30, 2007


And we are not saying another word.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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So does that mean the other half are too smart to be Canadians?

I'd be afraid for Americans to take that test! Judging by Jay Walking on the Tonight Show, more than half of all Americans aren't smart enough to be American!

OK, well, this could apply anywhere...

Meanwhile, I have wasted an entire Saturday morning futzing with my laptop, as the cursor wouldn't function. Not at all with my right hand, not well with my left hand (?!), or partially with my left hand in a t-shirt (?!). No lawns have been mowed, no trees and shrubs have been trimmed, no loads have been hauled to the recycling center and it's going on noon.

At least the little arrow thingy now works on the TV sitting atop my typewriter. Is the BlogBar open yet?

CJ, it's not. Hammie's sheep made a mess (at least I THINK it was the sheep). I have Mert working overtime to clean it up for us.

I do have some cafe cubano.

I will take s cup of cubano, Siouxie.

Oh yeah: please and thank you. Don't need that cattle prod this morning.

hehe...we sure gots you boys trained good!! I love it!

*pours a tiny cup of extra strength cuban coffee*

that'll last you till Christmas time, pete!

Well, I've been a good boy and waited til after noon -- can I have I couple drops of brandy in mine, or is that sacriledge?

No, not as long as it's for medicinal purposes, RtW-H ...

O/T ... yeah, I doubt we (most of us) could pass a test to become USA-type Americans ...

Canada's decline in knowledge of self is merely them trineta to keep up with the USA ...

Great, OtheU.

So, how's retirement? Too soon to tell?

Actually if you think about it that is a perfect way to prove your a Canadian/American..........you don't know a thing about your country.....just think of the time it will save checking documentation, just ask a simple question and if they can answer it they are a spy.

where's canada, again?

My Grandpa got out of Canada with only 100 years to spare....

The other side of that.. .I have the Canuck genes..

Canada is just North of where I live, Crossgirl... only you gotta run the gauntlet of Nukes silos planted in between...


Happy Canada Day!

Not sure what it celebrates, but its in my date book. Kinda stupid now that I think of it. Ah, now I get it...

Bethie - just last night Leno went Jay-walking, asking what we celebrated on the 4th of July. Out of at least 20, ONE person knew.

Annie, I missed that one. So, what's the answer?

4th of July = Independence day for USA.

Does this mean I know too much to be an American citizen?

They're kidding, right? Has to be selective editing in choosing what to air, right? Right?

Bethie - just last night Leno went Jay-walking, asking what we celebrated on the 4th of July. Out of at least 20, ONE person knew.

I assume the other drivers were to busy swerving out of the way to avoid hitting him.

"Half of Canadians too ignorant to be Canadian"


Since the story's city of origin is Ottawa, maybe they surveyed French-Canadians. You know, the citizens whose right hemispheres of the brain processes Canadian information but whose left halves deal only in French culture.

Had they asked them about French fries, French kissing, French retreats (inside joke there), Mr. French and his predatory tendencies toward Mrs. Beasley, etc., they'd probably have aced the test.

"...whose right hemispheres of the brain processes Canadian information but..."


I changed the tense but forgot to change "processes" to "process." This blog owes me an "-es." (Pay up, Dave. Screen ink is rather expensive these days.)

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