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June 27, 2007


Those wacky Huron County commissioners are at it again!

Talk of July 4 sparked conversations that cracked the commissioners up.

After digging around in last year's parade supply, Mike Adelman stumbled upon a bucket of remains.

"I found a container of candy from last year," he told the other commissioners, laughing, "It was soft candy, but now it's hard candy."

The commissioners joined in jovial laughter, at some points turning red from the hilarity.

"It'll be petrified candy this year," Gary Bauer chuckled, usually quiet, but at full vocal capacity.

(Thanks to Doc Rick)

This has been your Greater Sandusky Update.


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My sides are still aching from laughing! Whew!

I love the article below this one.

"Jack Haplea is not a Steelers fan."

They are gonna have to stop smoking the funny stuff at lunch.

'The Grey O' would be a great slogan for V!agra.

Musta been marijuana candy?

I see Laura Collins is getting hit on at the school again. Stop leading those boys on, Laura. People will talk.

Ha Ha, and imagine what it will be next year. Oh what a rib-tickler

"It'll be petrified candy this year," Gary Bauer chuckled, usually quiet, but at full vocal capacity.

He then checked the perimeter (drinks) and shot everyone in the thigh.

wow, just wow. scroll down a little, and you'll find this "zinger".

"A medical milkshake

A man was walking slowly back to his car after purchasing a large milkshake at Golly Gee Ice Cream & More on Wednesday.

Dan Kaman, the shop's owner, asked the customer how he was doing.

"I've got three broken ribs, but it's not going to stop me from getting my milkshake," he said.

To that, Kaman replied, "The milkshake should make it feel better.""

this has founded me dumb.

Heh heh heh...same thing happens to *snork* the Halloween candy I *snork snork* Re-CYCLE every YEAR!


Stop! You are making my soda go up my nose!!!! BWHAHAHAHA- Now I have to pee!

So, Sandusky citizens will be having "the big O" at parade?

-must be one heckuva parade -

that reporter takes very thorough notes.

You know, if these are the most boring pressing issues facing the Greater Sandusky Area, I should be able to give Mrs. WriterDude a pretty good argument for moving to the roller coaster capital of the world Lake Erie shore. What's five generations of Colorado family history compared to season passes living in a modern-day Mayberry?

OH my side. I can't handle it. These guys are just a bucket of fun...and dead ants.


what's this about??

oh and YAY to Rick!!! ;-)

Being a 'Canes fan, I of course hate THE Ohio State, so I can't tell if this is a teensy bit of justice that they've got to paint their O a UM color, insulting to OSU alum, or moronic because how freaking hard is it to find grey paint???!!??? Don't they have a hardware store in Sandusky? Or can he steal some from the maintenance shed at Cedarpoint?

Thanks Siouxie! And double SNORKS and YAYS back at ya for the double whammy! By the way, the strippers at the golf course is a topic on the Jim Rome sports radio show right now! Wonder if Mr. Rome or one of his underlings in a Barry blogger?

Let's hope Gary Bauer isn't another one of Jack's long-lost brothers. Probably not, though. I don't associate "hilarity" with the Bauer family.

MareBear, being a Gators fan, OSU is quite significant for us as well. Though we don't hate them - it's the other way around :)

*smoochies* Rick!

YAY, RICK!!!! :) Nice to see you get posted, Babes.

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