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June 29, 2007



This has been your Greater Sandusky Dining Out Report.


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This is another example of shoddy reporting, did he pass out before or after he received his order?

you don't gotta be passed-out drunk to eat at burger king, but it helps.

He probably saw that scarey dancing Burger King and fainted.


That guy gives me more chicken skin than Henry VIII!

the passed-out drunk restaurant of choice in columbus is "white castle". when you're drunk, you say "chateau blanc" and then laugh at your own cleverness. the down side is the gas that emanates the next morning, which serves as a deterent to eating at "white castle" unless you're feeling invunerable, iykwim.

I ran out of gas in a BK drive-thru once. It was 20 years ago, but my best friend still brings it up at least twice a year.

I always thought you had to be actually driving to get a DUI. Uh oh.

Hey...give this guy a break. I'm usually ready to pass out just from waiting for them to take my order.

nora? that's what best friends are for.

I've been through (moment of reflection here) drive throughs ... HOW'D these folks get around him?

THAT needs explaining Mr/Ms no-name-by-line!

Does anyone else see the rather large, pixelated penis sticking out of the upper right-hand corner of the comment box on that story's page, right below the ad for Erie MetroParks (stupid hat-wearing squirrels, I HATE THEM SO MUCH!)?

Or did I eat too many Spam Croissandwiches for breakfast and its just my day for seeing pixelated penises everywhere I look?

you don't gotta be passed-out drunk to eat at burger king, but it helps

mud, I think you've got their new slogan there! And as for the White Castle thing, Harold & Kumar agree with that.

Punkin, I'm 100% with you on that creepy "Burger King" guy, who is spookier than Freddy Krueger.

pixelated penises wbagnfarb

Deja snooze. Didn't this happen a few weeks ago somewhere, too?

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