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June 06, 2007


What is your weight in whale testicles?

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Someone needs a life.

That says Right Whale Testicle...
Doesn't it weigh the same as the left one?

I must strenuously disagree with the Blog. It is not good to know this information. It is deeply disturbing.

I find it (strangely) interesting that a breast implant is almost equivalent to a placenta... .

yeah...like I weigh the same was 2000 eyeballs???


I am only 0.555 of a Tom Cruise. I am deeply offended.

I'm just a bit over 14 spider monkeys.

I'm over 453 craps. Whoot!!

I'm more like 9.5 spider monkeys, but then I'm only a lightweight.

Dang, Edgar. That means you're only 80% of an American Female.

Well, I'm 1 keg of beer, or just over above more than 1 female.


Blurk, having problems w/work puter still?

and 1.48 Jennifer Anistons to make 1 American Female??

DANG!! a can of soda??? I'm like soooooooooooo fat!!!

*diet water please...hold the ice*

and the Weinermobile is 86.4 flaccid peni


penii? penuses? penistans? pencredos?

Just goes to show that Tom Cruise really is a big boob.

Tom Cruise = 503778.3375315 cubic inches of air (at sea level)

Tom's just taking up WAY to much space.....

Blogettes...Tom Cruise for only $996.01
Jennifer Aniston however is quite cheep at only $547.81

No...that does NOT say "Right Whale Testicle," it says, "Testicle of a Right Whale." Are they making fun of Rush Limbaugh?

DD: that was my question. Not the Rush Limbaugh, but ... what is a right whale as opposed to a left whale?

Wow, Tommy weighs 200 pounds. And since we know he's a [semi] midget - NTTAWWT - that makes him way heavier than me.

By the way, Jeff - nice to see your photos with Sioux and pals! I like putting faces with names. :-)

silly bloggers, it's not a right whale as opposed to a left whale, it's a right as opposed to a wrong whale.

Jeff, did you see the pics????

From now on, I'm only giving my weight in Airbus A380s. I feel so skinny.

Bring me my weight in Jennifer Annistons!

I can not believe I am not a full keg! After all I invested in Anheuser-Busch !!!

Siouxie, I did comment somewhere about the pictures. Too bad there was such a shortage of views of Mr. King.


Just kidding! They brought it all back.

Do these standards of measurement have the proper Weights and Measures decal?

Do these standards of measurement have the proper Weights and Measures decal?

We now know about Right Whale appendages... what about Sperm Whales?

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