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June 30, 2007


Gummy Bears in potassium chlorate.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Too cool.

So gummi bears cause global warming?

Just think of the possibilities if you squished a gummi bear and a mento together.

I had to look it up. It's an ingredient in bleach. Of course, all you brain wizards knew that already.

I learn so much around here!

There are gummie bears in bleach?....who knew? No wonder it taste so good

can I borrow an "s" from someone?

Science marches ON!

Got to give 'em credit, that gummy bear put up a much better fight than the peeps ever did.

I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies in hopes that the rich aroma would rouse the sleepover kids. So far, it has not.

Help yourselves, everyone.

(smells a cookie)

(taste-tests a cookie)

Smells good to me. Tastes good too. What to I have to do around here to get people movin'? Dunk it in potassium chlorate?

OK, fine !

But if you ask me, it was a waste of a perfectly good cookie.

Sigh. What a mess. Science is overrated.

That's cool, and can we use this technology to power something important, like go-karts?

That's kind of sadistically disturbing! Poor gummy bear, we hardly knew ye.

... um ... tnx 4 the cookies, Cat' ... in RL, that wuz breakfast around here ... (a lazy day, on the first of my partial "retirement" ... except, gotta go cut the weeds that pass for a "lawn" here ...)

HOWever ... I wuz merely gonna say (on "topic" if that's possible) that most 10 to 12-year-old boys of my era knew about this stuff ... we din't have Gummi Bears™ then, it wuz Jujifruits™ or Dots™ ... and some good stuff from the big bottle beside our mothers' washin' machines ... oh, yeah, and we din't do this where we'd get caught ... and ... flyin' shards of glass never happened -- to us -- tho we'd heard that it wuz possible ... "COOL!" would've been our reaction ... young boys have a way of learnin' whut sorta stuff makes noise and blows up ... merely sayin' ...

Yeah, OtheU, but you grew up when kids were allowed to be kids, not inmates in a controlled environment because of all the big, bad DANGER lurking in the world.

Happy retirement, OtheU!

As he would tell you about oatmeal cookies for breakfast -- "It's the right thing to do."

O, my thing was making volcanos. Did manage to blow a hole in our concrete patio.

*signs shoesmonger up for a stint on Hamas tv*

They're awake -- well, two out of three. We're off to see Ratatouille. Have a good weekend, blogits!

(Don't leave crumbs, please.)

making volcanos? Is that some type of euphimism?

Did I spell euphimism correctly? I haven't had coffee yet. Not that coffee would help me spell any gooder.


I don't want to get out of bed!!

casey, we all know you pretend to be stooped. Just liek me.

Your don't neid to be smart when you're bootiful.. you gils got it covered

will not make 'uncovering it' comment
will not make 'uncovering it' comment
will not make 'uncovering it' comment

Can you hear the bears scream Clarisse?

Jazzzzie!! you are the sweeeeeetest!

and a *snork* goes to fivver!! LOL

Morning, all.

Awww, you guys are the bestest! Thanks for making me smile so early in the morning!

Mornin' Scott! I'm sorry I missed you last night. How was the trip???? I take it everyone made it home alive??

I dunno if you got to see the pics of casey and I that I posted from MY trip...let me know.

Plus a simul with Scott. Is it too early for a shot of vodka and a cig?

Not after OUR simul, gf!!!

I'll join ya!

Bottoms up Suz!

Of course, I refer to our shot...really.

*turns back over*

Oh, I thought you meant... Never mind.

OK friends. Now that y'all have me smiling and feeling not quite as grumpy, I'm gonna get motivated, get in the shower, get some house work done...

Happy Saturday!

Happy day to you too, casey! I need to get in the shower myself pretty soon. I have a brunch date with my girlfriends from grade school.

Well, as long as you're taking a shower, maybe I will too. Start without me. I'll be right in.

Ah, Cousin Wilford ... tnx fer thinkin' of him & me in the same sentence, Cat' ...

Forget Iran!

Now that Dave and his buddies know about the gummi bears it's only a matter of time before south Florida is obliterated.

Yeah, OtheU, but you grew up when kids were allowed to be kids, not inmates in a controlled environment because of all the big, bad DANGER lurking in the world.

Posted by: Meditrina | 10:54 AM on June 30, 2007


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