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June 11, 2007


Pretend we don't all know what's responsible.

(Thanks to Evan Dolive)


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FIRST to point at the squirrels.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrffff!!

Little Nutkin and his friends

Of course, it's the squirrels - or maybe attorneys?

*steps quickly out from under Siouxie on the roller coaster*

*thinks Kathybear is pointing out that both have sharpish teeth and carry rabies*

I didn't get my name up there, cuz I took too long trying to squeeze the key quote into the AOL message box. But I, too, know how to read between the (power) lines.

"An animal". Yeah, right. Cow? Horse? Alligator? Come on...tell it like it IS!

Why am I moved to start singing?


It's funny, one of the people in the comments has obviously never read this blog, as he doesn't seem to think it's possible for an animal to knock down power lines.

nope, i'm going to blame Paris for this one. the squirrel and global warming thing has been overdone.

Heh, almne, of course we know that the "animal" doesn't have to actually knock them down, just connect them a little bit.

hey motw! long time!

death to squirrels! paris hilton is a slut! snakes are creepy! ancient poop!

good to catch up, gotta go!

Oh, and two FIRSTs in a row!!!

A very apt summary. So long Mud.

Hmmm... Two FIRSTs in a row, eh? I think someone needs to get back to work!

*quickly switches back to "work"*

Very rarely do people actually get to live out their worst nightmare.

Snork at Scott and his overly suspicious boss.

mud, don't forget to wash your hands!!!

This being Arkansas, doesn't anyone suspect that the culprit could indeed be none other than....HOGZILLA! Heard he was in league with the raccoons and the squirrels.


ROCKY!!!! This cr@p is getting old. Keep it up and you'll be having a "meeting" with Snidley Whiplash on the train tracks.

Isn't that the truth, Bethie!

Sounds like a certain moose needs to learn anger management.

Clean Hands...Love the song! Got the verse...works with standard 'talkin' blues' chords...but what about the chorus???

(And thanks a lot: now I have Pete Seeger all up in my head singin:

When I get to heaven, gonna tell you what I'll do
Gonna grease my feet 'th a little mutton stew
I'll just sliiiiiiide outta the Devil's hands
and ooooze on over to the promised land...
Take it easy...
Go greasy...

Global Warming Bastads!!!!

Yes, my town. Red-neck squirrel no doubt.

Scott - you wouldn't (2:50 post) be referring to that 80 mph barfing thread a few days back, wouldya?

Hi Diva. Sorta - Siouxie's 2:48.

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