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June 25, 2007


It's the worms.


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But 'Worm-Made Global Warming' is not a catchy a headline.

Global Worming?

Al Gore invented worms too?

Worms are being used commercially to compost organic material is in preference to putting it into landfill.

One Adam Twelve, One Adam Twelve! We have a "Lost in Translation" in progress! Advise bring in Mr. Language Person to intervene! One Adam Twelve, handle Code Three!

"Everybody... thinks they can do no harm but they contribute to global warming. People are looking into alternative waste treatments but we have to make sure that we are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire," said Frederickson.

THANK YOU! for pointing out that, short of putting a bung in everyone's bum, this natural inevitable and ancient process is needlessly blamed on methane producing tasty animals is going to happen with or without us humans.

Which brings me to this: Who's the dumb animal? The quadruped which never asked for any kind of protection other than to be left the hell alone, or the biped Birkenstock wearing Boulderites mostly hairless apes (that's at least some of us) who insist upon worrying about -- and trying to control -- natural processes we cannot? Discuss.

Preferably while I duck and run. ;-)

Oh, whatever shall we do?

So...worms fart?

" produce greenhouse gases 290 times more potent than carbon dioxide."

- 290 times? phhhtt. I can beat that.

And here we were giving squirrels and moose a ruff time!

YOU D@MN WORMS! Back to the end of the fishing hook where you belong!

We'll get Al Gore on this one, he'll know what to do (he invented the internet and is a world-renown- knower-of-all-that-is-science scientist!)

Al will be leading the panic movement over worms in no time.

Obviously Kibby is right. I need to take more time off to drown worms.

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