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June 24, 2007



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If the snake could speak, I'm sure it would say, "Fangs a lot, fellas ..."

The patient presented with no pulse, no arms, and no legs....

Snake mouth-to-mouth.

Forked tongue down my throat.



OMG, Eew.

I can't stop the visual.....



i read the article as the snake being rescued from a flat tire which is actually more entertaining and easier to say.


He added: "We gave the snake oxygen and it recovered. It's unusual, but all part of the service."

Only in England.... Just gotta save up for a trip there...

*hands extra-strength brain bleach to Punkin*

*snork* at cg!

Punkin: Forked tongue down my throat. Eew.

Remind you of some bad dates?

Not that all of us guys have forked tongues, but some, well, just saying...

Crossgirl, I did too! I was like, how did they know there was a snake in a flat tire? Oh.

Forget about the forked tongue down your throat. Snake in a flat tire, now that reminds me of some bad dates.

Am I the only one who instantly thought of this?

One may only hope, Andy ...

*snork* at OtheU. Pee Wee's making a comeback, er, well, you know what I meant.

Punkin--I read that as "flat tire" when I first saw it as well. I was trying to figure out if the snake had gotten in the tire before it went flat (and if so, how?) or afterwards.

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