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June 28, 2007


A communications breakthrough: The Move Over sticker.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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Another fine idea I didn't come up with first!

(Did someone put Metamucil in Dave's seven-shot espresso this morning, or what? He's been very... productive today!!)

(I mean, the stories are just moving right through here... real regular-like)

Ooh! A hattrick, CH!! YAY!

What's the record for the number of new articles posted in one day? I've got to think we're coming close to it.

(Yeah, hat trick both vertically and horizontally...)

Of course in places like Southern California and Miami you need a bi-lingual version of this sticker - and maybe a gun for protection.

I want one of these!!!!

Um, is it just me or is the arrow actually pointing left when you look at it in the mirror? The scene from the driver's car that looks up in the rear-view mirror? However, I have had problems with mirrors my whole life (they confuse me--I chalk it up to horrible eyesight sans glasses; hopefully, two weeks from today I'll no longer have to wrry about that!).

They're gonna have to make these puppies multi-lingual...


Just what I was thinking - especially here in SoCal.

After recently finding out (the hard way) that flashing your high beams at slowpokes to get them to move over is illeagle, I WANT ONE!

The "fast lane" may be considered a convention by some drivers but it is not a law.
If someone is moving at at least the speed limit in the left lane, no one has any right to be pissed.
Yes, flashing your headlights at someone IS illegal. So is tailgating.
If you do that to me, I will SLOW DOWN. And smile. I won't do a break check, but we both know you'd deserve it.

I can do one better: I should post a picture of my license plate it says "MOV PLZ."


A passing lane is often colloquially referred to as a fast lane because it is often used for extended periods of time for thru traffic or fast traffic. In theory, a passing lane should only be used for passing, thus allowing, even on a road with only two lanes in each direction, motorists to travel at their own pace. Good driving practice is to slip out of the passing lane once slower cars have been passed.

A friendly word of advice. Try that in the Atlanta area and you will quickly wind up as someone's hood ornament.

I would consider getting one of these if anybody around here actually used their rear-view mirror.

Excuse me, but is this not a red flag to police officers with radar guns that you speed push the legal limits?

Washington State is big on the keep to the right thing.

Last time I was on I-5 in bumper to bumper traffic - some woman driver (no implied comment there) was waving at me to get over - pointing at the signs - how is that gonna help? - I'm going just as fast as the guy in front of me.


Being an occasional visitor to Atlanta I have to ask: You have slower drivers?

Well, I suppose they have to slow down when going over / through one of the wrecks but I don't think I've ever seen 'em do it.

!tsaf oot gnivird mÍ ,siht daer nac uoy If

*snork* @ jec666

If an impatient driver tries to get me to move over, I immediately turn on my turn signal and leave it on for 4,000 miles. I always assume that's what all that tailgating, flashing lights and stuff behind me means.
Either that or the guy's having a seizure.

KC, sorry, I was a little unclear. The comment was directed to driver's 'slow down in the passing lane and smile' comment. Atlanta traffic carefully observes the 55 mph speed limit backing out of their driveways but other than that it's open season.

It may not be a law, but a conscientious driver will abide by the "keep right, pass left" unwritten standard when on a highway. If you drive 55 in the left lane, you are trying to take the law into your own hands by policing the way others drive. And you are being selfish. Move over.

And "keep right, pass left" IS a law in some states.

Slow traffic keep right is a law here in MN EXCEPT in the Twin Cities, where, for once in this state's existence, someone used common sense and realized that having essentially one lane freeways might just make our congestion problems even worse than they already are.
I drive a hybrid vehicle now (we're having a conversation on this very topic on a hybrid board I'm a member of) and I do drive slower than the speed limit because it bumps up my mileage big time. I usually go about 5 MPH slower on the freeway. I always stay in the right lane unless I need to use a left hand exit. So far, no one's tried to kill me, but I keep getting these one fingered waves. I wonder what that is??

I've seen some of the lane hoggers say that they hog the fast lane on purpose in order to slow down traffic since according to them everyone is speeding. What they are doing is dangerous because they are forcing everyone to pass them on the right.

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