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June 29, 2007



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That's why I bought a red car.

"..said Ingrid Jarlebrink of Tullverket.."

I think the reporter was sampling the "biofuel"..who names their kid that??? Huh???
Only foreigners, I tell ya!

*shakes old lady cane, has major coughing fit, forgets why she woke up*

This raises the question whether your car will pass or fail a breathalyser test.


There, the seized alcohol—along with other fuel sources, such as animal remains from slaughterhouses and human waste—is heated and put into anaerobic digesters. The organic materials are broken down, producing the biogas.

And all these years we Foolish Americans have been putting our slaughterhouse remains and human waste into things like Spam and hot dogs and eating them, when we could have been running our cars on their biogas. (And believe me, the Crinklebanks are no strangers to "biogas," especially after a hearty meal of Pigs in a Pigskin Blanket With Pig Sauce[1]; I just didn't know that I could run my Camry on the emissions if I just went outside and flatulated into my gastank.)

[1] An excellent recipe where you wrap a hot dog with a piece of sliced Spam slathered in Deviled Ham and bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees. We prefer ham that has been deviled from pigs that were literally possessed by the Devil, but any pork suffering from an infiltration of Lesser Demons or Satyrs will do; also, Underwood Brand Deviled Ham is pretty tasty.

First served in this country by Wampanoag[2] Indians in 1621, this dish was intended to slowly wipe out the English settlers by giving them various intestinal disorders (now referred to as "biogas," though the settlers would not have anything to fart into for another 200 years) and critically high cholesterol. Pilgrim Ephraim Pious Dillhole, however, uncovered the Wampanoag scheme after a twelve-hour visit to Ye Olde Shitehouse and immediately assembled his congregation, ordering them to cough and sneeze on a shipment of blankets headed for a Wampanoag camp. This, of course, is where we derive the name for the popular finger-food “cooties in a blanket,” which is best served, like revenge, cold. And with a side of penicillin.

[2] “Wampanoag” translates literally into “People of the Ham.”

If you captured the Wender verbal emissions you'd solve the energy crisis overnight. :-)

biofuel - what a waste of perfectly good beer ...

next we will be putting banana peels in the food processor on the back of our Delorean...sheesh

Wender, you've been sniffing too much biofuel iykwim ;-)

Gotta wonder .... IF you're bringing a car into Sweden AND your tank is full of biofuel - are you smuggling alcholol?

*goes to stand with cup in hand next to biofuel dispenser*

"No problem Sir! I'll handle that for you!"

Hey! Beats Sterno (registered-thingie)!

Days of "self service" might be over.

"That's not MY beer, officer - it's my car's."

Dave, you can use this in your campaign. Squirrel carcasses would not only make excellent biofuel, but would BAGNFARB.

This is cruel and unusual punishment. You are putting hundreds of oil barons out of work.

Plus you are abusing thousands of gallons of perfectly good booze.

wasteful!! don't they know there's thirsty folk going through dt's in america who'd be happy have it?


Who names their kid " Ephraim Pious Dillhole" NEway ... only them religious freakazoid immigrant ... coughs ... shakes Old Farthead cane @ ... Punkin' ... knows why Punkin' woke up ... wonders why ... OH! Somethin' SHINY!!!

Though I applaud Sweden's efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, I've gotta question their math abilities:

"For every liter of gasoline that is burned, 2.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide is produced, said Carl Lillehöök, managing director of Swedish Biogas."

A liter of gas weighs about 0.7 kg, so unless they've figured out how to create mass (or their gas is way heavier than ours!) I think his numbers are a bit inflated

They used to pour two hundred thousand GALLONS of alcohol down the drain every year?


And now they're putting into their cars and BURNING it?

*faints again*

Actually tpdrjkt, they got it pretty much right. Gasoline is about 84% carbon and 16% hydrogen; the carbon forms CO2 and the hydrogen forms H2O when you burn it. CO2 is 27% carbon and 73% oxygen, and a litre of gasoline is about 0.73 kg, depending on temperature. So, 0.73 times 86% divided by 27%, you get 2.4 kg of CO2 per litre of gasoline, assuming perfect combustion. Remember, it's cold in Sweden*, so their gasoline will be a little denser than yours if you live somewhere like Miami, so 2.5 kg isn't that bad an estimate. The extra mass comes from the oxygen that you use to burn the gasoline with.

*I'm not Swedish, but I'm Canadian, and I know it's not cold there (or here) every day, just probably colder than where you live.

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