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June 24, 2007


Now they want to require licenses for sporrans.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Maybe they could switch to squirrel sporrans

Badgers?! We don't need no stinkin' badgers!

Does the UK have a problem with humans being at the TOP of the food chain?

*goes to throw a lobster into some boiling water and melt some butter whilest wearing my sporran enhanced kilt*

If sporrans are illegal, only illegals will have sporrans. No wait, that's . . . if sporrans are licensed, only licenses will have sporrans. No, that's not it, either. If criminals have sporrans, then only criminals will have sporrans. Oh, never mind.

Med....I want to have your baby

Dang you, Punkin! You stole my line [*snork*].....

OK, Jazzz... but you better hurry, cuz the clock is ticking something like Marisa Tomei in My Arkansas Deliverance Cousin Vinny. ;)

New bumper sticker in Scotland: You Can Have My Sporran When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Fingers

At the rate they're going, UK legislators will soon be added to the list of species that sporrans will be prohibited from being made of.

*Submits fine for using a preposition to end a sentence with*

Typical of the Scots to want to license that hairy thing that hangs between their legs.

Or they could just wear pants.


Meanie, that is something up with which the blog will not put! (Mark Twain)

Med? You channeling Mel Gibson?

Just watched Braveharte the other night... PC or not, the man is a hottie.

Help me out here with the sound of bagpipes:

ah-WANG, ah-WANG, ah-WANG, ah-WANG. . .

Good,keep that up because here comes the first line of the song.

ah-WANG, ah-WANG, ah-WANG, ah-WANG. . .

"Oh, what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?"

Hey, what happened to the bagpipes?

*Snork* at Med for the Braveheart reference. That loud whine you're hearing is the actual William Wallace turning high RPMs in his grave over how his descendants have allowed themselves to be henpecked and harassed by a bunch of useless bureaucrats.

Not only Scottish bureaucrats, but English and EU bureaucrats as well...

And did they actually say that sporrans made of deerhide are to be licensed and regulated in the same manner as products made from endangered species such as whales and seals? Good grief.

they can still make them from kittens, right?

only lonely kittens, cg

*snork* at crossgirl

was gonna say i'd pay to license what's under the sporran but then, sometimes it's not worth putting up with the rest of the scotsman (any scotsmen out there wanna try and change my mind? 1-800-judinow)

Next thing you know they'll ban haggus. Oh, the humanity! I blame PETA.

Licenses for pornstars?

Like I really care if she can parallel park.

Feelin' a little frisky tonight, judi? Yikes!

I know a good man in St. Pete (no, CJ, we haven't met) who could show you a good time and swear he was Scottish.

Oh, and *snork* at Stevie. Your mind amazes me.

hey, ummm, ubetcha, i'm closer to st. pete than judi is. just sayin'.

CG, And he's available. And worth it. I promise I won't be jealous.

Sporrans, pornstars. Ty, ubetcha, but it's my eyes, not my mind.

judi, I wonder who just got a few hundred calls from horny Scotsman, and said "Who the hell is this Judy?!"

Now they want to resequin licentious pornstars.

(I know, I know; enough already. What are you, my mother?)

CG, And he's available. And worth it. I promise I won't be jealous.

Posted by: ubetcha | 06:06 PM on June 24, 2007

well as long as you won't be jealous, i won't mind his swearing.

anyone has to be better than the guy i met last night who i have a sneaky suspicion was homeless.

(Dang it, CJ' ... y'all & Punkin' stole my line!!!)

One of my uncles wuz born is Glasgow, and the family lived there a while ... and ah ken tha' this judi 'andles a oosik tha' way, an' smiles lahk tha' ... ah wad lahk ta meet 'er ...

*SNORK!*@ SW Litella*

CG. you didn't go to the game/Sha Na Na concert in St. Pete, I hope. While he doesn't appear to be homeless, he does drool sometimes.

So I just learned that a sporran is that dangly thing worn in front of the kilt. Fuuny, cos I came across this photo yesterday when I was gonna make some joke about "Elizabeth Hurley walking" on the "Christopher Walken hurtling (through space)" story yesterday. She seems to have one - or [warning] is this an x-rated foto?

*SNORK* right out my nose.

This is my favorite impression of Christopher Walken. Click on the Real Time version of Interviewing Christpher Walken. I love the Bob and Tom Show.

i was in st. pete, but not at a concert. i was on the beach. anyone know if it's normal fashionable for a guy to be wearing thin cotton full length pants on the beach? pants with no lining? wet pants....

Uh, not even he would do that. I would run.

Let me try that Christopher Walken link again.

When I preview it I lose it, so bear with me.

That might have worked. Click on the Real Time Interview with Christopher Walken. Now that I think of it, it may only be funny to me. I give up.

ubetcha, the pathetic thing about your earlier link it that those kids were Scottish yet didn't even know how to spell haggis.

Which is yummy, by the way, and comes in a vegetarian version if the thought of the original mags you puke.

makes you puke, not mags

I think they should make them out of beaver. That's as close to a beaver as any guy wearing a skirt would get to one in my neighborhood.

*subtracts "to one" from previous post.

Wha' happened? I ate a bunch o' BBQ chicken 'n' smash taters, woke up on the couch 'n' Stevie is putting sequins on pornstars 'n' postin' up-the-skirt shots o' Hurley, cg is hanging with guys that wet their pants, 'n' ubetcha is interviewing that guy with the watch up his bum...

Oh! The Blog! Carrion then....

*Hamish Husband, spokesman for the Association of Tartan Army Clubs*

I'd be willing to bet a few of the blogettes have been, or are currently married to, the A.T.A.C's spokesman. Just a hunch.

*snork* at Pete.

OK, I'll admit my first husband was Scottish. But he never made me eat Gaggis.

politely walks away from ubetcha's comment.

oh yeah, cj, my guy said he was an out-of-work biologist. i gave him your number. you wouldn't mind helping out a fellow scientist, would you?

"They also apply to other vulnerable animals like deer, wildcats, hedgehogs, bats, lynx, moles, seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises."

"The regulations require anyone who owns any part of a protected animal to obtain a licence."

And it's a good thing Dave doesn't live in Scotland! I'm sure if walrus isn't on that list yet, it will be soon.

ubetcha: send me the number ;)

Walruses are on the list, it's all about the date of, er, harvest. Walter is of an appropriate vintage, but he would probably object to being dangled from a kilt....

I thought that was the whole idea behind a kilt - that their animal wasn't protected.

I thought the whole idea about the kilt was the dangling.

now they tell us we can't make our sporran
from critters domestic or foreign
so in front of the kilt
they will pay for their guilt
with sassenach hide for our storin'!

Key question from Mr. Hamish Husband:

"Are the police going to take DNA samples from the sporran of every kilted supporter who walks into Hampden?" he asked.

hear hear

Thufferin' thassenach, insom!

So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde
And that's it a'hangin' on the shed, all together now...

No, I'm too late! Why didn't you wait for me? Don't you care? Don't you care?

Tie me kangaroo down, sport!
Tie me kangaroo down...

Sorry- how did we get to Ausieland from Scotland again?

ddd - same way a certain group ended up in America:


(sorry, gotta copy and paste into yer browser. They don't let you hotlink)

Hiya, Meanie!

My TomTom would have taken me by way of Mozambique.

Ok, well, hate to post and run, but Mr. ddd says it is past our bedtime on a school night.

(BTW Meanie- I LOLed at the hay, books, sack, and all the other stuff I hit last week!!)

Gunite, y'all!!

TomTom? Is that Mr. ddd's namename?

(Just kidding. I don't own one, but I'm familiar with them.)

No one does care, apparently.

Just kidding!

Sorry, Edgar, but we can't seem to master the requisite care... except to note that ddd sneaked in a pun on her way to bed. You see, she's been working on a pool project and she said Gunite... oh never mind. Please resume uncaring....

Ha, I didn't even notice that pun. Not that I care about it ;-)

In other news that's the first time I ever ;-)ed. Tis not a good sign.

Re Meanie's sound clip from A Hard Day's Night -- fans of that movie will enjoy all seven minutes of

I noticed that Gunite dealie, CJ' ... but I hadda think about it before I really got it ... I'm a little slow these days ...


I am home!!! got here a few mins ago. Took us a bit longer than expected only because there was a man (God bless him for driving back and forth) who depended a little too much on that GPS thingie. Long story short...we took the scenic route back to Miami. Through every single town in NC, SC, GA. Lovely places all...but I prefer the highway. (AND YES, I offered to get out and ask for directions). I KNEW we were going the wrong way, but Ms. GPS kept telling him otherwise.


It's GOOD to be home!!!

SIOUXIE! I am so glad you are home, safe, sound, and exhausted, I am sure. Here's a blogarita for you. Missed you and your accent. ;)

Welcome home Siouxie!

Med!! thanks...I really need one after that trip! and hmmm..uh...what accent?? ;-) it's the rest of ya'lls'alls's's that have those funny accents...just sayin'

Dan!! thanks! I am soooooooo happy to be home! I'm just now enjoying my glass of wine. Haven't had one in a week and I was starting to twitch.

Don't ya'll get me wrong. This was one of our best vacations ever! Last time we did all this (rafting, horseback riding, hiking), my girls were so little - 11 years ago. NOW they can remember how much fun we all had. I'm beat and ache all over but it was well worth it. The mountains are unreal and living here in the flatlands, I do appreciate 'em.

I so understand. Moved back to CT last year from living in the Catskills. We spent last week in upstate NY and Carol kept asking me every time I marveled at a mountain or ridge line if I was going to move back. Really do miss the hills.

Sioux - my son just returned from a similar trip. No riding, but everything else. He hiked to 12, 312 ft. with full gear on his back. Kudos..... I couldn't do that. And on their way back, the troop stopped for a day in Greensburg, KS for a service project, which (IMHO) was more a service to the boys. Perspective is hard to come by, and that was some serious perspective.

I love my flatlands, but long to be close to God on a mountaintop and/or to be with mother earth on the beach simultaneously, Something spiritual that Kansas just don't got. But we have some kickA BBQ and jazz - tradeoffs, you know.

Very glad to have you back. Get some rest, so you are witty tomorrow. :)

Dan and Med - you are so right.

I'll see you all tomorrow...work and all...UGH!

*smoochies* and nite nite - don't let the blog bugs bite!


Welcome home! Yup, Florida is flat all right.

And let me say a big Happy Birthday to Meanie the Blue today.

Remember, 50 is the new 47.

Hey there, Happy Birthday, Meanie! Welcome to the Geezer Bus ticketholders line.

morning squids kids!
happy birthday meanie!! will there be cake?

welcome back siouxie! i loved seeing the mountains when i was in TN but, repeat after me, there's no place like home.

Happy Birthday Meanie! You now have a permanent seat on the bus. Hope you have a great day.


Welcome home, Siouxie!!

Happy Anniversary to me & Mr Poo!

(Now there's THREE reasons for cake!!)

Happy Anniversary, Punkin! How many years is it?

Hi, shoespammer. Drop dead.

Welcome home Siouxie. I'm so glad you enjoyed my beautiful mountains. (Yes, they are MY mountains).

We expect to see pix.

I solved this problem by making my sporran from a live badger. It's trained to attack PETA protesters. Lately I've been having a lot of fun hanging around KFC.

"Equal conditions in China"? What the hell does that mean?

Thanks guys!!! I feel da love! I missed you all.

(I'm right behind ya on the geezer line)


Holy frijoles! Thanks, all. I'm afraid for my safety deeply touched by your sentiments. Except for you, shoem0nger. Your callous disregard of this momentous occasion is cruel, cruel I tell you!


And.... Happy Anniversary to The Poos and welcome back Ms. Machete!

lol , funny ...

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