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June 29, 2007



(Thanks to Clean Hands)


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I hope they don't make an ass of themselves.

and first?

I hear chickens -- roosters, anyway -- work well for that, too.


Missed by -->| |<-- that much!


i'd much rather listen to donkeys braying than the rap music i have to listen to from my next door neighbors. i like rap within reason, just not at 500 db at 5:30 a.m. Donkeys braying and dogs barking would be a real pleasure.

Thankfully the only noise in my neighborhood is the sound of my neighbors airplanes taking off on his private air strip, and the occasional helicopter buzzing the neighborhood. I'd still take that over the neighbors dogs barking all through the night. I've had that before and it is WAY annoying.

geese are also excellent neighbor annoyers.

Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through just to annoy your neighbors ! Expensive, too.

I think the asses were already living on the property.

so are chickens, roosters and salsa music.

Just use round up to write obscenitites in the neighbors yard. That way both of you can sleep.

Richard, sorry...I did not see your chicken/rooster post up there. I blame the donkeys.

Personall, I use a rooster.

Wait, what was the question again?

CH, I won't say a THING about you and your cock rooster. I am behaving.

*tosses up a 'y' up there*

Luckily the emus in my neighborhood are downwind.

"The Eggerts had planned to breed Pekinese dogs, anticipating about 42 pups a year. "

OK, OK, you can have the donkeys!

Actually, I have a world-famous cock. It was on YouTube and everything.

Handsome devil, even if he has taken to attacking me from overhead when I go to collect eggs in the evening.

Sadly, that video is no longer up -- it was a political ad for a friend of mine; he needed a rooster, and I just happened to have one.

CH, you should get a picture of said cock on your MySpace ;-)

Don't they have regulations about that sort of thing?

hmmm could be...could be. But it would spice up that page and give at least a PG rating!

Peacocks are the thing - when they crow it sounds just like "Help! HEEEELLLP!"

When I saw that the link was opening up a page from the Argus Leader I had a moment of fear I'd be reading about one of my relatives. I'm from up there - not too far from the site of this story, in fact since they're not only just outside Sioux Falls but outside the right part of town.

"I have a sister in Mobile, Ala., who told me they pretty much make a lot of noise. We did it to irritate the neighbors," Vicki Eggert said. "I figure if the neighbors want to complain, then they'll have to listen to the donkeys."

Us MidWestern folks tend to be polite, but we're not pushovers.

I'd keep an eye out for a story about the neighbors starting a wildlife rescue operation specializing in coyotes.

De nada, Souxie.

Of all the stupid things to do, to deliberately annoy the neighbors! If you have to make an enemy, try not to make one who knows where you live.

Well, I had hoped they'd have gotten Dominic, who was routed from his home in NJ, but no such luck. Neighbors should have considered earplugs before getting all city snob on the dog folks, sounds like (pun intended.).

"The Eggerts intend to breed the three female donkeys and sell the offspring."


So Randall Eggert plans to breed Hannah, Esther, and Frieda?

Will Vicki be allowed to observe her hubby's foursome in action? Will she be content to settle for Duke?

What will the human/donkey offspring look like?

And weren't mammoth donkeys once listed as extinct?

I have a bike horn that sounds just like a goose. When the neighbor's dog starts barking early in the morning I hold the horn out the window and honk back at the dog. Maybe they think there's an angry goose in the neighborhood? I'm not sure if they even know. It's a noise war all right.

Please visit the Barking Dogs Atlas:

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