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June 29, 2007


As you know, the news from London is not cheery this morning. In an effort to lighten the mood, here's a photo taken yesterday by Mrs. Blog, who's over there covering Wimbledon tennis. She tells us this is a sign outside the Emmanuel Church of Wimbledon Village:


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Mrs Blog is up before dawn, hard at work....


Ahhh. The British sense of humour. I have a big softspot for them.

tell Mrs Blog we all said "cheerio" and to not eat the haggis...oh wait, thats Scotland....


My sister and her family are vacationing in England as I type - I shall tell them to get to church.

*waves to Chaz*

I have twice welcomed you back, Mr. Chaz! no response.


Anyone notice the "Paid for by Roger Federer" in the small print?

... I didn't think so. There's just no "Truth in Advertising" in England these days ...

color me clueless, what non cheery thing happened in london?

cg, some explosive device was found by the London cops.

either that, or it's raining.

If God made Roger Federer, was Roddick made by the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

CG... that's what happens when you get all of your news (that's fit to be snarky about) from the Blog™. You miss minor tidbits like the Car Bomb that was defused in Picadilly.

lol Baron!

What's not shown is the other side of the sign that reads "God made Roddick Better!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

How Feder was Roger before?

I think Dave's refering to Spice Girls reunion tour or the bomb - whichever's worse.

kibby, I thought it was paid for by Eleanor?

thank you for the news update. i will now continue googling roger federer.

LOL Bloglit A

Maybe he'll get to be the Federest of them all!

oh dear God, kibby! it's a toss up. Thankfully, Miami has been spared this "tour".

Memo to Judi: F-Lo is still alive, moved on to third round. He plays again today. Just thought you'd like to know.

*waves to Mrs. Blog*

Stay safe, Michelle!

thanks michelle :)
talk about your Y-U-M-M-Y ;)

on another note: you know you're in trouble when you're getting your news (about the non-cheery thing) from the blog, for god's sake.

No he did't.

Yes I did.

Wouldn't put it past her Jeff!

Well, God made Roger Federer, but I wouldn't know him from Adam.

sorry Siouxie ...I dont get to check back often and when I do, there is so much fun going on here I cant read it all

but its friday and I am slacking

waves feverishly to Siouxie

so, uh, the rest of you don't get your news here?

Ooh! Yay!! A visit from Mrs. Blog!!

*waves at MK*

Please be careful, Mrs. Blog - it sounds like there's suspicion that there may be more devices out there. Definitely a scary morning in London today...


El!!! are you behind this??? ;-)

sokay, Chaz! you are forgiven!

*praying cuz my sis and kin are over there for the next 2 1/2 weeks*

"mr. and mrs. federer, there's been a horrible accident with roger."

"what happened?"

"he was buried under an avalanche of trophies and big ornamental metal plates"

"i told him to put that stuff in the landfill!"

"we can rebuild him, make him federerer...but it will cost $6,000,000."

"o.k. , do you take cash?"

*cues in theme from $6,000,000 man*

*snork* insom!

We can take it. Those of us with sense are indoors, out of the rain, reading Dave Barry's blog.

Mrs. Blog, please do be careful on the other side of the pond, but rest assured that this sort of thing is not at all unusual in London. It is a grand and storied old town with a long history of things randomly blowing up, usually having to do with badly pressurized pints of Guinness, or the Irish.

The first recorded explosion in London happened on October 8, AD 60, when Roman governor Suetonius Paulinus accidentally packed an old Druid too full of ravenous badgers during an interrogation, causing the Celtic priest to burst and shower his Roman captors with many pounds of semi-digested mistletoe and holly. A thousand years later, William “Bill the Conqueror” McConqueror defeated English king and former Wimbledon champion Harold “Backhand” Godwinson in the Battle of Hastings (8 October 1066) by launching two dozen exploding cows via catapult into the Saxon lines. (While this portion of the Bayeux Tapestry has faded a bit, one can clearly see William herding a cow packed with haggis and with a lit taper in its mouth into the bowl of a catapult.) London Explosion History reached its zenith, of course, in the Tudor age, when Chubby Apostate and Divorce Fanatic Henry “I do, For Now” McEighth had his mistress Elizabeth Blount blown up on Boxing Day (8 October 1540) “because,” he said, “I can.”

So, really, you should be fine. No innocent pedestrians or sports reporters were ever injured in these historic events, though if legends are to be believed, a writer for Ye Olde Football Gazette & Peasant-Kicking Review once suffered a mild case of Fire Poisoning when the fish and chip shop in which he was eating exploded during the Great Fire of London (8 October 1666), which was set by diarist and pyromaniac Samuel Pepys to destroy the unsold copies of his embarrassing memoir I’m Okay, You Have Black Death.

*zips in*™

For those of you who don't know who Roger is, here he is!

And no Jazzzz, God wrote that sign, so you know it's true. :))


El, I don't think he can be MORE Federer!!

Oh! He's a shirtless tennis player!

Exactly, Bethie! Except at Wimbledon they make them wear shirts. :( I have another cool pic of him in a file folder, but I don't know how to link to it.

Bethie ... Adam is the guy with the missing rib ... if you believe the rumors ...

An English king exploded at his own funeral one time. That was William the Conqueror in 1087.

What were you doing in England? To fix the computer silly. So that the English can connect to the America's via fiber optic cable.

Did you do a knowledge transfer? Yes, one of the locals was shown the data center, the computers, the internet connections and the access accounts.

Where is the facilty? It is near hotel Kensinginton. Most of the cabbies know where it is.

What do we need to do there? Dicommission the computers that are more than several years old and replace with new computers.

very good...

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