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June 27, 2007


....when people drop in unexpectedly?

(Also thanks to Annette Gaudrau, who notes, "Tough house to sell.")


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Hat trick?

Yay, Richard!!

Maybe it's a plot to get some work done on the house. They could be greasing down the street so they can add on a bedroom.

Whee! Can you tell I'm bored today?

One has to wonder what are the requirements for "guide rails". And is that a NJ thing? I always thought they were called "guard rails".

You'd think they'd at least knock. Or honk. Geez.

They should open a take-out pizza window

Thanks, DD. Hope your injuries are healing.

And now, off to a dinner meeting.

They could always open a car lot.... Or a drive-thru restaurant maybe...

Time to think outside the box people!

*SNORK* @ Jazzzz!

Sooooo, $50,000 isn't in the County budget? How about the $1M lawsuit?

right-o, CJ. Don't forget the book deals either.

All in favour of forcing the County to sell cookies, say Aye.



"It's the third times it's happened."

Easy solution - just put up a 'No Swimming' sign on the road side of the fence. Make it out of concrete.

Also, there's a house in my area which is right at the end of a fairly busy road. It doesn't sport much of a front yard, and consequently several cars have missed the fact that their road has ended and they've blithely crashed right into the house, severely disturbing the rest (and peace of mind) of the occupants.

Their solution? To put up lights all along the front of the house to show that, "HEY! THERE'S A HOUSE HERE!"

Their choice of color? Green.

What? The hardware store was out of RED? You know - for STOP!?


"Quick, jump in the pool and start screaming. The driver hasn't come to yet."

Another possible sign could read:

We Don't Swim in Your Car, So Please Don't Park in Our Pool!

Guide rails? They should put up the obvious - Jersey barriers. Geesh.

Very quip today, Lairbo!

LOL Lairbo & Jazzzie!

Can't they just move the house?

Don't they need a permit to have a 'waterpark?'

I doubt they hate people unexpectedly calling now, though.

*snork*@ tbrfkaM!

"How about the $1M lawsuit?" My thought gazactly, cj.

Just dropped in to see what condition my Expedition was in.

Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.

Get some large rocks, use them as decorative parts of the garden. That might make the drinks notice.

"Tough house to sell?" I dunno. Some realtor will descrbe it as having "great freeway access" and the price'll go through the roof.

Hey, I just was honored with 4 in a row on the poiltical Q&A board!!! I say this not out of braggadocia or immodesty, of course, but just to encourage those of you so inclined to improve the quality of the submissions there, which, imho, has dropped off somewhat. Hoo hah!

Or Stevie, they could say it's "Going Fast".

SW - poiltical? Not knowing what board that is, it could be right . . .



*has Big Lebowski flashback from SW's 6:23....*

But CJ, that rug tied the whole room together.

SW - I have posted a few questions there, but have had no answers. I guess my wit is waning. :-(

Yeah, Mert. Um, me, too.


Well you did accompany them with the appropriate campaign contributions, didn't you?

Sure - 2 cans of Spam™ and a heated toilet seat. Isn't that what you offered?

Sounds more like a redneck dowry to me.



Naw, we uses a shotgun....

That's only when someone don't wanna git married, CJ.


Ain't no 'lectricity in the outhouse, neither, for no heated toilet seat.

SW, great questions for the candidate, especially the one about the Extremes Supremes!

They have cars dropping in their pools, and all the couple wants is some action! Boy! talk about being nymphomaniac!

The Skylark is falling! The Skylark is falling!

I still don't see how this can be considered 'dropping in unexpectedly.' It's happened three times already. By now they should expect it.

*two and a half snorks* to the last three posts!

(you know who you are)

*snork* at JD!


Google is the page that comes up when I go on the net. Suddenly I'm getting ads from them when I open it. How do I get rid of them? I'm so not a computer person.

/OT Carry on.

Seems like 3 cars crashing into their yard/house would be enough to have a guard rail added. Not rocket science.

Aaaand I'm back! Dinner meeting at an awesome Japanese restaurant. Mmmmm sashimi!

ubetcha, I might be able to help if you can provide some specifics. Are you saying the ads are in the browser, or are they just popping up on the screen? How can you tell they're from Google? Etc...

Speaking of dowrys: Do you know why Indian women have the little spot on their foreheads?

On their wedding night the husband gets to scrape it off to see if he won a motel or a C-store.

ubetcha, see if you have the Google Toolbar installed - uninstall it and set your home page to Dave Barry's Blog© and it may stop.

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