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June 29, 2007



(Thanks to Billy Bob)


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That's the way to take the high road and teach her some manners. Physical violence usually ends in please and thank you. Sheesh.

Oh, and Dave, whilest you're having your Killer Weekend, give judi a Killer Raise.

whispers to judi: get him to commit while he's drinking! Worked for Thomas Hart Benton.

judi, you are working late tonight!

And could someone please pick up a life for me at the drive-thru window? Anyone?




Oh, yeah, I'm a Republican.

I forgot the please and thank you. Please don't punch me.

"ordered up a squad car with a side of prosecution."

Who ordered the side of ham with their news article?

"Police initially described Mr. Williams as a man from Penn Hills who lives with his mother."

-your honor, I rest my case.

GOOD grief. Yeah. I'm fuming so much I can't find the humor yet. Give me time.

I'd have shown him my machete and hot wax and let HIM say please and thank you!


So let me get this straight. To teach the young lady about manners he punches her out? Yeah, I guess that makes sense...*scratches head thoughtfully*

Annie, I thought the same thing. The writer sure stretched that metaphor as far as humanly possible.

Who ordered the side of ham with their news article?

*snork* at Annie

Geez. Where'd the Doc go? He steps in for the first time all week and I MISS HIM!!! :( I'm very depressed without my darling sidekick.

Sometimes punching them out is the only way to get their attention. Honestly! They look completely wasted and your lucky if they address you. By the way....Hi everybody!

Annie - I ordered the Green Eggs, but NOT the ham.

A guy friend of mine smacked his son, saying "Stop hitting your sister!"

Um, hello?

*SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!* Hiya Rick!! EXCELLENT undercover simul there! How are you, Dollface? I've missed you!!!

I still want to know how everybody can disappear off a thread at the same time. It's like the twilight zone.
I still think there's a secret handshake that I haven't been shown yet.

*SMACKS* everyone!

I just wanted to do that.

Annie - I have done the same. And recently, he has taken to trying to manhandle me, to which i whap him on the head with my seriously solid silver rings making full contact. Sometimes, that is the only thing that "boys" understand. Or at least, my boy.

(thwap!) Here. How did that feel to you?

Not so good.

Well, don't do it to me or your sister.

Uh, okay. Sorrie.

Hey! *smack* Knock it off, Cubana!

Missed you too Diva! Been a bit busy but hope to be back to blog level sarcasm in just a bit!

uh..pete?? check back there.

By the way, if all the gals in here are smacking things....

si! gracias! dame otra vez???

If you're into that, Rick, just hop on your IM. ;P

Por supuesto.

No kidding, Annie. "served assault charges for dessert"; "hitting on the waitress"; "While the chief referred to him as "the gentleman," officers weren't inclined to cite him for gallantry". The reporter had entirely too much fun with this.

pete- we did the secret handshake whilst you were, ahem, cleaning your garage.

Regarding the article...

I am really getting weary of people who are violent, or rude, or just plain disgusting.

My daughters told me yesterday how they were recently "flipped off" by another mom driver. They were passengers in a carpool coming back from one of their extracurriculars, and, being kids (11 & 12), all the kids in the car were acting goofy and trying to get other motorists to wave at them. They were waving and making exaggerated grins at the other cars. (I know, mildly annoying to some people, but I wasn't there, and the carpool mom let them have their fun.) Most people waved or smiled, or just ignored them. One mom, driving another group of kids, gave them THE FINGER.

I couldn't believe my ears, and had to ask them to actually show me what she did. It was the bird, all right.

There's something seriously wrong with some people these days.

But, that's why we have the Blog, I guess. To remind us that some people are still cool.

Wow, Cat. That's totally harsh. I'd find out who it is and give her a piece of my mind if I were you.

Well, it was weeks ago, and I doubt there's any way to find out. The kids didn't know who it was, but they figured she was a mom because she, too, had a bunch of kids in her car.

What a role model!

*flips Cat. R the bird.

OK - enough of the seriousness. I'm having a salty blogarita and hopping in the hot tub to relax these achy muscles. Anyone with me?


*Snork* at Annie's flippin' chickin'!

Now I'm hungry. Damned diet.

LMAO Annie!

Cat - was this her?

Excellent, Annie!

Cat - Waiting tables for so long has given me perspective on the Aholes in the world, that I will gladly share with you.

The manner in which we treat others is a direct reflection of the way we feel about ourselves.

When I see someone like that, I pity THEM. They have to live with that sh!te inside much longer than I will be exposed to it. And to be that ugly inside: well, my Mom said wisely, pretty is as pretty does. Pretty well sums it up.

And that doesn't even factor the bad karma ju-ju that they bring upon themselves.

And, on the upside, a wonderful learning opportunity for your girls of how NOT to be.

Sorry, gang. Seriousness is NOT what I come here for, and I certainly did not intend to lower the levity factor.

I just got out of a hot tub (unfortunately, not a "hot tub") myself, so I'm mellow. Who's serving? May I have an apple-blog-tini please?

slides cat a blogtini and the bowl of gumballs

Another *snork* at Annie's BBird!

Yes, Med, I totally agree. Who's always talking about karma? Oh, yes. Earl. My favorite guy.

I'm thinking that if you can't get the attention of the drive-thru technician a cattle prod would do the trick.

Yeah, Pete, I always keep a spare in the trunk for such dire emergencies. :)

Cat, is that Earl Pitts, American? We used to have him on the radio daily, but then the radio changed hands.... and my laughter quotient died off substantially.

The guy is mad at the girl because she's not quite as polite as he wanted, so he hits her!!? Somehow I think "hitting a girl" is much much worse than not saying "please".

Sorry, I probably need a gumball, but I'm seriously annoyed. I bet he wouldn't have done this except he probably thought the girl wouldn't punch him back.

Mmmm... gumballs!

Sipping a-b-t.....

Or Earl is in the trunk? My X hated that song, so I put a bumper sticker on my car, "Earl is in the trunk." Guilt is a powerful thing. *EG*

I am nothing but nice to drive-thru attendants. They have my meal in their hands...out of my view. And they have easy access to stuff like boogers.

Everytime I picked up our children, that was his lasting impression. No, I am not passive aggressive, I swear, no really. Really. REALLY.


My total apologies, Cat! I was NOT trying to snark on you for being serious. :-)

Annie, not to mention...spit. I am ALWAYS nice to my servers.

I think she meant the tv show "My Name is Earl."

Med - I'm glad you left an impression on your ex. Don't worry, he'll heal quickly.

Hiya, Diva!

a-b-tini is kickin' in....

Love the virtual cocktails -- no Weight Watcher points!


pete - you still around? I was hoping at the very least that you'd hop in the hot tub with me here.

Annie, I do not want the healing to be quick. He deserves slow and painful for being so stooopid.

But, unfortunately for him, he has come to realize EXACTLY what his (very bad)decisions and selfishness have cost him and his children. Hindsight is 40/20. What a dumb a$$. Had it all and gave it away for a piece of skank. Too bad, so sad. You lose. It all. And then some.

Wow. I just got the news that NY Times movie critic Joel Siegel died today. He was only 63. It was colon cancer. That is so young.

Med, were you talking about Earl Pitts as in
"Pitt's off?" I believe his wife was Wilma Jean.

Yeah, Diva, both thumbs are down. And there is no one even close to those two guys.

Job opening!

Med, were you talking about Earl Pitts as in
"Pitt's off?" I believe his wife was Wilma Jean.

Pete, Earl's wife is Pearl. This is his website: sorry, I am a few glasses of vino gone for the linky thingy.


Hi, re-Pete!


Med's linky thingy


Has anyone noticed a phenomenon similar to the one I am writing about?

Men who grow up with only brothers do not learn or understand how to communicate and relate to women other than sexually?

Girls in all girl families seem to cope with the trauma of seeing the one-eyed wonder snake, and are capable of communicating and relating, but boys???!!!

The ones I know that come from all-boys or only children don't seem to have the skills to have relationships with women as friends and peers. Am I talking out of my a$$? Or has anyone else noticed/observed this phenomenon?


Well...Guys and Dolls (agnfa musical) I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille beautimous sleep.

Nite and sweet dreams!!

I haven't ever paid that kind of attention to it. Interesting theory, though.

Good morning, everybody.

*shucks clothes and jumps into hot tub*

Night, Sooz! Sleep tight!

Hey, pete - where are you? I was still hoping you'd hop in the blog tub with me. :-(

Missed Siouxie but I simuled Diva!

Hiya Scott!! Scoot on over here! How are things in your neck o' the woods?

I'll TAKE that simul there, Scott! Whoo!

Med, I was the first of the 2 and only male children my mother had. We were more or less raised by our mother or grandmother for 14 years. We respect women more than anything else. I think it's just the enviroment they are raised in.

Nite, Siouxie!

Med, Mr. R. has siblings of both genders. He is also neither the oldest nor the youngest. I'm gonna keep him. He balances me out. He relates well to women (in a wifely-approved way).

I think I'm lucky -- I grew up with a brother myself, one year younger. My daughters haven't been around boys much -- yet. They are definitely having a different childhood than I did.

That doesn't answer your question, I guess.

I was really hoping for some bloglit input on this thought. Because I have catalogued all of my "guy-friendships." Every one of them had a sister or was homosexual and in tune with the chick side of their brain.

I just want to know if I am the only one to experience this phenomena or is this a common thread?

I am definitely thankful that my two are one of each sex. They have a love/hate relationship like marriage. But both are comfortable being friends with the opposite sex and can relate to and communicate with. (sic)

The emotional retards that I know are all onlies or all the same sex families. My BIL (1 of 4 brothers) can only communicate with me through sexual jokes or conversation about his children (an obvious connection). He just doesn't have the skills or "mind set" to communicate with me as a peer or a friend. Amazing! Or is it?

I will vouch firsthand for Doc's upstanding ethics and respect and precious chivalry. He is the most wonderful gentleman.

*places a rose in Doc's hand*

*flaps back in*

Mr. Ducky was the youngest of 4 sons; Dad was career Air Force. You'd best believe all those boys respected wimmen. Their mom was the Queen Bee. It was amazing to see them rally 'round when she was dying of a brain tumor. Maybe they were the exception; I don't know. I have one of each, and my son (2nd born) is more compassionate than my A-type, driven, firstborn girl.

Doc - do you have any long-term close friendships with women outside your marriage? I totally get and respect that you hold women in high regard, but are you friends with any outside your marriage or before?

I'm baaaaccckkk!!!!!

*does cannonball into hot tub, barly missing Diva's ramparts*


What is it with violence in the drive-thru lane at Wendy's? Didn't Dave run a story a few weeks back about somebody who popped a couple of caps into the manager of a Florida Wendy's franchise, because they supposedly wouldn't give the shooter more than a couple of packets of hot sauce?

Maybe Wendy's ought to start adding some Kevlar and a holstered Glock to the standard employee uniform...

Hey - no harm done, pete! I was starting to think you were ignoring me. :-)

Yeah, Med, that's the guy. It's been a long time since I've heard him, but he used to make Pepsi spew out of our noses.

Ducky - I have no doubt of the "respect" factor, but I am not curious about the respect. More the ability to relate to and be friends with women as peers. The communication and ability to bridge the gender gap, as well as the ability to see wimmin as more than sexual. Friends.

How can you not respect your Mom? Not possible. If you are a decent human being.

Hi, Wes!! How are you?

I lost my ips for a little bit.

Diva! Hi, babe!

Just sticking my head into the blogbar for a moment before heading for bed; tomorrow's going to be a busy day at Ameristar.

Fortunately, I've got most of July 4th weekend off, so I'll have plenty of time to recuperate.

I just thought maybe I paid too much attention to XMatt last night. ;-) You might as well just snuggle on over. There's room in the tub.

Uh, Pete, you got hot tub juice in my drink.... careful, there, cowboy.

Wes, somebody's got a "beef" with Wendy's, I guess.

(How sad is it that Clara Peller's name popped right into my head 20 years after this commercial?)

The funniest thing I remember Earl doing was the bit about taking Pearl to a Willie Nelson concert. She got so excited she threw her XXL panties on stage and they covered Willie's face causing him to fall off the stage and break a limb. Freakin hilarious.

Doin' fine, Diva. Had a good vacation but probably spent too much money. Time to scrimp and save.

*snuggles up to Diva*


Well, Med, when I met Mr. Ducky, he had a couple of close women friends that were completely non-sexual relationships. Of course, Mr. Ducky has an artistic temperament, which may make things a bit different for him. Before he painted houses for a living, he painted pictures. He decided that wouldn't be an easy way to make a living, so he went another direction. Still, the mural he painted on a wall of our son's room when he was a youngster was awesome. Boyduckling is 19, and we're just now getting ready to paint over said mural. Even though he's outgrown it, my son hates to part with it.

Scott - Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Money is just paper.... memories are forever.

The finger-in-the-chili episode last year also involved Wendy's. Hmmm...

Welcome back, Scott! I feel your post-vacation wallet pain; I just paid the bill for our trip to AZ when the girlduckling graduated. Ouch! It adds up fast, doesn't it?

Ever since Dave Thomas died...

Med, I'm not sure about your theory but my own experience may add another bit of validation. I am the oldest of five with two sisters and two brothers (boy, boy, girl, boy, girl). I have *always* gotten along better with women than men. In college, I was known as a "safe date" IYKWIM and on at *least* two occasions I was oblivious to *blatant* "overtures" IYKWIM.

Well, Wes - if you and Med have no plans one of these nights we need to all get together. And maybe we can even get SteveinKC to join us.

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