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June 27, 2007


Phillippines Division

(Thanks to NickyMouse)


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Perhaps his next steal should be a treadmill.

Or an oxygen tank.

I am amazed on those police reality shows how a 40 something whose diet consists mainly of doughnuts and wearing clunky dress shoes can run down and tackle an 18 year old in running shoes.

"I am amazed on those police reality shows how a 40 something whose diet consists mainly of doughnuts and wearing clunky dress shoes can run down and tackle an 18 year old in running shoes."

chances are the forty year old ain't stoned hisself back a couple of evolutionary steps like his quarry.

Dope. He should have exercised his constitutional right to an "ally ally all in free."

He should have had his friends put up a yellow caution flag. Then the cops would have had to wait for the green flag to resume pursuit. Simple.

Or not.

instead of jail, did they take him back to base?

"This is a Newschannel 5 Special Report. Our traffic copter is covering a daring daylight robbery. How's it going, Larry?"

"Thanks, Bob. The police have just apprehended the thief and are...Waitaminnit! There's a flag down on the play! Let's go to the ref."

"Unnecessary roughness on the part of the law. Fifteen yard penalty. First Down!"

"And the chase is back on. Back to you, Bob."

He shoulda flashed the KINGS X!

SNORK@ Hammond!

padraig: it's all-y all-y out's in free. GEEZ. don't you young people know ANYTHING?

I was always "it" so I didn't learn the proper terminology.

i never got to play.


You're IT!!!!

I'm reminded of the Robin Williams/Walter Matthau/Jerry Reed movie "The Survivors":

Donald (Robin Williams): Jaaaack?
Jack (Jerry Reed): Yeah?
Donald: Time out, OK?
Jack: Time out?
Donald: Time out.
Jack: What do you mean, 'time out?'
Donald: You're not gonna believe this. I was in a hurry when I left the cabin this morning, and, well, silly me, I got the wrong bullets.

Judi, when I was a lad, instead of All-y All-y Out's In Free we would use the traditional, "He's Down! Kick 'im in the Crotch!!"

Ah, memories.

judi, it's all-y-all-y-in-come-free where I growed up.

Fed Duck... did we play tag together? If so, I owe you a few kicks still.

And, I stand corrected. I should have checked Wikipedia first.

Full contact 'kick the can' eh, Fed?

Did he also ask for a do-over?

Also, I'm old, too, and it was always "Olly, olly, oxen free!" for me. (Yes, I know it makes no sense.)

Or maybe I just had wax in my ears.

fivver, great memories of full contact 'kick the can', broken fingers, missing teeth, gouged eyes. good times, good times.

Yay! Posted again. *bows* Not bad for a blurker...

*Kicks can*

(That'll teach you to bow around here)


Someone call me?


ww that list brings back memories of college when we'd play ultimate frisbee. in a stand of pine trees. at night. we used a glowing frisbee of course and yes, alcohol was usually involved.

blurkster! well howdy stranger! where ya been??

oh and in Cuba...it wasn't olly olly oxen free either.


Sorry, I'll never do it again!!

*Goes to corner*

Sioux, I've been tryin' to stay out of trouble.

I sure wish somebody would teach me how to do that.

*Evil Grin™*

well...don't look at me ;-)

I'm behaving.

Aw, hell...that ain't no fun, Sioux.

*joins Suzy Q in the olly-olly-oxen-free corner*

OK, who are you and why are you blogging under Siouxie's name?

Yeah, how exactly does one stay out of trouble?

I'm with Suzy Q and Just Ducky in the corner. (I keep good company) I was gonna say olly-olly-oxen-free much earlier, but I didn't want y'all to think I'm weird or anything.

sheesh Hammie!

Guess I can't fool you smart people, huh??

Tammy, my hands are usually tied up. That's how. (nttawwt)

i don't even know what you're talking about. when i grew up, it was "ok, ya'll can come out now."

Now where did those danged oxen get to this time?

Always room for you, casey.

Siouxie, just your hands?

*goes to the hispanic corner of the blog*


helloooooooo ooooo ooo o

My favorite childhood game was "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".

Of course we were talking about scars or wounds or innocent stuff like that. Of course we were.

casey, just like my favorite childhood game was playing doctor...for educational purposes only.

*wonders why she was always the patient*

I think we may have played this game in south east Texas. Except the object was to avoid the other kids throwing the crawdad clods at ya! Weren't none of that wussy tagging stuff going on.

I also used olly olly oxen free, and though I nearly always know whatever causes people to get on the geezer bus, I am not yet ready for, being a spry 26-year-old (Mom and Dad raised me right!).
Also, to all the Simpsons fans out there, am I the only one who has the scene (in the episode where Marge decides to become a cop) where Homer tries to chase after a pursesnatcher, takes about three steps, then stops to rest and pant? I am? Shoot.

um...Ducky? just the hands for now ;-P

Sure, Siouxie.
Whatever you say.

OT Alert:

The Texas Hill Country (just northwest of Austin) has made the national news. We've had nothing but rain, rain, rain for days, and this morning, a big cloud just sat over the Hill Country, pouring over 8" an hour there. Numerous areas are just submerged. That water flows into our main lake, and now 4 floodgates are open there to keep the water flowing downstream. To think that just a few months ago we were in a 2-year drought!

/End OT

Wow Ducky, that is amazing. Especially given the fact that I have not been anywhere near Hill Country today. Here lately, that huge cloud has been sitting over my head.

blurk, I AM trying to behave. IF I wasn't...I'd say something about how lucky to have 8 inches an hour...but I won't ;-P

Why, yes, yes I WILL take some cheese with that whine!

Hi blogpals. Major news from this side of the world. We had snow in Jhb last night, this happens about once every 25 years or so. When it happens the whole place comes to a standstill, people here just don't know how to handle it. Lots of smiley faces despite the cold.

Cool, Mot! Get it? COOL?

Jeebers, I'm bored.

Ducky, we have been getting updates down here all morning on you guys. Having been through Tropical Storm Allison, y'all have my sympathy! Stay high and dry. *strange thing to say to a duck, but whatever ;) *

Mot!!!! a sammich simul!!

Mot gets snow, the Hill country isn't in a drought anymore. Squirrels are trying to take over the world. It's the end I tell ya!

Whew!! be still my beating heart, I don't think my heart can handle all this excitement, casey and Sooz in a menage a trois.

JD, people up here in Vernon are talking about all the rain we've had too. No 8" per hour, but all of Texas appears to be in monsoon season.

"Sure Officer, I'll get my license and registration right out. Will you hold my Guinness for me so I can open the glove compartment?"

casey, let a smile be your umbrella!

Mot, that is amazing. This rain here is very strange, too. Usually by June, we're hot and dry, but this whole month has been wet.

*looks outside, checks for quartet of horsemen*

YAY ME!! I get to be in the middle!

My day suddenly got brighter. But maybe that is because that huge cloud moved to Texas.

Doc 'n JD, I blame Al Gore.

Mot, absolutely.

Ducky, I think this calls for a change of games!


Ducky, you is tooo sweet!

Med: Hockey! Whut?

I concur about Mr. Gore Mot. Question, do the local TV reporters in South Africa stand out in the snow and carry on about taking precautions and staying indoors until the situation passes. This while they are standing out in the middle of said conditions. Ducky probably has seen this today.

You never played Marco Polo in the pool?

I suppose we could have a snowball war with some of Mot's special 25 year snow. That's pretty cool, Mot.

The tradition here Mot is to rush to the nearest store and buy 4 gallons of milk and 6 loaves of bread. It is the most absurd thing I have ever seen. Well, not really the MOST absurd, but it sure ranks up there.

Med, have you heard from the Diva lately? I've been really busy at work and haven't heard if she got her new lap top yet.

Med, j/k. I wuz just bein' silly. My mind is molding from all this rain!

Doc Rick, I always feel sorry for the TV reporters covering hurricanes.

Med, I'm very familiar with Marco Polo. And I have been known to shoot every kid in sight for playing that game.

JD, please let us know how many idiots drown trying to surf in the runoff this time. If memory serves, Austin lost 3 or 4 the last time this happened.

Yeah Doc. They are outside dressed up like the Michelin Man dodging snow balls and trying to look very serious and businesslike.

casey - you are obviously not taking enough margaritas to the pool with you. That's not coolaid in my tote bag.

Doc Rick - Talked to Diva last night. She got her new set up 2 days ago, and has been online. She is in the midst of rehearsals every night, so she doesn't get home until 10:30 or 11.

Olly, no joke. Haven't heard of any yet, but the main trouble tends to come from morons people trying to drive through low water crossings, who get stranded and need rescuing. Our catchy phrase, "Turn Around, Don't Drown" is not heeded by some.

Mot - The kid in the Christmas Storey movie comes to mind.

Med. do you think we'll be able to schedule a snow ball fight in December in KC?


Med, are you opening the blogbar?? I'll take a blogarita, por favor!

siouxie, wouldn't that be pollo?

I'll take one of whatever you're serving! I could use a drink!

lol cg


And DANGIT! blurk shows up after days offline and I miss him. Shoot. *pouts*

Hiya, Rick!! YES!!!! I'm back amongst the blogging, HALLELUJAH!!! I'll buzz you later today. In the meantime, you can check out last night's thread to learn of my rampart- and elbow-damaging spill at rehearsal. *blushes embarrassedly*

The elbow is in MUCH pain today - rather more of a burn than a scrape.

I'm surprised nobody's commented on the article linked from this one: "Florida man's headache mystery solved by a bullet". Worthy of its own blog entry, I should think. Misleading headline, though, sad to say.

Nooo! Not the ramparts elbows!

Whose ready for a frozen (in Mot's honor) Blogarita?

*slides a frozen concoction over to the bloggals*

Hard to say, Mot. You never know what kind of weather to expect in KC. It could be 60F or a blizzard. Whichever, Diva and I are going to show you and Mrs. Mot a great time! I can't wait.

YESSS, Hammie - the ramparts elbow!!! Oh, the ramparts were in TOTAL pain, too - well, the left one anyway. No swelling it seems, but bruising may commence in another day or two.

DD, you lost a rampart?? so should be now call you "D"???

ooops...I read that as "the one left".

nevermind ;-)

*daintily sips blogarita*

*waves wing for blogarita, with salt*

*passes Extra-Strength Tylenol® to Diva*

be = we

*slurps the rest of the drink*

Thanks Med!! can I have another???

Awwww. Poor baby. Sacrificing for Art is one thing, but that's just wrong.

As long as it isn't your drinking arm your ok Diva! *thanks God he is a switch hitter at drinking*

It ain't mah drinkin' arm. But it sure as heck hurts! It's the same elbow I injured roller skating a few years back when I fell. It took ALL my weight as my feet flew off the ground. Was numb immediately, but thankfully - no broken bones then, either!

someone say margaritas?

applies bandages to elbows to prevent bar blisters.

crossgirl, I just use my elbow pads. The knee pads are used for other activities.

*snork* at siouxie!! brilliant!

(i knew you'd get it, cg) ty! ;-P

Ducky, et al.: We've also been getting pelted here in the Dallas area (though it's been on a bit of a break today), and, sadly, we did already have a kid drown in a creek in my suburb yesterday.

Save for things like that, it is nice to see the drought come to an end; the extra added benefit is that it has kept the temperatures down so far. *knocks wood*

Ah, yes Diva, you have to be quick around here, never know when we might get a drive-by BLURKing.

"Got rug burns on my elbows,
She's got 'em on her knees,
I'm goin' steady with Iron Ore Betty and she's goin' steady with me."

-- John Prine (who sadly has never met our sweet li'l Siouxie)

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