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June 27, 2007


Soon we will have no fundamental human rights left.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Um. *confiscates hubby's golf clubs*

this is unusual...why?

"They had stations around the course, with lawn chairs and blankets laid out,"

i admit to reading this as stallions around the course

I'm sure there'll be a joke about "strokes" in here somewhere.

Not to mention "holes."

*shrug* I hate to sound "caddy", but these ladies weren't exactly the cream of the crop, were they? Those must have been sturdier than your average WalMart lawn chairs...

Also find it interesting that those that made the movie managed to stay so long and be disgusted. Reminds me of a time when a friend's Grandmother was watching "Donahue" or some such show (back before the days of "everybody has a talk show") and the Chippendale dancers were on. She was perched on the edge of her seat announcing how "disgusting" it all was...and she watched the whole show just to be sure.

At the Cherry Valley Golf Course (snork)

You know, they act like there's something wrong with it.

Lap Dancing Strippers WBAGNF Ted H-G's next recruits for the Dave for President Juggernaut, don't you think.

"Mind if we play through?"

ubetcha, don't forget tees.

I loved the sound of screeching tires in the background during one of the, uhm, performances in the video.

"Make sure you hold the shaft firmly with both hands. Some people like to interlace their fingers. Oh, and it's nice to have clean balls."

"Oooh, Trixie, I didn't know you knew about golf."

"Golf, what's that?"

*snork* at Hammie

I also *snork* @ Hammie!

From the Pocono Record article:

Two officers were also taken inside the clubhouse.
Several moments later, a woman who identified herself as being in charge of the women on the course was summoned into the clubhouse to meet with police.

And several moments after that, both police officers left the clubhouse, grinning & giving each other high fives... .

Mornin!! and a *SNORK* & *WAVE* @ Hammie!!

Welcome back stranger!!!

and YAY! me...

ubetcha - when I first read this all I could think about was "a hole in one".

Waves @ Siouxie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it just me, or is it way too early for this?

Stevie - too early for golf? or too early for strippers?

There's a ball-washer in the video. How appropriate.

Yeah, I bet those neighbors who filmed that were sooo offended by it. I bet every single time they watch that over and over, they get all offended over and over again.

Well, the story says the,um, clients(?) of the offending,er,um, performers "consisted of employees and customers of CR Fannys Gentlemen's Club in Wilson, Pa." With a group with a name like that, what'd they expect?

This caused me to shank my iron...

Um. *confiscates hubby's golf clubs*

Posted by: Nurse Tammy | 08:44 AM on June 27, 2007


uh..Tammy?? don't forget to take his balls too. ;-)

The neighbors were offended at not being invited.

Golf without strippers?! How's that supposed to work?

Grip it and rip it!

Strippers on Links??!! Bwahahaha.

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