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June 05, 2007


Land of Wonders


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Checked in the mirror just to be sure and, yep, that's now the world's largest. :)

It sure is a Longwan!

oh my!

*Waits for the Walt Disney Company to submit it's entry.*

CAREFUL!!! SHE may be visiting soon.

HR... Coming Soon: "It's NOT a Small World After All".

Shi Lixue, director of the China Folk Culture Association, backed the project, saying: "It symbolizes our ancestors' pursuit of happiness..."


straw? they had to use straw? why not marble, or granite?

of course the straw will have to be periodically redone - i wonder what that job title is?

*snork* at Siouxie!

Maybe this is why Audrey really went to China... and why she came back comatose...

Mud -- doesn't the word "fluff" come to mind?

Well, it is an amusement park...

Meanie, is that why the women are laughing and pointing?

fivver, they're laughing and pointing at their husbands. ;-)

Yeah, everyone always says they have the biggest.

can it be seen from space?

They should have built it over a geyser.

You call that 30 feet? No way.....

GIANT MAN: [-------] = 30 feet

Stevie - that would be waaaaay too regular.

Yes, but can it pee its initials in the snow? Huh? Huh?

Anyone seen judi?

"Made out of straw, eh?"

"....then i'll huff and i'll..." (oh nevermind)

How Long is a China man

This just proves it. The big bad wolf really WAS gay!

An amusement park? Should have been a fountain at the water park. That would have been amusing.

They should have built it over a geyser.

then it could be called 'old faithless'...

And while you're there, have a refreshing....

Penis Totem WBAGNFARB....

STOOPID blogspammers.

that makes me feel...welll...so inadequate, somehow...

I'd like to see the gal this is made for. I mean, is there an accomodating female part next door? Perhaps doubling as a gift shop?

Sigh. Maybe I should rename myself Scissors, I end so many threads.

Ah, PD - I'll come in and close the door behind you so you don't feel so alone. :-)

HOW FUNNY IS IT that my captcha phrase on this thread had a 69 in it??!?

Nice, but I have a tradition to uphold DD. :)

It's pretty big...I guess.

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