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June 30, 2007


Fun dudes.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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sigh. just sigh.


Talk about your sick fu@ks. Nice kiddie show.

Oh, and Siouxie - looks like these entries are going directly from your computer onto the blog!


Seriously, what adult among us has not wanted to kill Mickey Mouse at some point in their lives?

Ooops, I said "adult among us". I forgot where I was.

Just when you think those guys couldn't get any creepier, they go and surprise you and all.

Seriously, who cares about Mickey, but it's just the *way* those sick F***s go about their evil.

HAR! casey!


Actually, I wanted to kill Minnie. She cheated on Mickey with Goofy - that byotch!

Can't really blame Minnie! Her husband is a rat!

It seems to bother everyone except the UN that Palestinians routinely teach their children to hate Jews and that it is heroic to strap explosives to yourself and blow up crowds of Israelis. And the civilized peoples of the world watch and do nothing.

I should say; do nothing except condemn Israel for defending itself.

Well, turnabout is fair play: If Hamas can use a Mickey Mouse-lookalike to promote terrorism and hate, why can't Disney, Warner Brothers and the other animation studios use cartoon characters to mock the terrorists? You know, like the studios did during WWII, when they cranked out cartoons in which Bugs Bunny and Mickey routinely embarassed Hitler and Tojo?

Oh, never mind: that would be insensitive of us, wouldn't it?

Wes, it wouldn't be PC.

ahh...the good old days...

I blame Goofy.

btw, morning to you and pete!)

Pete I agree, and Wes, what a great idea! Maybe some politically incorrect rogue cartoonist on the interweb could get a great idea from this blog, hint, hint!

It would be like Denmark all over again. We would stumble all over our spineless selves kowtowing and apologizing.

Well, not us, just sayin'...

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