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June 30, 2007


You're going to Little Chute, Wis.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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YAY Jeff!!

ok...who cut the cheese???

Yay Siouxie!

It's quiet around here ... too quiet...

Troy Landwehr is going to be my excuse, Siouxie.

LOL I didn't do it!

*waves @ Richard*!

I know where I'm taking Mrs. Pete for our 30th next year. After our garage date she'll be tickled.

*snork* @ pete

Looks like you were the only one here, Siouxie ...

*waves back*

Of course, this was done in Wisconsin. They're all Cheeseheads there.

The dirty little secret in Wisconsin is that all the milk used to make the cheese comes from Texas.

so washington, lincoln, jefferson, and roosevelt are now "commanders-in-cheese"...

oh beautiful cholesterol
encheddared waves of pain
a 'rush'more potent than the call
'it's way too high again!'

triglycerides and h.d.l
are all just greek to me
i'll need a stent for each president
that gets inside of me!

excellent, insom

It looks like he just ate the other 700lb block of cheddar.

That's gonna take one big plate of nacho chips once we melt it!

Insom, you are either brilliant or insane.

Time will tell. LOL

pete - they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, most times they snuggle up like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle!

oklahoma is "down south"?

Head cheese.

Next up - Gubernatorial goobers.

You know you're in the pantheon of iconic presidents when you're face is carved in cheese. Few are so honored.

Why slice Troy's creation into cubes? Like chocolate Easter bunnies and Evander Holyfield cheese sculptures, one should consume the ears first.

I think it was Bill Engvall (or Jeff Foxworthy) who commented on something similar, a statue of Garth Brooks carved out of butter. He said something like "How do you realize you have the ability to carve butter? And they're just going to melt it down anyway, so how can you prove that you did it?"

"It looks like he just ate the other 700lb block of cheddar."


And his stomach made a growling noise that sounded like "gutzonborglum."

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