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June 05, 2007



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too bad she couldn't stay lost.

Was she at a family reunion?

I just knew she was really a good girl. And does she know her jellyfish species or what?

If only someone could have warned them that she was on the beach, too...

Sure it wasn't crabs????

A source added: "She seemed happy and carefree with her friend."

Isn't this sentence reserved for an 'in the tower with an assault rifle' story?

"She seemed happy and carefree with her friend."
I was equating that with "She was drunk (again)"....

She formed a whole sentence and said it out loud to strangers? That certainly is newsworthy.

Mexico City, Mexico (BANG) - Britney Spears saved an elderly couple from a jellyfish-infested beach during her Mexico vacation.

Jeez! She told them there were jellyfish washing up on shore - can we say "reaching"?

...Be careful, there are lots of Man o' War jellyfish washing up on shore, you don't want to get stung..

THAT is saving WTF!!! SOunded like she lept into the water to rescue them.

Jesus Wept!

I would have been far more impressed had the older couple actually been stung and Britney had sprang to their rescue and urinated on the wounds to cut the pain.

"I truly hit rock bottom."

I think she's insulting Dave's music.

tourist #1: Isnt's it interesting that the portuguese man-of-war is commonly thought of as a jellyfish but is actually a siphonophore—a colony of specialized polyps and medusoids.

britney: yoo-hoo, watch out y'all!

tourist #2:A similar group of animals are the chondrophores. However, the Man O' War's float is bilaterally symmetrical with the tentacles at one end, while the chondrophores are radially symmetrical with the sail at an angle. Also, the Man O' War has a siphon, while the chondrophores do not.

britney: those little bubbles things can sting y'all worse than those bugs that were crawling all over me in rehab! they said they were imaginary, but then i asked, "what about that giant bat sucking all my blood?" and they said, no, that was kevin...

#1: we are aware, young lady, of the danger, thank you...

brit: my, don't y'all talk like an agent or lawyer or something, could you stand here 'till my publicist gets back?

#2: (aside) let's pretend to be old and enfeebled, it will be a lark, like the time lindsay lohan gave us directions to the mall!

#1: capital idea!

**SNORK** insom!

"...Be careful, there are lots of Man o' War jellyfish washing up on shore, you don't want to get stung...

OH, and wear underwear."

Thanks Einstein!

Where are her kids? Actually its better that they aren't around her.

"Where are her kids?"

Being swept out to sea by a rip current while she warns people about jellyfish.

Punta ?!?!? Mita?

"I said, I will NOT teach you any slang Spanish words. Class DISMISSED.... NOW!!!"

(seriously wondering if they printed this story just because they could get "that" word in same sentence as Britney)


How sweet.....:)


Power-level this.


"... showed off her tanned and toned figure in a skimpy thong bikini"
What, no pictures? Feh.

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