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June 29, 2007


Be on the lookout for the Wienermobile. Because you never know who could be driving that thing.


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To steal from an old headline, "Police Fear the Wurst."


Hot Doggity!

So, Dave, tell me.....do guys drive these big sporty vehicles to make up for not having foot-longs themselves???

Just a theory I heard.

I'll be, um, over there, now.....

Rob must have loved you for that, Dave. I'm sure NOW he thinks you're a cool Dad. NOT then.

So, Dave, how does the short guy wash the windows at stop lights?

Embarrassing to get out-posted on this, seeing as how a couple of these things are parked about 1.5 miles from my house...

But if I EVER see them tearing through my neighborhood again, taking out mailboxes and squirting mustard packets at pedestrians, you can bet somebody's weenie's gonna get whacked!

*sits patiently awaiting Wender J. Crinklebank's narrative ©*

I remember that when I was a kid back in the late 60s, I had an Oscar Meyer Wiener whistle -- I don't remember how I got it. Maybe it came with a pack of Oscar Meyere hotdogs during a promotional.

Oh great -- I now have the jingle jangling in my head. OH! I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner! That is what I truly want to BEEEEE!

*sits next to Baron*

hola! how YOU doin'????


Thanks for the offer, Siouxie. However popcorn does not go with blogaritas. Now if you had some chips and salsa....



Amer... thanks for sharing... now I have it stuck in my head too.

Amerinparis, you bringing up the song inspired a modified ditty to far into the gutter for even this blog.

Thank you

*waits in corner with Bãrön and Siouxie*

*passes Bãrön some fresh hot nachos*


yes, kibby, there's more than one, but there's always too many or too few parking spaces in the lot for them all!

Is it just me or was the first sentence of the article kind of confusing?

Perry White would not be amused....

An Arizona Highway Patrol officer who ran the Wienermobile's plates as the vehicle traveled for a promotion briefly thought the giant hot dog on wheels was, well, hot. Then he put his sexual preferences aside to concentrate on the task at hand.

Is that better, Clark?

Mornin' DD

*goes to google "weinermobile parking lot" to see if a satellite image can be found*

Lois, still some details missing. How did his nightstick end up there? And did it really improve his posture? And will he ever eat a hot dog again?

Thanks, Lois. It always helps when you splain things to me.....

Mornin' XMatt!

Lois might need to do some hands on research to check out the status of his nightstick.

mornings suck

Hey Prof! how's the back doing??

*offers Baron some mini-sausages*

Amen! It's drizzly here so all I wanted to do was stay in my nice cozy bed.


Same here. The boss usually ducks out early on Friday's, so I may have to follow him

Oops! I missed your post there, Prof!! For a sec I thought Sooz was hallucinatin'.

Mornin'!! Hope you're feeling a mite more flexible today.

Considering the rain, XM, today would be a good day to BE a duck. :-D But not the ones they keep finding all over the world.

We've had monsoon-type rains here in MyJammy for a while now. I'm ready to grow feathers and flap my way around.

CJ?? is Lake Okee(rains every damn place BUT here)chobbee full yet???

someone say blogaritas!?!?
those go perfect with, never mind.

i used to sing that jingle to my babies since i didn't know any lullabys. the brady bunch song worked too as well as the bologna one. now ya'll know why my kids are so weird.

I LOVE it, cg!! Hey! They're cultural references your kids'll never forget. :) My mom used to sing the old Bryl-Creem or Nestle's jingles and such to me, and look how I turned out!

Hm. I see your point.

I've been sitting on the edge of Just Ducky's apocolypse, and am ready for a bit of the famous Texas sun.

Sun schmun. I wanna be a recluse with my books and computer this weekend. This is PERFECT weather.

Its good for the first couple weeks, Diva.

uh...I'd love to do that too but I have two VERY active teens at home this weekend.


ah gees, siouxie, you mean they still don't self entertain when they're grown?
doomed, doomed, i say.

Yeah, probably so. But I'm in a rain mood lately, so this works.

Rain mood? or a stayin' in bed mood?

They're not mutually exclusive, you know. ;-)

Sioux - You sure the Spice girls aren't stopping through Miyami? There's an ad on the blog for Miyami Spice....... Is that a new home-grown member of the band?

The back is doing much better today. Thanks for askin' :)

cg, no such luck. I still get to drive them all over the place. (I am currently working on getting the oldest her Florida Driver's license - "Exhibit A" being the lovely "bump" at the front of my car from the time she stopped the car by ramming it into a steel gate.) I think that qualifies her, no?

Mornin' Med! Feeling a bit refreshed are you?

Glad to hear it, Prof!

*throws in a shoulder rubdown for good measure*

*jumps on Prof's back for one of them "oriental" massages*



*SMACKS Siouxie!*

Play nice with your toys friends!

Med, I am praying to all the gods and goddesses (including the Hialeah santeros that those bimbos don't make it here! I had enough of them when my girls were little...UGH! worse than Barney, I tell ya.

*ducks just in time*


he likes it, Diva..really.



It ain't even 'lebben o'clock here, Sooz. You go eat fer both of us.

I hear ya, Sioux. One of my friends found a cd case in his car, loaded with teeny bop muzak, Twitney, Backstreet Boyz, et al, and he so kindly gave it to my mini me. Oy! Come to think of it, with mini-me off at camp, this would be the poifect time to lose that thing to the circular file. *EG*

Considering the weather today, Med, I don't think I'm quite up for Julio and Romiet tonight, if you're still going. :D

Dave - I can't fathom how you managed not to get a photo of yourself driving that through a tunnel.

And, for you antique wiener buffs......

(No, Wiener Buffs would NOT BAGNFARB).

We have been trying to go for the last 2 nights, but the weather is certainly not cooperating. We decided to wait until everyone returns from camps, so we are going on closing night (July 8). When does yours kick off?

Meanie - I think the Spice Girlz have the copywrite on that name. ;)

No, Meanie, Weiner Buffs WNotBAGNFARB, but Weiner Buffers™ might be a good title for some of our Blogettes *ducks*

Can I squeeze in a hat trick or will I get botfocked?

Clearly, the cops were looking for the Hamburgler.

A Simul with Baron!

Sioux - heat up the hot wax and get out the machete.

Ducky - ya got the cattle prod handy?

We have blogette ducks?

*glaring @ Baron vonCouldBeFallingOffaKlyff*

LOL, Bãrön! I think I resemble that remark!!

Yet when I hear that term, I get an image of Carl the Groundskeeper standing in front of the ballwasher, slowly pumping it up and down as he watches the old ladies golf.

*Smiles innocently at Siouxie*

Now that you mention it, DD, I picture that too. Therefore I am sure a lot of our Bloguys are Weiner Buffers™ too.

Med, I'm already on it! *EG™*

Ooh! A Siouxie-simul!

*hands Med the cattle prod*

Do you need this, too?

Whoa - TWO Siouxie simuls in a row! Hope it was good for you, Girlfriend. ;-)

LOL Lairbo!!


Yeah - you are. ;-)

Diva - I don't even want to know how you found that thing.

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