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June 13, 2007


The key is B-flat.

(Thanks to CJrun)


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I usually attract gators with my DD UN-flat.

Those football players sure like boo, uh, spirited supporters.

Me too, Punkin!

Well, this'll be the last you'll see of me for tonight, Folks. I'll miss you until the morrow!!


I pray my mate won't B-flat... JS.

Mating male alligators are famously noisy, bellowing and roaring in the swamps ...

just like their human counterparts.

oh and YAY CJ!!!!

Nite, Diva!! we'll drink on your behalf ;-)

Does CJ play tuba? In the swamps or somewhere else? Inquiring minds want to know...

What make alligators go AWAY? Isn't that clearly more useful for survival?

Actually, I use the tuba as a snorkel, but the dang alligators keep bothering me when I exhale!

*snork* @ CJ!

(Hi CJ!!)

*looks down at chestage*


dang...a male ALLIGATOR????

NTTAWWT, by the way.

I tried this once, and accidentally played the brown note. It repelled the alligators, and most of the bystanders.

The benefit of this wondrous knowledge for mankind is astronomical.

1. Who knew that "Star" tuba players even existed? Is there a fan balloting or do the other orchestra members vote for them?

2.Do Tampa Tribune reporters have nothing better to do with their time than replicate 63 year old alligator mating experiments?

3. Why didn't the alligator wrangler just push them all in when the gators showed up thus saving me the time of wondering about points 1 & 2 in the first dang place?

I need a scotch right now dangit! My head hurts....

DR. Rick - if it helps you at all, looks like there was no federal funding involved. Just a Trib wonk. And some very bored male alligators.

Annie, someone had to pay for it!

Yeah Edgar, but at least WE didn't have to through our misused-in-every other way imaginable federal tax dollars! The Trib wants to throw their money out the window, so stinkin' be it!

Ever listen to a tuba? I feel sorry for the gators. They were probably coming closer because they wanted to chomp the guy playing the dang thing.

Unless of course the gator wrangler is a federal employee and the Florida Orchestra is funded through the N.E.A. Ok, head starting to hurt again....heh!

At least the tuba is still just a tuba playing a note. The notion of horny gators swimming around a dock trying to pick up female alligators is a LOT more icky!

Rick, one day there will be tuba-based weapons, and you'll see the government use of our research.

Actually a tuba makes a pretty decent weapon now. You can play obnoxious tunes AND clonk someone on the head.

Tuba or not tuba - that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the moat to suffer
The stings and sorrows of outrageous bad tunes
Or to take arms against a sea of tubas
And by approaching end them.

And, of course, this had to happen in "KissMe" Florida.

Bravo Annie. Encore! Encore!

Thanks, EG. Something about gators and tubas just screams for Shakespeare.

Is this a gator I see before me,
Mandible before my hand,
Come, let me blow me
Tuba for me band

... or therapy ...


Being a male of the Canadian variety, I have, of course, visited Kissimee...it being a major tourist attraction and all...

I found the Motel 6 there quite classy...rumours were, they changed the sheets after every 12th guest...

In Myjammies, they'd a lured it in with the tuba and Sio woulda whacked it with her machete...Fiesta!!

Frankly, the whole notion of a star tuba player wasting his valuable time in the swamp is rather "dis"concerting if you ask me!

Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah...


Evidently they are quite musical creatures.

*Thinking how much gator meat costs per pound...*

This information could come in handy.

*due to boredom, starts to wonder if anyone back in '44 ever did research into what sound gets male squirrels jiggy? Prays for a machete whack to the head!*

Hehe Prof! Gator-Q! Put me down for the ribs. And Sioux and Annie can fight over the left over material for shoes.

Heck yeah Rick! Gator is pretty good eatin'! And suppose if it'll make the girls happy we can give 'em the leftovers.

AFKAT! so you've found my NoTell Motel?? LOL

CJ, after I whack it with my machete....GATOR TAIL!!! yummm!!!

You know how they like their *strappy* shoes and such. Figure a good size gator ought to fetch them about 20-25 pair each as dainty as they are. ;)

Hey Prof!!

Leftovers as in shiny gator shoes and purse. Works for me!

Rick, Prof is right...and I'm a very picky eater. I LOVE gator tail. Taste like chicken, ya know??

Yep... deep fried gator tail is GOOD stuff ;)

Had gator (unsure as to which part of them) strips at a local seafood place a few times over the years. Very similar to chicken in taste.

I had blackened gator tail in New Orleans once...wowsa! so maybe I can get my B-flats and lure some of them??LOL

That's almost always the tail Rick... it's really the only edible part. Some people do use the ribs, but from what I've seen they're not worth the effort.

Thanks, all, but I think I'll stick to hunting wildlife with fewer teeth than a gator. If nothing else, it's easier to carry a duck call into the swamps than a tuba...

And dang it, Diva took off before I logged onto the blog and saw the compliment she left me on the "Diaper Flasher" thread.

Unfortunately, the frickin' bot stuck around long enough to say hello.

It's Gator SEASON!!

Wes, Diva is still trying to suck the chocolate milk from her laptop with a straw.

woo hooo!! LUCKY US! we got six inches today!! uh...of rain people. sheesh.

I was trying to figure out what you were so excited about Siouxie....

uh...I love the rain??

Cat's post reminds me of something I read. Ya know, gators ain't green. When they're little, they're blond and brown. Biguns are black, almost blue-black; gray if they have muddy water drying on them. But they like B-flat so you would expect blue-black....

You HATE the rain :)

CJ, if I see one...I'll whack it...blond, brown, black, blue or gray ;-)

Prof, you're right..I hate the rain..unless I'm home under the covers. LOL

We tend to think that rain might be a little overrated.

Whatever you do, don't try and Blame It On the Rain. Trust us, it won't work!

Diva has chocolate milk in her laptop? How did that happen...?

Nevermind, I probably don't want to know.

Ah, there are worse things than chocolate in your keyboard.

Wes, to my understanding she was *snorking* at something said in here and knocked the milk onto her lap top. She *snorks* at you quite a bit so it was probably your fault.

Just kiddin' Wes!

Alright! Everyone come back out and play. I promise to be quiet. Sheesh! *heads over to the blog bar and grabs an Icehouse longneck, kicks back!

Nerdily points out that Cat's jpg is mislabeled, not the grass family, falls off couch and goes to sleep... niters Central time....

Ok, the sound of a tuba playing a B-flat gets male gators in a horny tizzy. Apparently the sound of an empty bar gets crickets in a similar mood. Greeeattttt!!!!! *sigh...this whole off on Thursday and Friday's thing bites!*

*sidles up to bar*
Hiya, Doc. Where is everbody tonight? Diva's tragic chocolate milk accident aside, of course.
*mixes pink girlie drink*

Hey Tammy! Not sure where everyone wandered off to although I suspect the eastern time zone got most of them. How's things in your neck of the woods this evening?

'ello Nurce Tammy, Dr. Rick and all. Any thing good on tap?

Well, we have some left over gator tail in the fridge if you want to warm it up Dan, but not much is happening in here at the moment! How are things with you tonight?

Not too shabby over here. Dinner's cooking, errands done for the day. *yawn* Eastern time is a bit difficult to adjust back from. Especially the daylight portions thereof. *shudder* I really have to stay up tonight, sans nap. Good thing I have some excellently mindless video games to occupy some time.

emmm, gator. Just fine here good Dr. thanks. How is your Friday going?

*slides in sideways*

Anyone here? What'd I miss? Pour me a blogbev.....

*slides blogarita down bar to Med*
Not too much going on here.

eh, child discipline seemed to be a theme tonight with my 5 year old. Locked us out of our master bedroom with an old door chain that had been left over from past tenents of the apt. Had to go Jack Bauer and kick the door loose. Well, the chain WAS kinda old and the wood on the door jamb loose, but still....DRAMA!!!!! heh!

Hi Meditrina, how are you this fine nite?

lol, how did the lil one climb that high?

How funny, Doc. Thanks for the refreshment, NT.

Dan - I am lovely, thank you. One of my good friends just left... he spent the better part of the evening trying to ascertain the dilemma in my tv/dvd/surround sound set up. Bad TV. Bad TV. Then, he went and grabbed an extra set and "hooked me back up."

Happy Friday, Doc. Outsmarted by a Kindergartener, eh? Been there, done that.

They do tend to be clever. And mine climbs like a spider monkey so I should have taken that stupid chain off long ago. Just annoying hoohaa to deal with.

Med, I tried doing surround sound with my TV and dvd, but I just gave up.
Dan, I have been trying to find a good pic of Dave for the beer label. Gotta get my lazy butt up and start working on some of my projects.

Oh, and the Diva says *Hi All!* thru her cell's IM!

(I've wanted to do that for a while now, you know)

Awesome Dr! Label maker software I purchased will do serial numbers. So will be limited edition heirlooms some day. We will all get rich if we don't flood the market all at once. Snork.

Doc - I had to call in male re-enforcements to address the issue, although I did contribute.

Aren't you a technical geek? I thought you were employed by a tv network???? Don't you know any techno-geeks who can assist?

I (honestly) was saved by my teenage son. Seems he can figure those kinds of things out, TTL(thank the lord).... good to know he is earning his grocery bill. Word to the wise: Don't take a teen-aged boy to the grocery store with you..... it is more costly than the loading and unloading of the car is worth.

Dan - I humbly request label acknowledgment and marketing rights, as I was instrumental (trumpet, violin, piano - NOT tuba) in the drunken brainstorm creation process.


LOL Dan! Yeah, I can't wait to sit back and wait for this ship to come in.....

Hey, if you can email me a copy of the label templates your looking at using so I can fit the graphics inside of them...if we can.

only bought 12 empty bottles.(About one batch with kit) But they are the ones with the flip-top locks. Really cool looking. Will get link, one sec.

First, a word or two from the Diva....


I miss you all!

Mr.Beer got the 12 on top.

awwww! (((((DIVA)))))

Awesome Dr!! on its way. Thanks!! Pulling my hair out trying to make one

Med, I am FAR from a technical geek! Think Homer Simpson without the possibility of nuclear death involved if I miss a break or the equipment goes blooey! I do have the teenager and he's itching to get to work on designing a living room theater suite, but I am making him wait till we get another house. He's pissy at the moment since I won't let him on here. PHHHHTTTT!!!! Pays to be the big kid in the house....HEHEE!

Dan - May I suggest some information relating to this matter: All About Beer. A mag devoted to beer and home brewers. The publisher is a lovely man, Daniel Bradford, awesome guy.

Might glean some pointers.

sent Doc. If you don't have time, no worries. I can do it, but wont be as pretty. also they are 16 oz bottles.

Got it Dan! I have a lot of time, the problem is less blogging, more doing. This project lets me do both and I don't have to inhale paint remover fumes in the process. (need to redo an in-table I have been putting off for 2 years....hehe!)

cool Med, will get it. We should have a cyber party during the inauguration speech and all actually have a drink together. That would be cool!

If Dave does win, I think he should demand China detains all of the gelatinous bricks of processed meat clogging this blog with shoes and power leveling or else we slowly send them Paris, Lindsey and Twitney!

Med, do you think the bottles are OK? Haven't seen the "lock-top" ones since I was a kid and thought they were cool.

demand China *detain*
we *will* send them

What the hell is wrong with me? Dang Spam Scum!

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