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June 27, 2007


They're romantic, and they love to cook.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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U got it, XMatt. it's the perfect spot for a 'still, too.

Okay, I am uncomfortable with Matrix Reloaded. I did not recall the sexual scenes.... I'm okay with violence, but sex on the screen and my teenage sons' hand under the blanket is disturbing.

Yeah, Matt, paybacks are h3ll, but you will get them one way or the other. God will see to it. Belly on up and take it like a woman. ;)

*flaps back in, perches on edge of hot tub*

It's raining--again! I heard on the news earlier that Marble Falls, a little town just 50 miles from here, had over 19 inches of rain since yesterday--13 inches of it from midnight to about midday today. I saw this guy with a long, white beard strolling down the street. He had two dogs, two cats, two bunnies, and two guinea pigs following him. I begged him NOT to take the squirrels!

Besides, I'm still hoping to blackmail the government.
"Look at my gene pool and the odds, and the cost of lifetime incarceration (prison or asylum). Doesn't it just make more sense to give me the money? Really, imagine what my kids would be like."

Its gotta be worth a couple hundred grand or so.

Hey, y'all!! And WYOOOOOOOOOO!!! Nice to see you two nights running!

If the microbrew idea really happens, I've designed and installed process controls for wineries, and would be more than happy to aid a good cause.

Good evening all! Barry beer is in fact brewing as we speak. Doc Rick is doing the labels (Lord, I hope it gets better looking)

Hey DD. I've been dyin' to ask you about your vital stats.
Hard drive

Congrats on the laptop.

LOL, I mean the beer, not Doc's label. My bad

Well gunga, if you don't already have a process guy, call me when it reaches large scale.

(click my name to email)

Diva - how was practice? No belly flops or other embarrassing moments, I hope.

Awesome Matt, thanks. Just bought one of those home kits. (Mr.Beer.com) But as '08 gets close, I think we should explore this as a campaign tool. Nothing spells votes like drunk and happy voters. Well, always got my vote.

*waves at Diva*

*resumes calculating: 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits... carry the 5...*

Ironic that Evan Almighty is now playing at a floating theater near you?!

I'm halfway through this thread and I just GOTTA say, XMatt - you picked one of my favorite novelty songs!!! I didn't know anyone had done a video of the CR song! *SNORKSNORKSNORK!!!*

It ain't the belly that flops, is it Diva?
Gotta watch those ramparts:)

Med, yes, it is highly ironic. Guess I should be glad I'm a duck, but it's getting too wet even for me.

There is another one I've seen that is very similar to the one you posted, ex-matt. This one is definitely better.

I don't know how you guys do this. I get on and the party's been going for 6 hours. I've gotta quit one of my jobs!

pete - or figure out a way to blog as a second job. Let me know if you find the answer, cuz I'm with you, my friend.

We have had a grand total of 1/2 inch of rain since the middle of May, so please don't spend a lot of time dwelling on the surplus in other areas. I may start crying.

pete, please take ours! I insist!

How goes the battle, Med? Did you inject culture into the little skulls full of mush today?

OK - XM it's got an Athlon X2 processor with 2 gigs of RAM and a CD/DVD RW.

If you want MY vital stats, we'll have to go offline. ;-)

Hops in the hot tub.

Med - pass me a tall anything!! No belly flops (or ramparts, pete) tonight, thank goodness, but y'all oughta see the skidburn on my left arm. It stings like a MUTHA!! And tell the kid to keep his hands above the covers.

No, we battled over scout badges for hours. Had meltdowns and yelling involved. At the end, I told him he is on his own, and can sink or swim without my aid.

He told me he was sorry, and he appreciates my help. When you are 13, you can't see that your parents have more wisdom and are on your side. Oyy.

My excuse is I've got about a 100 hour week coming up over the Fourth and I can get in and do the engineerin' thing, and I need to save my strength and sanity.

I would love to,Ducky. Somebody said the other day that at least we weren't flooded out like some places are. i told him that I think I'd rather have too much rain, it always dries out.

BTW if anyone is interested my daughter did a bunch of work on my page @ myspace. The url is:
I need to work on the contrast so you can actually see it, but it's a good start.

Diva - he's a guy! They never keep their hands above the table, covers, etc. I have given up.

Sorry about the burn, though. I burned the bejesus out of my arm last night, so we may have similar wounds. I, literally, feel your pain.

Here's a double frozen blogarita. That should cool you off. ;)

Med, you have my sympathy. My son at 13 was extremely bright, sensitive, and inquisitive. He also had nuclear meltdowns on a regular basis. It's a very tough age. For everybody.

What are you rehearsing for?

*has sneaking suspicion he missed something somewhere*

XM - Nah. You didn't miss anything. Except the part last night where I fell on the ramparts and bruised them up. Well, the left one, anyway.

I'm doing Music Man for a small community theatre company here. I'm playing Alma Hix who's one of the "Pick a Little" ladies. You know the song....

Princess Bride

See, I'm not here much, but when I am I pay attention

Ducky - thanks. I needed that. We will get there, eventually. And tonight was one of those times when we were both saying the same thing, just approaching it from different angles. I couldn't say anything to make him see that, though.

I finally gave us both a time out. Told him straight up that I wouldn't talk to him for a while, until I was calm and unirritated. He got THAT!

I also offered to butt out and let him do it on his own, and he declined. Heh. The teens have to be the hardest age, on them and on us. It just sux, no way of getting around it.

I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention!

I thought that was why everyone was talking about PB last night. I gotta get a score sheet.

I always thought If we could perfect cryogenics it would be good to freeze kids at thirteen and wake them up at, oh I don't know, say 30?

pete - it was Princess Bride last night. You were right on the money, Honey. ;o)

Hang in there, Med; it sounds to me like you're doing a fabulous job. I can mail you my electric cattle prod if you want, though, for those special occasions.

Pete, topics flit around here like a herd of butterflies on speed. Do the best you can.

Hobbits come of age at 33....

ExMatt, Tolkien was a smart fellow.

Ooh!! A cattle prod!! We can stand that right up next to Sooz's machete! What a nice addition to the blog. :-)

I can't WAIT till Doc Rick sees this in the morning....

*sets up hidden camera to capture his expression*

Careful with that, Diva! Keep it away from the hot tub!

XM - what do you do that you're gonna have to put in a 100-hour week over the 4th?!?! Unbelievable....

Ok, folks, it's pumpkin time for me. Y'all have a good night, and sweet dreams!

At least it's nice to go to sleep listening to the rain...

Speakin of the hot tub: Everybody make room!!

*does cannonball into HT*

Don't rub it in, duck!

Chemical Engineer. I have contractors installing a bunch of equipment and I need to be there.

It's so dry here this morning I looked outside and two trees were fighting over my dog.

*tosses a comma somewhere in previous post*

Maybe its the booze, but *snork* pete.

LOL Pete.

*looks at XMatt with GREAT respect*

AWESOME!!! Chemical engineering is just COOL.

*SNORK* @ pete

Nite, Ducky!! *flaps a goodnight*

Snorkage @ pete.

Nighters. I refuse to sleep the morning away like my teenager.

Start building the ark, ducky. I'll handle the furry creatures. Reptiles are out, and squirrels too.

Sometimes it is, and its getting there again (new toys) but my last job was 70-80 hour weeks of paperwork and babysitting. Now, I'm working towards my P.E., the only two letters cooler than M.D., in my opinion. But I can't handle blood and guts, so I'm biased.

Don't build the ark here. It'll get dryrot.

Wow. That. Just. ROCKS.

Ain't nothin' sexier than a smart man. Nope.


Isn't dryrot what married people's dangly bit's get?

Ditto for smart women

ex-Matt, you have to be loaded before I'm funny?
Now I know how the girl in the bar feels at 2 a.m.

pete - you're funny anytime. :)

And I'm HOPING I should take that as a compliment, XM.

I could never do anything but compliment you Diva!

Smooches, pete!!

Yes you should DD. You should also take that biting senses of humour are sexy as a compliment also.

And pete, its not that you aren't funny sober, the dog comment was a bad joke. And I snorked anyway.

The Dog Joke

Well, how about this one?

A priest, a rabbi and a lawyer walk into a bar.

The bartender looks up and says, "what is this, some kind of joke?

If I groan at that joke, is that sexy, too, or should I just moan instead? *snicker*


And SMOOCHES to XMatt too!!

moaning's good!!!

Hmm. Yes, it is. ;-)

Just you and a couple boys huh Diva?

There I go. The buzzzzzzzzzz finally got here.

Rather delightful to have you gentlemen to myself out here for once. I never get so lucky here. Join me in the hot tub, whydon'cha? It's plenty warm.

If you insist. :D

It seems like I always get here late. But then again, If I got here earlier maybe the blog bar would just shut down earlier.

Hey, us girls like a good buzzzzzzzzz now and then, too, but I certainly prefer the real thing. ;-)

Oh, I insist!

A good buzz can make the real thing last longer.

I'm already in the hot tub with my C&C and my friends.

Hm. I'll take that under advisement, XM.

pete - need a refill?

In my mind I'm gone to Blogger Hot tub
Can't you just feel the something something something.

oh well. Maybe I'll do it later.

I'll take one DD

Yes I do, DD. Thanks for asking.

I can only afford CR at the blog bar.

Whatcha drinkin', Matt?

*pours a fresh C&C for pete and a glass of bubbly for herself*

*Is down to rum and pepsi*

I won't hit my scotch unless I can fully appreciate its flavor.

So, we just sittin' in the hot tub drinkin'?

*gets up on edge and shakes booty*

I have to go on an overnighter tomorrow. Hail storm up north so I'll be gone a couple of days. I should have wireless at the motel in Chadron so I'll check in tomorrow night.

Good luck. Be safe.

good night, Matt.
good night, Diva. (((((((((Diva))))))))

*gives ex-Matt a hearty, manly handshake*

*hands Matt his fresh Pepsi™ & rum*

I GOTTA like a man who likes Pepsi™!

Well! I guess if I gotta dance, now's the time!

*shakes @ss with XM on the tub's edge*

pete - you joining us?

Oops - didn't notice you heading out. ((((((pete)))))) Have a good night and safe travel!

Gives pete manly football player style slap on a$$.

while staring at diva's

Just for a minute.
*ogles Diva's @ss, but only for a minute or three*

DANG! You ... um.... *blushes*

You rather caught me off guard for once. Nice! ;-)

Nice tuck under.

You know...it's nice to be the only girl around for once. I'm rather reveling in the attention!

*resumes shakin' @ss on the hot tub edge*

What are we listening to, by the way...?

The drifters. I still got some sand in my shoes.

Ooh. Good tuneage!

(I almost mistyped that as tunage and nearly snorked my whole laptop away again!!)

the urban dictionary accepts either spelling.

And why do you have sand in your shoes? Did I miss something?

went home to SC (charleston) for training. oysters, beaches, lighthouses. Even if I am a Blue Ridge Boy.

Ooh! A Blue Ridge Boy? Very nice. What a beautiful part of the country!!

Where's home now?

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