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June 27, 2007


They're romantic, and they love to cook.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Vernon texas (link above)

Ah, right. Sorry. I did see that, but was reading through as fast as possible to get back to the current stuff. :-)

Work related.

I need to see mountains again Gandolph. Mountains.

I'd love to spend time in the mountains. What a joy!! Need a chaperone companion on your next trip? ;-)

Sure. I didn't exactly behave in Charleston. College buddy came down and we relived old times (til we went to bed by 11)

Uh oh.... XMatt misbehavin'? What IS the world coming to?!

And when you say "relived" are you speaking as in "reminisced" or as in - "Hey! Let's go do that thing again! You remember - the one we almost got arrested for in '84...!"

Little of both. 84!!!!!!! cmon. Igot some miles, but not that many years. (84 was a good one, I preferred 85) MJ Fox ruled!!!

So - being nosy here - how old are you? If that's too nosy, just tweak my nose or something.

Guess, then I'll tell. I'm curious what perception is at the blog.

And I'll tell on myself, anyway. I'm 37.

Woulda guessed early 30s as opposed to mid. You seem to be more outgoing.

Hm. DO NOT be offended at my thoughts, but I'm guessing you're somewhere in my ballpark.

I WILL take that as a compliment. :-) Most people assess me down about 5-8 years (looks-wise, too). Last week I had a gentleman friend in my show who guessed me at 28. HE got a kiss on the cheek. :)

28, and I'm not offended.

Wow. You are much more eloquent (and funnnier!!) than most men who haven't hit thirty yet.

Blatantly tryin for a simul...

And I nailed it! TY DD. I blame Dickens. And Dostoyevsky. And Clemens(and Dave) for my humour. I started on Dave about 88 during my first trip to miami.

And BLATANTLY succeeding!!!!


Dangbustit! Two in a ROW!! You really ARE good! ;-) And in consecutive minutes, no less. If I smoked, which I just might, if we keep this up, I'd have one now...


*fans XMatt*

Are you OK? You didn't hurt yourself on those, did you?

Near miss on the second...but whose counting? i favor a fine cigar myself, just a couple times a year...

Noh, the bot got me on the return

Wow - I haven't been *whispers furtively* botted in two whole days now. Judi is my goddess.

Besides, you just never know what effect a simul can have on a guy. ;-)

And there's the second simul. ;)

Aaaaaaaaah..... I must have prematurely misread the time stamp on the other one. After all, I am terribly enthusiastic. *giggles*

*cross eyed drooling*
but I can still function

But thats a match.

Mmmm. Drooling? Drooling can be good. It's a good sign, anyway. Well, in this instance, I think.

I'm guessing you're in CST? 2:30 for you too?

Yessir. Kansas City here - just up the pike a ways from you.

Well, its about time for me to strip and hit the sack.

And seeing as it is that time, I might have to log off for the night, even with as much fun as I'm having with you. If this keeps up, I'll be utterly useless in the morning!

See you tomorrow. I'm already useless.

And one last simul. Involving nakedness no less. :D

*enjoys the lovely simul on the subject of XMatt stripping....pauses to watch*

No problem. I must go to do the very same thing.... ;o)

Night, Matt. *smooch*

*stupid grin*

My, my, my... I think we left them alone in here too long...

Diva, it's not considered sporting to videotape the footage from the secret showercam you installed, either. Unless you share.

Note to self....booze and a hot tub lowers inhibitions.

LMAO and a morning *snork* to ya, casey!!

I'll post the pics in a bit! Glad you liked them.

Where the heck is everybody this morning? Am I the only one without a hangover?

Siouxie, pics are awsome, share with our pals!

*I* don't have a hangover either and I had plenty of vino last night. I'm immune, I guess ;-)

Well, well, well. What a way to start a day. Simul w/Siouxie, it can only get better from here!

Well, I guess it could get worse, but I'm gonna hope for better!

OMG, 2 in a row!

Nah, not hung over... yet... I'm going to bed in a couple ours... I'll start earning my hangover first.

OK, this is getting weird. I'm gonna have to excuse myself for a minute......

Tammy! Mornin'

casey, I may ask you for a smoke after those ===~~


Our boys are gonna be so jealous when they finally show up this morning!


I need to change my undies now ;-P

*sigh* make that "hours"

My type-fu is weak this morning.


ladies, we have got to stop or I won't be able to work!!!

*fans self*

um...pay no mind to that Church Lady.

I'm back. I had to turn a fan onto the computer...it started smoking!

We may be too tired for the boys now...


Now I get a Siouxie simul? *all a quiver*

oh man! you had to spoil our fun shoe dude!! cursed you be!!

[Thou art] a most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality.

Taken from: All's Well That Ends Well

You got one w/me too NT.

Don't go a quivering, to try to please me, you've never let me down before.

NT & Siouxie, are we setting some kind of record here or what?

*big grin on face*

I believe so, casey.

um..boys?? feel free to jump in any time!

Maybe they're sitting back watching the girl-on-girl action!

ahh...those pervs!! love 'em!

wait till we bring out the jello...

*wipes drool off chin*

Scottttttttttttttttttt!! welcome back! how was the vaca?? kill anyone?? (some pics of mine are in the " Nation in Shock" thread.

Hi Siouxie. We're not quite back yet. We're about 7 hours driving away from home, though. We had a great time. Haven't killed anyone (yet).

Well have a safe trip back home and get yer butt back here!! ;-P

*snaps sharp salute*

*note to self: always avoid alliteration*

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