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June 27, 2007


They're romantic, and they love to cook.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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cg, my son is in on the blog. We are discussing my previous post now. He agrees. And he is fascinated by DB Bloggers.

CJ, if anybody's got a mind sharp enough to keep up, it's you. good to "see" you, old buddy.

I'm on the bar Studly Matt. What's your pleasure?

Nighty night, y'all!


I meant I am on blogbar duty. Not ON the bar. That's Siouxie's toejam up there.

Med's dancin' on the bar!!

where's that blasted camera when I need it!

I would love a good 15 year old Laphroig (jailbait scotch)

By the way, has this ever been posted?

XMatt!!! at last we have something in common besides great minds, and a love for wit!

You can't miss with Laphroig!

Siouxie is the new Claire Martin.

I'm doing the finger wave over your scotch, ExMatt.

Wyo - Don't forget bazoomage. You'll always have that.

Med... what are you doing to ExMatt's scotch??? Nevermind... not sure I want that explanation :)

*SNORK* @ Med!

CJ, I didn't think anyone noticed!

Med: Wyo has bazoomage?

Drink, please!

Prof, click on Matt's linky, and it will all be explained musically. Here's a Supertuscan to sip on while you peruse the carnage of that video.

Ducky - What's your pleasure this evening?

There's a couple scotches I like. Laphroaig is the Islay I like to keep on hand, Balvenie Portwood is the Speyside. I about had to kick my brother in-laws keister all the way back to Italy.

He actually started to make an iced Laphroaig and Pepsi. Don't worry, I got there in time.

And where has that finger been? ;)

Wyo has pix of Bazoomage.

XMatt, Lagavulin.


We need to text Mot some blankies....

Sacrilege! Although my palate does not care for the scotch burn, my nose loves to sniff the aromas. Good scotch smells like heaven.

Don't forget a taste for wide open spaces. There's a reason I took a job here.

Med, it's so rainy here, I need something cozy. Got any suggestions?

Wyo: Whoa.

Wyo! Those are some really bad store boughtin'. They don't even look real, at least to someone who has the "real deal."

And Matt, I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate be too boring. We already sent all the bloggals, 'cept me and Ducky to bed.

Prof - cye. I wrote you a novel. ;)

*watched the link*

Med where HAS that finger been???

ExMatt, Vernon needs to update its website to say "a community of 11,662." (Did more than two of you move there? If so, adjust number accordingly.)

Illicit distilling, just like home. Thanks Wyo, I'll have to check it out.

Just two. It's the first town I've lived in where us moving in made the newspaper.

"We have new residents"

Ducky - Raining here too. But the first rain in a couple weeks. Here's a nutty irishman..... bailey's frangelico, and coffee. Yummy.

Matt -

Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can
Into the wild blue
- Dixie Chicks

and there's a reason (besides that it's not in TX) that I took a job here.

Ooh, Med, that sounds great! Hope the coffee's decaf, though, or it'll keep me awake.

OK! I'm back! I've got a houseful of kids. My girls and niece made choc chip cupcakes and my youngest's friends (Andy and Andy2) are also here.

I've send the pics to casey for approval but here are a couple:

This is our cabin and this is me and my horse - Cherokee

I have to flap off for a bit--see y'all a little later!

My kinda town Wyo...

Hey, Sioux! Do you know why the Indians preferred paints?

'cause they're the only horses they could catch on foot!


I'm here girls!! what are we drinking?? I need boozage!

A note to SuzyQ - I am Clara Martinez ;-)

Wyoooooooo!! LOL

Prof! Ducky! Med! Ex-Matt!

I had Wyoming on my list of locations, but couldn't find anything without staying in cement. I was living in a little town at the foot of the Colorado mountains, maybe an hour south, and loved it. I had to get out cause we were screwing over the environment bad and my concience couldn't take it.

the best Indian warriors, however, rode Appy's. The reason was that by the time they got to the battle, they were so p!ssed off...

consience? no. I give up.

Matt - I grew up in a town like that. Couldn't wait to leave. My spirit overwhelmed those folks. Check out Miranda Lambert's Famous in a small town.

Sioux - Whatever you like, I am pouring. My son is blogging/playing scrabble/watching die hard/eating pizza with me. What do they say? The family that plays together.....

And Wyo, can I come visit? That looks like a piece of heaven. Skiing and cowboys, mountains and stars? I'm nearly orgazmic overwhelmed.

Wyo, I was thinking of you when I was riding. That there horse is a 20 yr old 1/4 horse (whatever that means) but I asked.

XMatt, I always figgered that the quicker we trashed this planet, the sooner God'd have to build us a new one.

(please don't take me too seriously.)

OK, folks, the Paul Simon special is over and so am I... take it away, CDT....

Med, I will have a tall glass of Chardonnay, thank you!

Wyo, I wanna go out west!! That is beautimous!

Cj!! sorry I didn't see ya!

When are you coming down to our "hood"??

Med, we've got a spare bedroom with your name on it. any time.


and same to you, Sioux.

I've got quarter horses. (look up AQHA on the Net, and you'll learn all you need to know about that breed.)

Here is your Hardon, I mean wine, dear.

Let's have a bloggals ski weekend. Wyo can find us some hot cowboys and skiis.

y'all gals got a deal. that's fo sho.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind in the slightest findin' me a rancher in Wyoming with a mansion barn, a pick up truck, and some snowy, starry nights in the hottub and next to the fire. Sounds like heaven.

Me too med, without the rancher

YES! Med! ski weekend in Wyo country! I'm sure there are plenty of cowboys out there for us.

btw, Wyo and the rest of my blogfriends - there is plenty of room here in Miyami too!

uh...don't we have a hot tub here???

*jumps in*

Sioux - In Wyo country, we get a blurkie bonus!

do they still speak English in Miami?

we do??? woooo hooo!!

well...HELLO boys! Med..we have GOT to plan this trip!

*sinks into the hot tub next to Siouxie*

My back hurts... hot tub = less pain... REALLY

Getting old sucks

Wyo - SI

If'n I was to visit Miami, what's the best month of the year to be there?

In Wyo, I'd have to say late August is as good as it gets.

HEY Prof! thought we lost you for a while. LOL kids got you feeling old??

Wyo... sometimes. Last time I was down there for work I ended up in a gas station where no one spoke English... or if they did they weren't going to admit it... they were having too much fun listening to my pathetic spanish.

Wyo, anytime other than hurricane season. which pretty much leaves out the whole summer. But it's hot then. So anytime you and Diane want to visit...You've got a place to stay!

Nah Siouxie... I'm just old period. Oh wait... you're older than I am aren't you?


the only Spanish I know is, "Donday estaw kasa day pee pee?"

Oooh, hot tub. It's not (always) the years, its the mileage CTProf. Just ask the guys at the rodeo.

What? Ya'll don't wanna visit Kansas? Say it ain't so. ;)

's okay Wyo... my most fluent phrase is "dos cervezas por favor"

*SMACKS* Prof!


btw ...that invite goes to you too Med.

If you're cooking Med... I'll visit Kansas

Med, I may be visiting KC if my daughter decides to apply at the KC Art Institute. I'll let you and Diva know.

ExMatt... unfortunately... my mileage is high

*sitting on top of the bubbles*


more vino Med??

There's a few places in Kansas I want to visit, especially in the Western part of the state. WW West historical sites mostly.

CT, in German, that's "zwhy beers beetah!"

er somethin' like that.

my adopted-ex-step-brother (ISIANMTU) is from Hayes KS.

High mileage means lots of memories, and a busy life. I've been racking 'em up pretty quick, and alot of the guys I grew up with are second guessing being as responsible as most of them have.

Zwei biers bitte?

Hayes as worth spending some time in as it seemed when I was driving through?

Stuttgarter Haufbrau, if you don't mind, XMatt. The Pils, thank you.

an' just to prove I ain't makin' stuff up... check this out.

No problem.
Ever had Pils Im Stein? Its sold in a ceramic crock. Its one of very few Pils I like. Normally I like dark or wheat.

*sits back on the tub*

listening to the boys talk "beer" talk

Congrats, Siouxie!!

YAY, Siouxie! BTW,, that's quite a "cabin". Gorgeous. :)

And in response to this,(even though LTTG) I say, Me too!

cg, I had to laugh when I saw..."First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
Wow! I didn't wake up in the night to pee!"
we're cut from the same cloth.
Posted by: Wyo Cowboy | 09:14 PM on June 27, 2007

Thanks El!!! It WAS gorgeous!!!

Well folks! I am beat...ya'll have a great night and sweet dreams. I will see ya's tomorrow.

Oh, to all you parents out there, the parents I work with got a real kick out of it when I showed up all excited my kittens used the litterbox.

yeah, XMatt, I have. pretty d@mn good too. I was fortunate to spend over 4 years in Germany. had some great brews, none of which are available in the US.

Perhaps my favorite available here is New Belgium's Sunshine Wheat.

A wonderfully light and fruity (citrus) beer, and yet has flavor (unlike Bud Lite.) 'specially good in the heat of summer.

Good night Siouxie.

Sioux, Love you, we'll meet in Myami or Wyo soon, I'm sure!

I like the Sunshine (doesn't New Belgium also make Fat Tire?). For domestic I'm partial to Widmer myself. Bottle isn't nearly as good as draft though.

O.K. I still haven't had the time to catch up. But, in an attempt to get my mind away from my son's crisis, I tell you, I just looked at my e-mail, and I had a personal message from Gary Wright (of Dream Weaver fame). Is this a sign?

I read 1 million posts to discover we are talking about Mr. Howards favorite beer (Fat Tire). Good job gentlemen.

Yes, XMatt, they make Fat Tire, which is also excellent, though due to it's popularity, it hardly qualifies as a micro-brew any longer.

Wyo - That German grabbed ahold of me, and wouldn't let go! I hate it when that happens.

Nite, Sioux. Sweet dreams in Cuban is Sweet dreams.

Matt, have none of your coworkers been through the nightmare of potty training? Oh, wait. It's a cat. It's automatic. Not a challenge, like the human babies are. When are you planning an XMatt Jr.? We are all ready to point fingers and laugh help out with solid potty training advice.

Hi, Cheryl, your hubby obviously has excellent taste!

Foggi - I don't wish to seem cold or oblivious, but at 26 years old, it is HIS problem. Did he create the problem or is it cancer and medical bills that are out of his control?

If it is his own creation, you have to give yourself a pass and force him to ante up to his decisions.

ps... I know it's hard, believe me. But I have an Uncle who is 6 years older than I, and he is still breast feeding, as his Mother has never cut him off and said, sink or swim, baby. I have given you everything I've got to give. It's not pretty, but it HAS to be done. Or you will be doing the same thing for the rest of your life, which cripples him.

I'm holding out for viable cloning technology, along with brain implantation education.

So, you think you can outsmart God? Good luck with that, dear.

I'm just trying to avoid justice give him the best possible headstart.

Isn't Wyoming about the perfect spot to start a microbrew? And is Dave's beer still on?

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