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June 27, 2007


They're romantic, and they love to cook.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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First to ask, "How thin was that woman?"


You did it!!!!! FOUR IN A DAY!!!!!


This just proves that where there's a willie, there's a way.

so there really IS an aunt jemima treatment!??!

Well, after being well educated by this very Blog, I suspect someone out there has the talent and ASSets (HAR DE HAR HAR) to smuggle in an arc welder.

Was the pancake batter Bisquickie?

Hey, nothing should stand in the way of true love! Not even prison walls!

The prison guards were mortarfied when they found out.

Oh! It was that hole....

*snork* @ CJ

Did they call themselves the Hole in the Wall Gang(bang)?

bad cj, bad wyo.

bad ducky!

Howdy Wyo! Two nights in a row, I feel so lucky!

as do I, casey, as do I.

and I feel "bad" too. ;) thanks to cg.


cg, whut? ;-)

casey, two nights in a row? I'd feel lucky, too.

oh, that paris!

Ok, I'm gonna need a radio, a garbage bag, a compost pile, hydrogen peroxide, 3 gallons of burn-your-butt salsa, and a 365 pack of rubbers (hey, who knows where those prison gals have been).

Xmatt, you are scaring me.

Oh, and a chastity belt in case I get the wrong cell.

*snork* @ insom!

ExMatt, you ok? The rain gettin' to ya?

wyo, you're just bad by association.

Why do you ask? ;)

Ah, cg, you bring up a deep theological question. Why is it that you can be bad by association, but not good by association? Hmmmmmm?

That's a flap, Jack!


*snork at everyone- first one at cg*


Congrats Sioxie- 4 days! (Do you have a Casey picture link for your trip? Been too busy and can't possibly catch up on old threads now)

*Waves at everyone*

Fambly playing ping-pong right now (today is Mr.ddd's birthday) so we celebrated by painting the bedroom in the basement. With paint.

wow, mention theology and everyone clams up!

Ah, the things people will do for true prison love.

Wyo, I've been pondering your question.

*waves @ddd* Happy Birthday to Mr. ddd! What a unique birthday experience.

I've also pondered why CJ & Wyo are never associated with good.

Then I giggle and continue digging thru my cell wall.

Remember, the family that paints together, stains together.

(So says Mr. Ducky, the painting contractor)

*SNORK*@ insom!

*is baaad*

Happy happy day Mr. DDD!

Yeah, Siouxie, got our pics yet?!

Sorry to pester you, but I had so much fun, I wanna share!

I was just trying to figure out if you meant bad in the 80s sense or the Cheney sense.
Cause if you meant the 80s sense, bad was cool which is good, and if you hung out with cool people, then you could be good by association, by hanging out with the bad.

JD, you are soooo punny!

*Hears digging sounds on the south wall of his cell.*

re: the good/bad by association thing...I don't like to contemplate such complicated questions. I just pretend everyone is bad. Makes the spankings much more fun.

Thanks, casey. And *snork* at spankings!

Question: Does Missouri have co-ed prisons?

Ok Wyo, I'm gonna twice wait. If thats you, knock 3 times so I know to try East.

wowsa! I have finally achieved "Jeff Quad Posting Status"! I am both honored and sincerely humbled. Thanks!

may I offer MULTIPLE *SNORKS* @ all!!

ddd & casey - I loaded them onto my laptop...now I have to upload to Photobucket. Sorry - VERY soon...promise! And casey - I'm taking our "formal" portrait at the Biltmore to work tomorrow so I can scan that for ya!

Snork at "formal" portrait. All that stuff hanging out, looked pretty informal to me. Borderline downright NSFW.

wyo, you're only good by association if you're associating with moi, unless spankings are offered required, in which case you'd be bad. very, very bad.

LOL, cg!

casey, its not nice to tease.

*blinks innocently*

Tease? Who the heck said I was teasing? Is someone spreading untruths about me?

Mr.ddd says thanks to all.

/OT - docling bedtime and male docling is balking at going up to put on jammies. He just said, "I'll go up only if someone says 'snigglewiggle'." Of course, we all yelled, "SNIGGLEWIGGLE!" so up he went. Anybody else have one of those?
/end OT

and Wyo- same reason you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.

Those prisoners shouldn't be blamed for wanting a little female companionship. After all, they aren't felonious monks!

And right now there is a documentary on HD National Geographic Explorer about Edgar Hogzilla and they just noted that "they had to get the slime out". ewww.

They are saying he was more like 800 lbs and 8 feet long.

ddd, yes. only usually it's not snigglewiggle, it's "i'm gonna beat the living ##!!@#@$$@R%%$^$### out of you." But then, we're different.

*can't stop saying, "snigglewiggle."*


My parenting style is much more in line with crossgirl's.

*prays every day that child protection services doesn't come knocking at my door*

casey, it's not that bad. trust me, they don't want your kids either!!

Whoa, cg talkin' dirty in an 8:55 simul

Saying "snigglewiggle" makes me giggle.

i'm so ashamed. *snork*

Off Topic: Could someone please tell me how to not get sucked in to a 26 year old son's current financial catastrophe? How the heck do you turn off the guilt (or whatever it is) switch that somehow automatically makes me feel like even though it would put ME into a financial catastrophe, I still feel like I have to help bail him out of his?
Thank you.

snigglewiggle snigglewiggle snigglewiggle snigglewiggle snigglewiggle snigglewiggle

That just looks funny, too.

Say "snigglewiggle" to him.

seriously, tell him you will be glad to offer any advice he wants and help him find a financial planner, but if you bail him out he won't learn anything.

foggiest, ouch. The problem with bailing adult kids out is that they don't learn how to change the habits that got them in trouble in the first place. Assuming, of course, that this is a regular occurrence.

foggie, that must be a mommy thing. to my kids I say, "You got yerself into it, you can git yerself out of it." and they find a way. It hurts like hell at times, but then tough love is best. To enable your children never solves anything, it only puts off the solution, and makes the problem bigger. Eventually you won't be there to make all the boo-boos go away.

(This parenting tip is delivered with love and respect, foggie.)

ddd & Wyo: great minds snigglewiggle alike!

Two words...sugar momma.

Any of you single blog gals out there want to adopt date a studly 26 year old?

(foggiest, if this works I expect a commission)

DDD, they replaced a documentary of me with one of Hogzilla! How could they do this to me again!

hell, it's easy when it ain't yer kid!

good luck, foggie!!!
p.s. if you need extra guilt, feel free to adopt me. in turn, i'll take on exmatt!


cg, I had to laugh when I saw..."First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
Wow! I didn't wake up in the night to pee!"

we're cut from the same cloth.

Thank you all (specially you Wyo) for listening. Now maybe I can actually put it all aside and actually read what you all are laughing about.

Maybe when they aren't behaving, (or "being have" as we say at my house), we can exchange kids. Wyo, you can tell foggiest's boy to shape up; ddd can get cg's boys to go to bed (she, after all, has access to hypodermics and class C drugs), etc.

When my kids were growing up, I thought this would be a great solution to child-rearing problems.

Foggiest, I agree with what has already been said. As a wild and crazy 20-24 year old, I was just basically cut off. Not that I was ever coddled to begin with. Our duty as parents is to lead our children down what we think is the right path. Once they hit adulthood, if they choose a different path, then that is their choice. All we can do is show our continuing love and support, but there comes a time when the umbilical cord must be cut.

CG, you are too funny. I tell my kids all the time that I'm want to sell them, but I would lose money....I would have to pay somebody to take them.

I should admit that it's a lot easier for me to tell my sons to bail themselves out, than my daughter. My wife can't say, "No." to the boys, but is hard on the girl. I think God knew what He was doin' when He made parenting a team sport.

Just sayin'.

Question Wyo, is your girl child your youngest?

casey, i'm still threatening to sell mine to gypsy's. they're old enough now to know that gypsy's wouldn't want them, but i can still threaten. i'd be glad to trade out any time!!

TBHOP: The Big House of Pancakes....

Mmmmm, pancakes.

Sarah's the youngest. She'll be 20 next month.

wyo, two things:
in a philosphical mood, (read drunk) i decided that boy children learn early to wrap their women folk around their fingers so as to get away with murder, girl children (exclusing your own) spend their time trying to catch daddy's attention and keep working on it their whole lives. Something about boy children, women can't, not baby. Girl children however are easy enough for a dad to ignore. /parenting rant

2nd thing, as far as the alarm clock goes, you may want to get the prostrate checked, i mean by a profesional..... (seriously)

She has your tongue.

She prefers This shot, however.


cg, it did, and the prostate's ok. thank God.

Great picture, Wyo! That isn't the horsey that died,is it?

Sarah looks great!

nope, ddd, that horsey's still kickin' an' buckin'. we'll be headed up into the mountains this weekend, with camera, and hope to pass along some shots of baby deer/moose/elk/bear. We'll see, an' keep you posted.

Wyo, there goes my theory. I think first born children, especially girls, have the hardest time. My first born is female, but she is so d@mn hard headed and bossy and b!tchy and such a brat sometimes that I want to strangle her. I'm pretty tuff on her. But my youngest is male and he is like a sweet loving puppy dog. To me, he can hardly ever do wrong. Maybe cg is right, it's a Mommy/boychild-Daddy/girlchild thing. Who the heck knows?

I'm in the same mood as cg tonight, not drunk, but buzzed. Again.

And so shall now call it a day. I'm tired. My soft bed calls me.

Niters all y'all blogpals!

Great pix Wyo. Can't wait to see what you see this weekend. Keep us updated, k?

cg, where were you a few years ago? I'm not 26 anymore, and I wouldn't refer to myself as studly, especially on the internet. At this point, I was just tryin' to sell foggiest's son.

On the parenting thing, I got away with everything growing up, my older brother and younger sister were both defiant and challenged rules, while I quietly ignored them (and got ignored).

Of course, when I needed help, dear old dad bailed me out, but that was after I worked two full time jobs to cover the slack when he got laid off.

casey, don't trash your theory just yet. I was way harder on Seth than I was on Chas. or Sarah. They all lived through it, despite my best efforts to farg them all up.

btw, if there be any preverts out there who think that they can stalk me and mine, we can all shoot, and are well trained/armed.

'specially Sarah.

*snork* at CJ's TBHOP!

the baby's get babied. i lived it and i'm raising it.

wyo, glad to hear the vet dr. checkup was ok! you must just be old!

as far as kid's go, first born are just plain hard headed. mine still tells me how i should be rearing the other two. the baby trys to work every angle to get away with murder. i'm guilty of letting him. and yet, everyone accuses (sp) me of favoring the middle one.

i'm invoking the universal apoligy for spelling mistakes/mistypes.

So, just to be clear, us non-stalker preverts are in no danger, right?

To Casey: MOM! To think you have fooled me all these months by using a different moniker. And I can't believe you would think blog those things about me. I was thinking the same thing.... about you! ;)

XMatt, as they say out here in Wyoming, "Good fences make good neighbors."

(Ms. Ambler's not quite so sneaky as she thinks she is, but she's funny.)

Well, I may not be casey's daughter, but I am representative of all the snarky statements about first borns.

And I find myself being tough as nails on mine (male), and letting the mini-me get by with a little too much, probably, maybe, definitely.

I agree with all ya'll re: parenting. Toughest job in the world. Especially the letting them screw up and learn from their mistakes. And I definitely am closer to my Dad, my sis is closer to Mom, though. With my own, I am closer to them both, but in different ways... don't know if that's because of the Divorce or because there are only 2, 1 each sex.

g'night all. gotta beat the kids to bed so they won't think i'm talking about them...

And *groan*@ felonious monk!

By the time I finally get through posts, there are whole new threads....

So, who's got the bar tonight?

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