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June 26, 2007


Dave, a couple of weeks ago we were on our way home from work when we  rounded a corner (and that's difficult to do, round a corner) and met a bear running down the middle of the road.  In order to avoid hitting  him, Tom slammed on the brakes and we managed to come to a dead stop (as opposed to a dead bear). All's well, huh?  Yeah, except for the truck that didn't stop as quickly as we did.

The result?  $3500 damage to our $6000 Camry.  Where was the damage?

See enclosed photo.

Question:  Will your insurance cover the damage to the bumper sticker?
Sincerely, rita

Already, this blog is  experiencing pain, not to mention suffering..


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Dave is Beary sorry.

Looks like ya got a little Tancredo on your bumper.

Dave is the kind of candidate who would generously offer, free of charge, a new bumper sticker to replace the damaged one.

All better now?

Am I alone? That would be unbearable.

Bear with me, Annie; I just got here.

Word your response very carefully there, Mr. Candidate; you risk losing the bear vote.

Does a bear vote in the woods?

psst - rita - why were you letting Tom drive?

Rear-end problems are always expected when you have a beaned bear-Rita.

Tom nev-ursine it coming.

Muchas snorches @ Annie & SW!

I'm not sure that it doesn't say Rosanne Barr for President. Would explain the damage.

Tom's quick reflexes avoided what could have been a grizzly accident.


Good thing the roads weren't Smokey, or else you'd have had a bigger Boo-Boo.

Also a good thing that DB doesn't panda to his constituency, as so many other candidates do almost koala the time....

Glad no one was hurt!

Put an APB out for a truck with 'DAV RY for' on the front bumbear....

Tom nev-ursine the big black bear
He should-ursine it quicker
But I can tell you anyhow
It mashed Dave's bumper sticker

russellmc, you know Dave is the polar opposite of all the other political candidates.

Nice that you had a camera handy. A true Kodiak moment.

Why couldn't it be a Tancredo sticker? Why?

Nice Puns SW. Would that I were that good.

Good lord, you people! I'm trying to sneakily read this in a quiet office environment!

Be less funny, willya please???

A friend's brother did about the same amount of damage to his car when he hit a bear. He was on his way to work at the local chapter of the ASPCA.

The bear was pretty angry when the insurance adjuster kept trying to get a skin scraping to match the paint chips.


Is it open season on Camry's? Have they been taken off the endangered species list? Mrs fivver's has been hit twice in the last 6 months.

I try! But every time I don't say something funny...

Poor thing was running down the middle of the road? He must have lost his bearings.

CH, I'm sure you'll bear up under the strain.

Alright, that's it! I'm not sure I can bear another pun.

Where is OtheUmanity in our time of need?



I think I found why the bear was running down the middle of the road.

I noticed that this doesn't appear to be the current slogan... is rita one of those bitter-enders who refuse to accept the result of the last election? (We see an awful lot of those on the roads here on the Left Coast.)

If you think rounding a corner is difficult, try cornering a round. I find it's easier if you sit at the end of the bar.

I'm with Annie. Rita should have never let Tom drive. I'm willing to bet he was using the GPS thingie and ran smack into the bear (who was probably just standing around doing what bears do...minding his own business...scratching himself...) and then BAMMMMM!!

Maybe she's just trying to get a free upgrade!

Order one of Dave's new presidential bumper stickers. That'll barely cover it. :)

Miss C

Well I guess I can tolerate that one. [But only bearly :)]

I see the image of a Bald Eagle in the damage. Could it be a sign of great things to come for our candidate?

I'm beginning to suspect a set-up here. First Rita explores the possibility of Candidate Dave bearing some sort of resposibility for damages...next thing you know, Rita will find a finger in a burrito served at one of Dave's presidential galas...

I'm betting rita was:

1. "resting her eyes" after a strenuous day at school
2. knitting
3. there is no 3

At least you and the bear were OK, rita.

Serious question: where can I get one of them fine bumper stickers?

Oh, no. The Clinton's are already up to their tricks again!

That depends on what the definition of "are" are.

Well, everyone seems to be bearing up well, under these tragic circumstances. Will there be a funeral for the bumper sticker? Assuming it can be, um, retrieved from the bumper for a proper send-off, of course.

Well it's a sticky situation, but we're sticking together.

Rita, sorry about the car damage... but hey! You made the front page of the Blog! ;)

Seriously... (((rita and tom)))


That was the bumper sticker from the 2004 campaign. I'm not sure if there are any left or not. judi would know.

Miss Chevious

Judi gave us the bumper sticker two years ago when we visited her at the Herald. I'm a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to my treasures, so I proudly displayed the bumper sticker on a bookcase at home until a couple of months ago, when I realized that once again it's time for Dave's excuse to panhandle presidential juggernaut to rev up.

And yes, I was knitting. I rarely drive to and from work because I'm too sleepy in the morning and like to knit on the way home (it's a 45 minute drive, for heaven's sake). Tom's always alert, so he drives.

I just ordered a new bumper sticker on Monday, and judi very graciously offered to replace the one that was destroyed, but since I know that Dave needs my $2 to help finance his beer runs campaign, I'm glad to help finance a brew couple of stamps for postcards.

Thanks, Leetie, this makes up for it, and so does the $100 each from the truck driver's insurance to cover our gambling in Atlantic City inconvenience.

The bear's fine, but the accident gave me arthritis in my neck. Okay, that might have been there for a while, but I didn't know about it until we went to the ER.

Whiplash, anyone?

Call a lawyer, rita!!!

Whiplash is a long term injury. ;)

{{{Rita and Tom}}}

I thought it looked a little like a bald eagle in the remains as well...

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