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June 29, 2007


We report; you decide.


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Next question.

Not all, though. What is this "spare time", and where can I purchase some?

It's things like this that make me realize we are living in capitalism's last days...

You risk offending your Base, candidate Barry: I'm writing this from my XRF-1200(y) iTop LapThinker Plus (i) while philking highspeed interweb bandwidth (and heighth) from a WiFi iNode at the Starbucks across the street from the iStore where I intend to be the first American named Wender to purchase an iPhone. I will then use it to call my best friend Marshall, who is currently staked out in front of the Orpheum Octoplex in downtown Nerdsborough waiting for tickets to the next Star Trek feature film, which has yet to be made. Huzzah!

Now if you'll excuse me, my mother is sending me an Instant Message.

*goes to "get a life"*


aaah, Dave, we're reading your blog ...


Yes, which is why we're here. (agrees with kibby) and ducks accordingly.

Here in my fair city, where the crime/murder rate can almost rival Bagdad, Philadelphia (motto: Drat! We lost another one.)
Rather then trying to fix the problem, our mayor has been camping out to get his own iphone. (see paragraph 7)

Wender, don't forget to put her on speakerphone.

Wender, did you take your sinus medication?? What about the beano? oh and did you get the ointment for that fungus you were complaining about yesterday? It's right next to the Proactiv™.

hello?? hello?? is this thing on?? Wender?? don't you ignore me! I will tell your father!

that's not spare time, that's a spare tire.


And did anyone notice ol' Spidey there waitin' for his phone?

The guy apparently wearing a Spider-Man sleeping bag as a costume (note the unusual zipper placement) isn't nearly as disturbing as the white-haired lady with glasses who is wearing a hat modeled after her husband.

update: a better story about the mayor with too much time on his hands

Love the second picture with the fake iPhone in Montreal, Quebec. Leave it to my hometown.

orcel -
THIS is the latest on your mayor.

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