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June 28, 2007



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Which nation?

'scuse me while I go check the feng shui in my chi.

LMAO casey..it's just you and me gf!! are we in an alternate blog universe here?? only the Blog and us awake??

Appears that way Suz. I sorta like it!


*plops down on blog couch*

we FINALLY get the remote all to ourselves!

No fair! I don't WANNA watch [whatever channel you were watching]!


Mmmm... *puts feet up on blog coffee table* would somebody pass the nachos?

sheesh, Renee! we can take turns now...the guys aren't here.

*passes Tammy the deluxe super nachos with extra sour cream*

I believe that's the Toxic Nation.

Rosie and Brittney?

I'm going to go toss my cookies now.

awww man...they're hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

pete, if you have to spew...make sure it's not into our feng shui toilet.

May I have the remote, Siouxie?


(scratches personal area thoughtfully)


hi girls, i'm back! miss anything?

I don't want to watch "The View."

Didn't I order Pork Feng Shui at a Chinese restaurant a couple of years ago?

pete, when you pry it from my cold dead fingers...

gee, mud...

*opens blog windows*

Mud, you really, really missed a lot of action this morning. Scroll to the bottom of last night's last thread about men cooking.

Where's that box set of "The Man Show?"

SW I LOVE THE MAN SHOW!!!! Can you really get a box set?

*runs off to google*

*puts on the entire season 7 of "Sex in the City" and plops back down on couch*

'share a backstage moment' Gads that sounds like a threat. Especially from Rosie. This may be the first intelligent decision Twit's ever made.

Well, I guess it beats the Britney and Cyndi Show.

Not that that's hard to do.

*slips Caddyshack into blog DVD player*
*lights cigar*

Siouxie, is that SK at the window?

*grabs remote and puts in John Wayne collection*

I better stop playing around and get to work.
Catch you all later.

*wonders why he read the article*

*slides in next to fivver*

DUDE!! I LOVE Caddyshack!!!


*starts singing and dancing with the gopher*

I'm alright...nobody worry 'bout me...

I dunno, let's watch the news!
(she's my new hero)

casey - so as not to disturb the current thread...here's the link to our NC adventure.

The Gals in North Carolina

password is always = susy

You ladies are SOOOOO photogenic!! What a great pair of ... smiles! Yeah! I'll let the gents comment on the other photogenic parts. ;-)

hehe...thanks, Diva!

we do make a great pair of something LOL

Yeah - of troublemakers, I'm thinkin'!! I need to get in on that next time! ;-) I so hope your daughter comes here for school. That would ROCK! *TWO thumbs up*


Gotta love casey's grip.

Diva, she's looking in to that one as well as a few others...we'll see.

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