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May 26, 2007


(Thanks to Scott Smith)


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Oh, sure, & you just know it was probably somebody's pet, too!

I'm not sure which is more frightening; the animal or the midget packing a pistol.

With a pistol? I won't speculate where he had to have aimed to bring down something like that with a pistol.

1) I'm glad to see that the values they teach at the Christian Heritage Academy include shooting animals in the head at point blank range.

2) The photo is, if not an outright fake, then staged to make the hog look bigger than it actually is. I am willing to bet they got the camera close to the hog, and then told the kid to stand about 8-10 feet back to make him look smaller. Look at the point where his arms are supposed to be resting on the animal. They aren't even touching.

Looks pretty real to me. Plus they've dragged it out of the woods, weighed it, brought the press in before it's buried in the ground.

"I probably won't ever kill anything else that big."

years later, when he is known as the Weight-Watchers Club Sniper, they will ask him, "Why?"

"Just trying to recapture my lost youth.", he'll say...

Enough with the everythingzilla thing already!

Now that's what I call "bringin' home the bacon!"

(and just in time for a Memorial Day BBQ)

You know...I haven't seen my ex around in a long time. Not complaining, just putting two and two together to get 1,051 pounds.

You're telling me a pistol brought down a 1000+ lb pig?

Come on!

daisymae - I've seen it done with just a restraining order.

I'm not convinced, Annie. According to this, only the taxidermist verified the size, not the press. And there were no witnesses to the weighing. The photos all look fake. This smells like a publicity stunt for the movie the kid is in.

That looks like a VERY hyped-up pistol. Most of 'em don't come with a scope.

"...shot the huge animal eight times with a .50-caliber revolver."

'Twas Beauty killed the Beast.

"If the claims are accurate, Jamison Stone's trophy boar would be bigger than Hogzilla, the famed wild hog that grew to seemingly mythical proportions after being killed in south Georgia in 2004."

The hog grew after being killed? That is a monster!

Okay, I may take my chances with the giant squid now. Camping is out.

bb - you have a good point - the taxidermist is probably their aunt Nancy Lee thrice removed from custody. So it's all in the family, including the pork.

And a scope on a revolver???

Course it IS Arkansas. Musta sent the photo out of state to have it Photoshopped.

Since I've got a sniffle I've been trying to sit here and rest, but I can't anymore. Gotta move a bit. I ranted a little on my blog if you're curious (don't want to hijack the blog or anything).
I'll catch ya later.

Dan - did you see that kid? 'Tweren't no Beauty.

insom - BIG FAT SNORK for the Weight Watcher Sniper.

S_not - If you bring home the bacon, I'll fry it up in the pan....

The last place my parents lived before moving into town had those big ass critters running around all over the place. Trust me, having seen a regular sized version of one is enough to make ya want to have access to an RPG launcher or 5.

And the big pigs are nothing. The folks also had an emu or two running loose in the woods behind their place. When the emu raising idiots down the road decided there wasn't a market for them, they just turned them loose. They are NOT friendly animals I tell you.

Ew. Wild boards are just ... yuck.

I'm gonna go sit in the blogjacuzzi. Anyone care to join me?

*quick changes into a bikini and sinks into the lovely warmth*


I would join you Ms. Diva, but I can't swim.

Well, that's a terrible shame, because the water's just lovely.

*turns on the jets, enjoys the feeling of the rippling, bubbling water*

Edgar is still dead.

My, my Diva. I must compliment you on your choice of bahing attire. The colour (what little of it there us) is perfect for you. ;-)

*flutters eyelashes*

Why thank you, Al! Will you join me in here? The temperature is JUST right.

That'll do, Pig.

insom and Diva -- I take umbrage at the Weight Watchers digs. (Hmm... umbrage. I wonder how many points per serving..?)

Well, I'm off to a kinda-family wedding, blogits! I hope I don't slip up and order a blogarita. They'll cut me off WAY too soon if I do.

(Somebody keep an eye on Diva there in the blogjacuzzi, 'kay? I don't want to read in the newspaper tomorrow about three banana peels found floating with nobody attached...)


*SNORK* @ Cat's confused wedding bartenders.

And please don't take the umbrage. We only have one.

(Seriously - been there done that, so no harm intended from me)

No problem, Diva. I have no worries. Have you seen my "After" photo?

Woohoo!!! AND you're a blonde now!!! ;-)

me neither - how 'bout making him "the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet killer"?

and let a smile be your umbragella...


See youse all tomorrow, blogits!

Absolutely. :)

Wanna hop in here, insom? I'm enjoying this water, but nobody seems to want to play.

I would, DD, but I'm prepping to BBQ some baby backs.

Play what?

I'm not getting in there...might get attacked by one of those squids.

i dunno, i took some umbrage and now i can't get in the water for 20 minutes...

Yummm! Maybe I'll just come raid your bbq instead!

Hey, you already know most of my technique. I guarantee you'll impress even KC locals when you start making your own sauce. ;-)

Oh, for pete's sake. Prof, I counted on YOU at least being willing to brave the jacuzzi.

Had enough Scooby Doo for a while?

(*snork* insom.)

I'm sure I will, Dude! I haven't tried it yet. Have to get to the grocery store sometime next week first. Oh, and there's that PESKY little thing about not actually owning a grill. >:(

There's no such thing as enough Scooby Doo. And maybe it's not the squid that worries me ;)

Speaking of ribs, can you imagine the rack that came off that pig. *Seeing flashbacks of the Flintstones*

Oh, dangit. Dr. Rick's computer just got hijacked by his teenaged son, so we won't see him for a while. :-( Boo hoo! (I can always tell because his IM goes offline.)

It's a good thing I have you other boys to play with out here. Keeps me not so lonely....

Oh, PSHAW. I don't bite. And besides, Sio said you don't scare that easy. ;-)

And I'd rather not think about a pig with a rack, if you don't mind.

(You know, I think the second half of this post is worthy of Annie!)

CTProf, I only own one three-burner grill. That pig's ribs would take at least four. And I don't have a pan large enough to make that much BBQ sauce.

(BTW, welcome to the fun. From what I've seen, you're a welcome addition. If you'd like to get in on what I shared last week about homemade BBQ sauce, click on my name below.)

You people never cease to amaze me. I mean that in a good way. For the record: I lost it on "Edgar is still dead."

But Dave, YOU are the inspiration for all of it!!!

And for the fact that complete strangers all over the country are getting together for dinner and lunch and such. I made a new friend last night because of you. And we toasted you with glasses of riesling. :-) Just thought you should know that.

Hi WriterDude, I would definitely be interested. BBQ is a bit of a hobby for me. My idea of a good Sunday is kicking back with a beer and babysitting the smoker.

Diva, I bet you do bite


*blushes* Um, well, only if you WANT me to....

Similar *AndySnork*!

Diva I'll dive into the jacuzzi; sure hope the power cord for this laptop will reach.

By the way, I think the size, weight, and firearm are accurately portrayed.... Those monsters are out there and pistols are the main weapon of choice when hunting for them. My Uncle Ben uses a 9mm, which is considerably less powerful than that 50 cal....

The nirvana of BBQ is The Georgia Pig in Brunswick, GA. It is the ONLY reason we drive, rather than fly, to Florida from Massachusetts. I expect the chef there could turn even Hogzilla into a masterpiece of fingerlickin' goodness.

Oh, boy, CJ! C'mon in! It's lovely in here. :-)

*turns the jets back on*

Just don't 'lectrocute us, 'k?

Hey thanks for the tip Guin, I occasionally make that drive, I might have to check that place out.

hey CJ, your uncle is aware that with great firepower comes great responsibility? *realizes how lame that joke really is but leaves it anyway*

*groans and sinks a little lower in the jacuzzi*

for the record, I think hot tubs are over rated, but if everyone else is getting in there make room for me. and ignore the fact I'm wearing jeans, didnt know we had a jacuzzi till today

Sweetheart, we have everything your little heart desires in this blogbar. It's maaaagic.

I think I lost the Prof when I admitted to nibbling.... *pouts*

Nope, I'm here. Just got sidetracked for a few checking out WriterDude's BBQ info.

Siouxie's right... takes a lot to scare me LOL

Boy, DD. looks like you got more out of that than I did. I was off making rub.

*manly wave @ Dave*

Back to DD: I keep forgetting that you're (not your) a relatively recent arrival so, for the record, I have actually
done better than just a simul with Dave (note: two links there). ;-)

Since you've been a bouncer, I'd hope so. You've probably had your share of piranha trying to chew on you. I only bite when and where it's enjoyable. ;-)

His BBQ stuff looks excellent. I'll have to try it soon.

CJ, are you boiling ham? You might want to turn the heat down a bit before you overcook it.

Yeah, Dude, I've seen the pics, but it's always a good thing to have a Dave-simul. That's my next life goal, you know. ;-) Or the Prof. Either way.

Actually there were more piranha interested young ladies when I was in the bands. Although, I do recall a girl trying to bite me once for throwing her boyfriend out. I don't think she was coming on to me though.

The Q definitely looks great. I think I may try the sauce this weekend.

Hey, Annie!! Did you see my post up there at 6:52 (following on the Prof's 6:46)? I'm telling you, it was just about worthy of you! I'm soooo proud.

Interesting. I'd've been coming on to you as a bouncer. Um, if I were coming on to you, that is.


No Annie, I'm wearing my apron in the jacuzzi because I wasn't sure if clothing is optional. BTW, I posted a funny little snorkeling anecdote from today, over on the squid thread.

CTProf, I'm just wrapping up a project in Titusville, but will look you up the next time I get something in that area.

Hey Prof, that woman that bit you was probably my ex, although it might not have been because your alive to tell the story.

CJ - you know better. Clothing is always optional. I am wearing a bikini, you know.

She missed. Drunk women may be mean but they're also SLOW.

Hey CJ, what the heck are you doing in Titusville? There's nothing there man.

And Diva, I don't think you're coming on to me. Or are you? ;)

Ooh! Something shiny!

*ahem* *blush*

So, anyway...how 'bout those Cubs?


CT - guys used to buy us (girl band) shots all nite. If we refused, the boys would be insulted, so the barkeep subbed water in for vodka. Then everybody was happy. Especially the bar.

I hear ya Annie, we had a lot of the bartenders trained too. Most people will just tell the bartender to buy the band a round of whatever they're drinking... which up to a certain point in the night was just plain Coke. During the last set we'd go ahead and take the shots :)

Evenin' folks! Had a lovely day at the beach today.

Diva! HOLY CRAP! put some clothes on chiquita!
(btw, I've simuled with Dave...it was ok) ;-)

Hey Prof, looks like you've met another nut guy that likes to fire up the grill!

Yeehaw! Annie, I think we're making banana pudding!

CT, that's my site behind the Best Western Space Shuttle Inn on 50/ 405. Don't think ill of me, without understanding that those 'woods' (mostly brazillian pepper) back there were filled with old demolition debris, solid waste, much else. There was a huge borrow pit back there (for the S.R. 50 construction) and I had to dive it and map the bottom for waste... many large alligators!! I do the clean-up work for those people.

except for the guitarist - she drank all her booze. Guitarists are such lushes. ;p

I'm no expert Prof, but I think the Diva might be making a pass at ya! Of course, if she breaks out the power sweep you might want to run.

Annie... we are not... well ok sometimes we are.

CJ, that sounds like a rough job man. More power to you, you have more guts than I do!

Hiya Siouxie! VERY nice to see you back!

You're a musician, Annie? Hu nu?

I was envyin' your day at the beach, Sio. :-) Glad you had a good day. And just be glad I'm wearing a bikini atoll!

Annie, you lush...I love you ;-)

We did one gig here. I coulda used a drink or two. I wuz skeered....

just kidding Diva... ;)

The power what Doc? Oh man.. what exactly does... nevermind. I don't wanna know.

*Goes back to grilling hogzilla ribs*

CT, I just remembered I have a new site in Cocoa; finished up the preliminaries a month or so back, so I guess I will be over there some more in the near future, but couldn't say how near....

*puts on snorkel to check the banana puddin'*

shhh...Siouxie..we talked about that. No mushy stuff on the blog. (btw - I played keyboards, not guitar, in that band)
Speaking of shoes - I had gold lame' hitops so I wouldn't fall over up there. Really. High heels are a b!tch when you can't see past the lights.(ok we weren't speaking of shoes - get over it) 8^p

*plays the organ* hehe


Annie, skeered? WHATeverrrrrr.

And Doc? You are begging to be beaten. My only power sweep is my riding vacuum. It's got a nice buzz.

I'm actually a very gentle soul. Ask Meditrina. We went out and ogled a hot Kiwi bartender had dinner together.

Siouxie - more than one...at once...hehe (literally - he he)

This is all Siouxie's fault. She gets me going like this every time.

DD -atoll? No man is an island, ya know. Just don't plug a water jet. Again.:)

hehe..CJ's going snorklin'



Yeah- we have huge pigs down here in the south- that's why Mr.ddd is a yankee.

BTW- Nurse Tammy, Mr. Nurse Tammy and I had lunch here in Atlanta yesterday. Click my name if interested in pictures.

I'll pass on the hottubbing tonight DD- we went to White Water® today and my fingers are still all pruny.

*sweep again*

*sigh again*


OK - someone else sweep. It's NOT listening to me!!!

Been off slamming making the sauce. BBQ, that is.

DD, I didn't realize you'd been here that long. To make the linkage effort worthwhile I'll point out that those pics, in order, illustrate Dave's CrapCam upgrade of last year. Then again, Lester/Mrs WriterDude took the first and Ridley took the second, so that might have something to do with it.

Oh, and Annie's band was the greatest ever to play the Troubadour and were viciously robbed of their rightful fame and fortune by The Bangles. Or something like that; Annie may want to strangle me clarify.

THANK you, Siouxie!!! I could NOT get it to stop!!!

I'm so jealous, ddd!! You got to meet the Jewban. I've only seen pictures and chatted on the phone briefly so far. He's a riot.

yes, Annie, please clarify...

DD- I consider him Cubish. Though that sounds a little like one of Picasso's mood swings.

He is every bit as funny in person.

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