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May 25, 2007


Guys are practical.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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eww just eww

You go, Wayne!
If people have not complained about your odor by the end of the first month, then there is nothing to worry about.

How do these guys get by HR in the first place?

Dave, THIS is not practical. THIS is nasty. THIS is a really cheap man!

*suspects THIS is also a single man.*

Ladies ladies ladies -- please! Have you not noticed that a certain someone always wears the same blue shirt to events?

This man likely changed his underwear, and he likely wore a new shirt everyday. Pants just don't get "dirty" when you work in an office.

I know I speak for all men when I say, this man has done nothing wrong!

Amen Doug!
I wonder where he shops; those be some AWESOME slacks..

Business etiquette specialist Patsy Rowe has told the ABC's Barry Nichols that Wayne's case is deeply troubling.

"I'm just a little concerned," she said.

Note to Patsy: MIND YOUR OWN BEESWAX and get a life!

I wish I Wayne's practicality. I only go three days on a pair of pants before I wash them.

Some comedian suggested you could get four days out of one pair of undies: frontwards, backwards, inside-out frontwards and inside-out backwards.

I don't get it. I wear the same pants everyday--jeans--and wash them every 1 or 2 weeks. I work in an office environment, so they don't get too dirty or stinky. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong here.

He never mentioned anything about wearing any underwear. And I'll bet on the week-end, he's completely pants-free.

UR right, Jeff
"Business etiquette specialist?" Isn't that sort of like a Conversational Latin Specialist?

??? I do a wardrobe change at lunch. Can't be too careful. Plus all those clothes look so lonely in my closet. It's just not fair to wear only one outfit a day.

Before anybody goes "EWWWW" too loudly, I am happy to say I do change my underwear daily. Or is that TMI?

Vic - or 'Professional Blogger'?

Although I'm learning a bit too much about some of the other bloggers here.

I don't so much change my undies as replace them when they're torn off. :)

Helloooo? Is this thong on?

LOL Annie!
This reminds me of the sargeant who told his war-weary platoon, "Today you get to change your underwear!!"
..."Johnson, you change with Brown; Miller, you change with Smith, ....etc, etc

As I fold my fourth load of laundry today on my day off, I wonder what it would be like to live with children who would wear just one pair of pants/or shirt/or skirt/or sweater/or sweatshirt/or... anything, per DAY, instead of two or three.

Gotta love these 'tween years, when costume changes occur every few hours. At least from June through August they practically live in their bathing suits -- and those get washed only once a week. (I figure the pool chemicals will kill anything nasty living in those suits under 7 days.)

Oh. But then come the summer towels.....

oooh - hot trick.

er...hAt trick.

*changes pants*

Uh, right on!

I have to agree with Wayne on this one...I mean he does wash them on week-ends. What I want to know is how in the world did it ever get in a newspaper?

Many years ago we had a guy who wore the same bad tie every day for years. One day the boss walked by and said to his clerk, "Dottie, cut hat tie off!"

Dottie grabbed her sicsors and did as told. He began changing ties occasionally.

Who wears jeans only day? Seriously. Unless you're getting them grubby outdoors or, whatever.

I mean, don't they come out of the dryer a little snug, and start to feel "just right" by Day Two?

Or so I've heard. Not talking about myself, of course. Brand-new pair every day. Yep. Ironed with the creases just perfectly crisp.


LOL, Annie
OOOPS - really have to change pants now!

Tosses up a "one" to herself and moves a stray "A" over to the right a few spaces.

Enjoyed the giddy feeling of not being bot-f***ed, causing her to skip "preview" feature with reckless abandon.

Goes back to folding laundry....

Cat, when you're done?? can you come do MY laundry. I've got two teens here too!

What is this underwear of which you speak?

ohhhhhhhhh a "comando" simul with El!!

*feels all warm & tingly*

Don't know, Eleanor. Ask Victoria; it's her secret

I'm learning a lot of useful information about men on this thread.

But Bethie you gotta admit; it's better than more useful info about Paris H!!!


*goes to start on mountain of accumulated laundry*

*pats CJ on the back*

There, there. You should have my sweet roommate. She's like a grandma and does all my laundry. :-) Of course, I pay more of the bills, but still....

I'm not allowed to do laundry any more. She's not allowed to move the entertainment unit any more.

Vic, I agree. Paris Hilton's sudden religiosity seems dubious at best and is highly yawnable.




*weekend fantasy does crash and burn*

I don't so much change my undies as replace them when they're torn off. :)

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 04:01 PM on May 25, 2007

I know what you mean, Annie. Sometimes, I have to buy two new packages a week!

is it hot in here or...
*lowers thermostat*

Scott - for your sake, I certainly hope they come (har) in packs of three.

pants only need washing when they're dirty. And "dirty" means visible stains or a scent that can be detected from at least a foot away. In fact, the only reason not to wear the same pair all week is to not look like you're wearing the same pair all week.

So, um, Scott, where does a guy of the male gender actually go to purchase a new package?

My teen (ok she's 20 now but still here) changes her clothes with alarming frequency. She even washes clothes that she has only tried on and rejected without wearing. But the operative word here is that SHE washes.
The rest of us wear our clothes until they meet my standard for dirty (as in "take that thing off it can walk by itself!") so I guess a little Ew is in order for me too.
I kind of agree with the guy, but I do wonder about his marital status.

Scott - I'd be happy to do some research for you here and create a wish list for you. I already have one for me.

**SNORK** @ Dicky Ducky

Annie - it's the clothes that are for sale. Just sayin'.

Hmm. Then again, everyone has his price, so I'm told.

I wouldn't know about that. I've never had to pay for a guy.


*steps between Annie and Diva (that would be, what, around Durango, CO?)*

Now, now, don't fight over me. There's enough of me to go around. Just make sure you buy me a new package.

Of underwear! Sheesh, some people.

now girls let's not be catty --woof!
have a great weekend & holiday
i'm outta here

I was once in the men's dept. at Macy's buying red boxers for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. The guy behind me hit on me by trying to pay for my purchase. Helloooo! Didja notice what I'm buying?

Vic Tumofsoycumstance,

Did my two-day jeans burst the bubble?

Or were you hoping I'd do your laundry?

speaking of packages.... I just got two pair on the blogbot...king me!

I didn't know that breed of dog came in red...

OK this time I'm really leavin

So - what, Annie? He suspected you of being a crossdresser?

Oh, Scott - we's just playin'. Right, Annie?

*crickets chirping*

Get it?
never mind

*using El's zippity shoes she got me for my bday*

Still say...eww

I'm off (heh!) for dinner/drinks with friends. The celebration continues. Will be back for more drinkage and snorkage later. Girls and boys...behave!

*taps zippity shoes*


[in husky voice] Hey, baby, can I buy your boyfriend some sexy underwear?

*schnauzer* @ Vic!

Sheesh, Siouxie - party like you're Cuban, why don't cha.

Scott - exactly!

Bye. Souxie, have fun!

Is the Blogbar open yet?

my new favorite word: SNORKAGE

What women could do is fill the backyard pool full of detergent and then hand hubby a blow up doll and let him go to town!

*hops into Siouxie's regular serving spot*

Open for bizness! I'll tend - who's what's your pleasure, Ducks?

DDiva, I'll take a frozen blogarita with salt, please.

Just a Surly Temple for me. I gotta be 'sponsible, tonight. *grumble*

Whyfor, Scott? And responsible for what, exactly? ;-)

Comin' up!

*zings it through a blender, rims the salt, pours and slides it down the bartop. makes a second for herself.*


Anyone else?

Ahhh, thanks, DDiva! Cheers!

*pours a positively virginal Shirley Temple for Scotty with a double shot of grenadine and thrrrrree cherries.*

You sound glum, Chum. Need an ear?

Diva - How are we going out if you're busy serving the blog?

Maybe I should wash my jeans. ;)

And stop giving the guys your cherries. Sheeeshhh.


*slides in from laundry*

Dang, detergent and a blow-up doll... now you tell me when the laundry's mostly done!

Heh. I'm still workin' right now. I'll be here for a little bit.

I'll buzz you as soon as I git outta here. In the meantime, did you read my last post on last night's thread? I'm stakin' claim to the Prof. ;-)

Boy, CJ - if your (not you're) laundry gets done that quick...shoot!

Is Friday the Official Blog Laundry Day? I've run two loads of clothes through today, myself.

No, I didn't bother reading it. I hear ya loud and clear. You can have him ...... I am holding out for someone closer to home, if you know what I mean. At least I still have hope of finding the right guy.

And preferably, one who changes his pants more than once a week. Eeewwww.......

Is the weirdness magnet on? I just had two postal carriers deliver mail to me within 30 mins. of each other.

Government efficiency at its finest. No wonder the price of stamps keeps going up.

Heh. Weird!

And DOOOOOO tell, Med!!! Not the guy you were avoiding, right???

*pops three cherrys - heh, heh - in mouth, ties stems into a chain*

Ah, I'm just acting. It'll be fun but it's going to be a long weekend. I'm going to be one of the "responsible adults" and a district-wide youth event at church. I'll be picking kids up at the train and bus station until late tonight and spending all night Saturday patrolling the grounds, keeping everyone safe. My youngest daughter is the youth chaplain (read: deals with drama) and my oldest is "bridging" out of the youth program.

No, Diva. I don't think I have met Mr. Right yet, but I'm looking. One of my old flings is coming to town, and we are supposed to meet for a drink on Sunday. So, who knows?

And I am glad you reminded me..... I need to call him back. He called last night, and I ignored it.

Scott - Be on guard. There were some wild times at my church youth events, as I recall. Not as crazy as band camp, but that's a different story for a different, much more inebriated thread. ;-)

Med - I'm crossing my fingers (and my legs, so you don't have to!) ;-)

Scott - I soooooo second what Med said about youth events!!!! First kisses/gropings/other things.... Mmmhmmm. BTDT.

Diva - I went to a Southern Baptist church camp with one of my friends, ONCE. OMG! There was more sex going on there than in the bible. But no alcohol. Go figure.

Washed? Yes, and that's the part where detergent and a blow-up doll may have helped. I don't even think of turning the drier on until the Sun is off the house. Actually, I probably shouldn't swim with a blow-up doll until after dark either....

And Scott - just so you know, I don't give my cherries to just any man. You are very, very special. :-)

Diva - what time do you think for tonight?

How 'bout as soon as we stop yakkin' at each other on the phone?

**GRIN** ;oD

Med, Diva - Yes, that's why we keep an 8-1 youth to adult ratio and why at least one adult is up at all times. Good kids but, hey, hormones are hormones.

I'll have to borrow blurk's duct tape if we're going to be talking cherries, though. I gotta be on my best behavior this weekend.

Heh heh. :) 'SOK, Scott. Med and I are about to hit the road for dinner. I'll be back on later!

I catch ya down-stream, then. Good night, all.

Well, I'm still here for a few minutes. :)

"One doesn't like to bring this up but is Wayne confident about his personal freshness?"

Any guy who is worried about his "personal freshness" should just be shot and put out of his misery.


Hello? Anybody else in here? Hmmm...maybe they all stepped into the restrooms for a sec. *Looks at calendar and realizes that it's Friday night on a holiday weekend* Well then! To borrow a line from Merle Haggard, think I'll just stay here and drink.

Looks like I'm late for the party. Story of my life. Have a good week-end, y'all.

Hello. Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? Is anyone's life as worthless as mine?

I just woke up from a 3 hour nap on my porch! How pitiful is that?

The good thing about drinking early....you can drink, pass out, then wake up in time to drink some more!

Hi Casey! I have very little ambition tonight. (Too hot here in Maine! It's actually hotter here than in Miami!)

Nothing worse than sweaty Mooses.

Oh wait - yes there is......spammers. Sweaty, nasty, really stuuuuupid spammers.

Jeez, just read the article. Sounds like every man that has hit on me in the last 2 years. Should I be lowering my standards or what? Naw, never mind, I ain't touching Mr. Stinky with a ten foot pole.

I guess I'm outta here for tonight guys. Med, best of luck with your date. You are my hero, don't let me down!

You guys keep up the good service at the blog bar tonight. I'm gonna settle for a nice glass of Merlot and a book on my porch. May sound nice to y'all, but I sure is a lonely girl.

Maybe one day Prince Charming with more than one pair of pants will come along.


*sweeps up, puts chairs upside down on tables, wipes bar, turns off lights*

*fold, fold, fold*

Still there, Casey?

*fold, fold, fold*

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