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May 24, 2007


Guys have class.

(Thanks to Doug Messer)

You should not watch this if you are easily offended, or if you are a young woman of the female gender who believes that, inside the crude exteriors of men of the male gender, there is goodness and, yes, sensitivity.


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Men will grope any boob anywhere, anytime. Real or not.

At least the guys also get the wet spot!

FIRST to agree with Dave on how classy they all are.

*eye roll*

No wonder the girl shark had a baby without any help from the boy shark.



ADVISORY: The Blog (and Doug) will be sleeping on the couch(es) this week.

Advice: Drink, it gets funnier!

Gee, no guys posting here?

wooo hooo bday simul with El!!!

made my day complete!

Oops, didn't see ya there, CJ.

No offense meant. ;)

Hey, Siouxie! How's the b-day been so far?

Mine too, Siouxie!

I wish I was there to have an RL cocktail with you. :)

SIOUXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's your BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!


(I owe you B-Day spankins! The guys can watch - for $20 each!)

A cute Cuban bloglit named Siouxie
(Who never would act like a floozy)
Has a birthday today
So I'd just like to say
I hope that your day's quite a doozy!


I wish you were too, El!! someday we'll plan a blog party!

Punkin, thanks BFF!!! you can spank me next week *wink* *wink* we'll take pictures for the boys.

Ducky, it's been great so far. My blog family has made me feel super special and my real friends/family have as well...what more can a girl ask for?? (ok...don't answer that cuz we'll need Sharpies) ;-)

((((((Ducky))))) LOL I love it! my own poem...I am honored.

you know, I've alway heard that the aroma and taste of a good Cuban is to die for. Well Siouxie, any truth to that? *Happy Birthday yet again!*

... mebbe they could put that video in the yearbook?

Siouxie !!!!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy !!!
Hope you have had/will have a wonderful day. We love ya.
Back on line, at least a while.........

Guys using blow up dolls as rafts?
When I saw them, I laughed and laughed
As this video shows
(And as every gal knows)
Guys of the male gender are daft!

I've had no complaints yet, Rick...

oh you mean the ceeegar?? TOTALLY true ;-P

Jazzzzzzzzie! thank you!!!! been awesome! still more awesomeness to come.

Happy Birthday Siouxie!
Venchi Cubana al Rhum
Birthday treats

*steps behind the blogbar, whips up some birthday mojitos...*



Dan!! if you weren't already married...

Thank you ;-) they look like they're probably better than se...nah.

Psst.. don' trust no Cuban ceegar bearing Dolls (dos words: Blow Up)....

Well...I'm off (har!) again...dinner with my girls...and my daughters too.

laterssssssssss smooooooooooooooooochies friends!

Reason 2038 some guys are reeeaaally lonely. Oh my gosh, that is just so dumb!

Happy Birthday, Siouxie! Hope you get many drinks!

hb Siouxie. have fun

Take one inflatable friend swimming and all of a sudden your a perv.

Dear god those blow-up dolls are scary. Are they supposed to look like something out of a Stephen King book?

ADVISORY: You should not watch this if you are easily offended, or if you are a young woman of the female gender who believes that, inside the crude exteriors of men of the male gender, there is goodness and, yes, sensitivity.


6 years in the Navy....

I long ago lost that naievete.

So, let me get this straight...this activity does NOT impress the chicks?

*writes "Return to Sender" on plainly wrapped recent delivery*

Ooh look, ladies!!! Strappy Shiny Sandals with Diamond Studs!!!

*runs to mailbox*

Now, where were we?

I always wanted to toss one of those dolls off the top of Yosemite Falls.

P.S. I saw one of those "dolls" on the very-busy 22 freeway. That was just great. People were slamming on the brakes and swerving, and the "doll" was jumping up after getting hit, going "OOOOOH"

P.P.S. Happy birthday to you, Siouxie!

Honest truth, I wore my Mr. Bill papier mache head to the game after Halloween. The tradition (used to be) that cute girls that made the mistake of standing up unguarded got picked up and passed to the top of the stadium. It was all in good fun and the crowd would chant 'Over the Top, Over the Top,' before she was set down, red-faced. The people behind me snatched my Mr. Bill head and it was passed up. As it neared the nosebleeds, the crowd was chanting 'Over the Top, Over the Top,' then they tossed it off the top of the stadium. The crowd dutifully sang, 'Ooooooohhhhhh, Noooooooooo.'

So, some friends of mine and I made a life-size 'Cute Chick' doll and smuggled 'her' into the next home game in pieces. Once we were down 20 or 30 points (and had downed 20 or 30 pints), we assembled 'her' and passed the word up the line. Then we 'allowed her' to be grabbed and passed up towards the top. Everyone was great about it; the guys carefully grabbed her and animated her, while girls faked frantic screams. The crowd chanted 'Over the Top, Over the Top,' and they tossed 'her' over. You never heard 70,000 people fall so silent. I think that's why that's no longer the tradition! Eventually, 70,000 people were laughing, but also ended a silly old tradition Right There! (Yikes!)

Oh, CJ - Too funny!

And blurk - whatcha doin' mail orderin' that stuff when ya got a half dozen willin' women right here? Sheesh.

Come on, Diva!!

I was goin' whitewater raftin'.

What the heck else would ya do with one of them things?


1. Happy Birthday Souxie.
2. That video is hilarious.
3. What exactly would one have to be searching for to come up with that video?Hmmmmm?
4. I just sent this to everybody I know.

They look scared. The guys do, too.

Like my pure and innocent li'l self would know, blurk?

*bats eyelashes*

I shoulda just grabbed Punkin instead.

Because...um...she swims good and all.

What kind of a PC weenie do you have to be to put a t-shirt on your inflatable love doll before you go rafting on it?

Hahahahaha! WEENIE!

Bats have eyelashes?

You noticed that, did you Moon? I saw that guy, too - what a loon!

blurk - did I throw you off with that sweet and innocent bit?

blurkie prefers a curb bit, or double snaffle...so I've heard.


You've been too long gone my friend. Nice to see ya around!

I guess it takes a blow-up doll to get you to join in on the fun, huh?

*snork* @ RB!

Annie, I'm assured just a regular old snaffle will do. The curb is a bit too restraining.

Why we love guys, reason number 2,039:

They are stupid and they make us laugh.

And it hurts my jaw.

Bein' stupid doesn't hurt my jaw.

I was talkin' about the curb b...ah, hell...nevermind.

Myself, I prefer bareback with a hackamore. Less constricting, closer contact.

I think I saw P-Poos double(s) (HAR!) at around 1:04 into the video.

A hackamore will serve quite well, IMHO ... of course, some folks are perty much old enuf they don't need breakin' NE more ... merely sayin' ...

OtheU, such a way with words!

Shoot, I follow easy enough with just a halter and lead rope tied into an indian rein.

blurk - all you need to follow is a sweet pair of ... eyes. ;-)

Blurkie, Blurkie, Blurkie. I have an index finger that I can sorta flex and bend into a come hither motion. I bet you would follow that and to hell with ropes and bits and anything else.

And once again, I am ashamed. We are supposed to be talking about blow-up dolls. How did we digress to such gutter talk?

It's a gift, casey ...

If she gets really rowdy, we can put a figure eight on her.


I've noticed. And Mrs. U(manity) is a lucky woman!

I've noticed. And Mrs. U(manity) is a lucky woman!

Ooooh, a simul with myself! I feel sorta dirty....maybe I need a shower!

I'm off the blog for the night. I'm awaiting an important and much anticipated email.

Siou, I wish you heart felt birthday love. Check your email re: Maggie Valley. Hopefully, we can have a belated b-day celebration together. I know a lot of people in the Valley area and if we can get together at that time, I'll warn them in advance to close their blinds and lock their men-folk in the basement.

casey, I'll have you know I'm not that easy...
Hey, whatcha doin with your fing...

Ok, where do you want me to go?

The first thing I thought of when looking at it is "I've heard of this before". The internet is a scary, scary place.

Not sure if it was this competition or another one, but it did involve dolls and cold water and participants were enjoined from 'enjoying' their swimming partners and this one guy ended up disqualified. And that's what leapt to the forefront of my mind watching this. So I thought it only fair to share my psychological scarring with you. You're welcome. My gift to you Siouxie (Fellow Gemini! YAY!)

Oye, ju stoopeed spammmmerr - geet jur steenky dweeb culo outta here before I power jur joysteek into jur culo.

Happy Birthday Siouxie! Many happy returns and blogaritas!

Back on topic - back in the bad old days when we were defending western Europe from the Soviet hordes, one of our companies had a blow up doll that they used to put out as a sentry at night. Everyone got the joke until one night a drunk German found her on the way home from the bar and decided to have his way with her. He was really surprised when he found himself face down in the dirt, with his pants around his ankles and an infantry company all pointing their weapons at him.

*Snork!*@ ArcticAl! That belongs in a movie.

er, I mean, 'el *snorko grande* al Al. Debe ser en una pelicula!'

Well, night all. Got cows to chase tomorrow.

*snaps a salute*

'Night, Sergeant. Sleep well.

blurkie...don't forget your spurs.

I'm gearing up now to go see PIRATES at MIDNIGHT!!!! I'm in my swashbuckling gear complete with my kick-@ss black buckled sexxxxy boots. BRING ON JOHNNY DEPP!!!

Night, all. Gotta chase sheep dreams....

in bad, bad need to see you Diva in swashbuckling gear complete with my kick-@ss black buckled sexxxxy boots. Send pics!

CJ - I thought the sheriff told you to leave those sheep alone!

And a little birthday thread for Siouxie over on the Blogits forum.

Heh, Dan - Might be NSFW.... ;-)


Diva!! Well done!!!

The boots kinda put it over the edge, you know?

DeskDiva, way hot, in or out.

In or out?

boots dear one

been up for 40 hrs. work. am a lil slow on the uptake Diva.

Oy. That's a bloody long time, Babes!

I should send you a photo just for putting up that kind of time in a work week!

normal stuff. work for 3 days. sleep for 2. is no where near as good as 12/14. working on that. bummer part is reg hrs get so much more done.

Wow. That's soooooo bad. I don't think I could work those kinds of hours. What do you do?

would love to see it Diva

I got yer flotation device right here!!!

annnnnndddd....we are back! Hello everybody out there in blog bar central this is the Good Doc checking in from the BEEEoootiful city of Angleton, Texas where the current temp is a pleasant 75 with 150% humidity. Hoping our resident birthday girl Siouxie has had a wonderful night and is letting the Blurky bite...ok, seriously folks...whos naked right now?

will send. web hosting. web vending and working on new gig to do industrial recycling. (am excited about that) new is always a challenge

hehe...pent up blogage results in that lame arse last post. Do not let that happen to you.

You know, Gunga - if you're a reeeeeeeally good boy......... ;-)

welcome back Doc and Steve!!! We are waiting up for Siouxie. LOL

Diva?????? I am really good, sort of

Speak for yourself, Dan - I'm waiting for PIRATES at MIDNIGHT!!!

Sexxxy boots an' all.... ;-)

Did I mention I have a sword?

I only wish my shirt showed off the ramparts to better advantage....

Tis good to be back Dan. Am I to understand that you have been up for over 24 hours? If so does Jack B. know about this? If so you might want to start looking over your shoulder. He seems to take great pride in never sleeping, pooping, or eating.

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