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May 11, 2007


The sophistication.

WARNING: Probably not for the office.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Yeah, you wouldn't find that in the New York Times.

I'll be glad when we put this thread behind us.

Hah! "Click picture to enlarge".

Winner and runners-up receive a year's supply of British meat pies. Trophies will be presented by last year's winners.



Holy cow! How bony is Elizabeth Hurley, anyway! Ew!

another example of how two(or three)thongs don't make a (man) write (well)...

Posted by: Brian | 02:38 PM on May 11, 2007

Looks like the male portion of this blog is down, just like the blood flow to the brain. The blogboys have been reduced to single-syllable responses, if that. Yeesh.


*pats russell*

There, there. We appreciate ya, Babe. :)

point taken, awbh~!

HOLY SH!T, Annie!!!

Thongs, bums, choose,
Makes me unproductive!

Siouxie - no kidding...

They all look the same to me....

And the bot said it lost my last comment - go figure. It'll probably stop me now, thinking I'm one of those terrorist "automated robots" - like what other kind are there?

When I read this sentence...

"All this week we've been looking at girls who hit a different kind of bum note ahead of tomorrow's annual assault on your ear drums that is the Eurovision song contest."

...my brain left the letter u out of the word annual.

Thanks Annie, I feel skinnier now...and a little sick...

'hey there' - glad you liked my link at 2:37.

>blank entry<

It must be the ghosts of those buried under my PC....
Call LocalNews6!

In the Slide Show, #4 apparently was confused about what contest this was.

Nice rack though. :)

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