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May 08, 2007


(Thanks to Tracy Fitzgerald)


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Somebody call security.

Are they taking lessons from the Witness Protection Program now?

OOH! A "first" simul with Stevie. Now that's the way to start the morning right.... *sigh*

Was CTU in charge of security?

Maybe it is with my luggage.

I suggest that they ask the efficient, polite, and caring people at the lost and found.

Lol, diva. I see you have a loose definition of simul. That's okay; that's how I like my women.

Double-lol to Mikey too.

Stevie, I think Diva's "clock" is off a bit ;-)

You mean Dive. Why does everyone call her Diva?

Maybe one of those 87-year-old Nuns they keep frisking finally got tired of it decided to get even.

I never did trust those nuns.

Luckily, it was only the employees' records that were stolen.
Who wants to steal an identity only to find out that you now work for the TSA?
You'd have even fewer friend than before... .

I don't know whether to be more incensed that there may be 100,000 phony TSA screeners out there, or that "they" are starting to refer to "us" as "Human Capital".

Remember, these are the people who are supposed to keep our aircraft secure. Call the Keystone Kops and hire them. They'd do a better job!

Scary! We should raise the National Terror Alert to Puce.

I hear the new National Terror alert colors includes plaid and seersucker if the attack is in the spring time.

Well if they kept these records on Windows™ ... 'specially the new Vista™ version, nobuddy'll be able to open it NEway ...

OK - JUST to clarify, George - Pthththt. GET A LIFE!

Second - it wasn't about the actual clock time for the simul...it was that I got here, typed in my comment and it would have been a first, but for Stevie. I did NOT mistake it. And it didn't take me any 3 minutes to write it, either.

*stamps foot and pouts*

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