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May 02, 2007


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Mary Stueck)


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Then I'm FIRST?

They've definitely been drinking the Stupid Juice.

Nothing to this storry,...I promise.

hmmm who could it be...who could it be...could it be...SATAN????

Are we sure today isn't April first?

And these people represent other Americans?

Oh, the devil rolls his r's.

Dear Lord!! a simul with the Prince of Darkness?? The Ruler of the Underworld? Beetlejuice Beelzebub??? Tom Tancredo???

I'm confused. Are they saying that our illegal immigrants are invading themselves via "self-invasion"? Wouldn't that just be masturbation? If so, I all for it!

Other hmmmm. Some seem to be on crack, but apparently not a quorum!

I'm confused. Are they saying that our illegal immigrants are invading themselves via "self-invasion"? Wouldn't that just be masturbation? If so, I all for it!

"This only gives fodder to the liberal media to give negative attention to the Republican Party."

You think?

Hands Suzy a pair of 'ms.

With that pair of M's, Suzy can say, "Mm", etc, etc, & so on... .

Out in Utah, I'd think they were on peyote rather than crack.

I think they've got their heads up on their cracks.

jon - she has her own for that purpose....


...asked those gathered not to thwart a discussion on the resolution, saying it would be "good for the party."

MeThinks those that left were thinking for the "good (of) the party."

Why doesn't anyone ever reply - "By the way, I was chatting with God yesterday. He mentioned that you're insane."

"Senator Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, spoke against the resolution, saying Larsen, whom he called a 'true patriot and a close friend,' was embarrassing the Republican Party.
'I agree with 95 percent of this resolution but it has some language that is divisive and not inspiring other people to its vision,' he said. 'This only gives fodder to the liberal media to give negative attention to the Republican Party.'"

Just like here, Dave; prescient of the Senator was it not?

I don't think the Utah Publicans are listening to "American Beauty", box 'o rain... (I think they may see the influence of beezellboob in that whole "Dead" thing)

...thwart a discussion...

I blame global warming and thwarters. And of course R.O'D.

Maybe they're suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from living so close to those sneaky immigrante inflagrantes. For their own good, let's move all Satan-fearing repooblicans to Canada.

I blame Al Gore. I dont know why. It just seems appropriate.

...they were about 30 short of a quorum...

...and a few bricks short of a load.

Obvously, there is a downside to living in a democracy...

Maybe they ment Miroslav Satan, of the New York Islanders.


Hey, Satan's gotta work too.

Someone either needs to refill their bowl of gumballs or take them away completely.

I thought he already had a job.

Illegal aliens are in control of the media, and working in tandem with Democrats, are trying to "destroy Christian America" and replace it with "a godless new world order -- and that is not extremism, that is fact," Larsen said.
I wonder what his concept of extremism is? Also, I did not see any mention of Satan in this little conspiracy triangle... just illegal aliens, the media and of course the Damnemocrats.
If the Democrats take over the country, we will be dead, and we will have abortion and partial-birth abortion and the Republican Party will go into extinction
Now, THAT is a well thought out arguement.
Nancy Pelosi and the ACLU would oppose this (resolution).
...along with all sane voters

Mormons Morons, idiots, twits, kneebiters, fools, dumbasses.

Oh, and incredibly stupid. They actually believe this tripe. Paranoia, anyone?

Why not use it to our advantage?

Voice in the ceiling:This is God speaking. Move to Canada immediately. Take Celine Dion with you. That is all.

the bot just made me write 'fag'. ISIANMTU.

Dave. Yes.

First to say it isn't the Mormons who believe this but the paranoid and the demagogues. You'll find these people in (alas) every state and religion (even mine!). You'll find some in every state and religion who think these people are stark, raving loonies.

The latest telephone poll taken by the office of the Governor of Texas asked whether people who live in Texas think illegal immigration
is a serious problem:

25% of respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."
75% of respondents answered: "No, no esta una problema importante."

You'll find some in every state and religion who think these people are stark, raving loonies.

*raises hand*

Oh, I thought you were looking for some "...stark, raving loonies."

*puts hand down*

LOL muy comico, diff dave!! (although it should say: no, no es un problema importante.)

This has been your Spanish lesson of the day.

Will the real aliens please stand up.

Diff Dave, you forgot the three percent that just said, "huh?"

Well, that just doesn't add up, Baron! ;-P

*realizes she's just left the real world and returned to Crazy Country™*

My CA vacation was way too short. At least I won't live here (Utah county) forever! *crosses fingers and wishes on ladybugs*

Well someone please tell Utah not to mix acid and crack.

"The group was unable to take official action because not enough members stuck around long enough to vote ..."

Whatta pity. Now I guess we won't learn exactly what the resolution actually said. I'll bet it was a doozy.

I had friends that used to live in northern Utah. They listened to a (relatively) liberal radio station that used "Behind the Zion Curtain" as their tagline.

That's really disturbing, Scott. Really.

YAY! ScottMGS!!

This is another instance where Utah culture is viewed as Mormon doctrine, something that I assure you isn't the case, and something I can't stand (both Utah culture AND people thinking it's the same thing as LDS doctrine)

But Utah co republicans aren't the only ones with crazy ideas about immigration.

That YAY! was for Scott's 2nd comment, not the 3rd

Scott said something?? ;-P

My youngest brother is a Mormon, lives in Salt Lake City and, dang it, he's a pretty nice guy. :-)

No, Siouxie, not me! :-P

I'm LDS, I live in Provo (YAY! Cougars!!) and I think I'm a pretty nice person, and I have a sense of humor. If I didn't I couldn't live here, whether or not I was planning to leave after graduating.

*smooch* Scott!! ;-)

I wanted to marry Donny Osmond and convert to the Mormon faith...alas, it did not happen.

...and I had such a crush on Marie. "May tomorrow, be a perfect day..."

The article refers to Enid Greene, chair of the state party. From Wikipedia:

Greene married Waldholtz in 1993. After her marriage, Greene took the name Enid Greene Waldholtz. During her 1994 rematch against Shepherd, Joe acted as her campaign manager. Her campaign spent approximately $2 million, the most expensive House race in the country that year. *** Her term was marred with scandal*** Almost $1.8 million of the money spent in the 1994 campaign came from her husband, Joe, who had embezzled nearly $4 million from her father. Joe Waldholtz disappeared in November 1995 for six days before surrendering to police. During that time she announced that she was suing for divorce, for custody of her daughter, and to change her name back to 'Enid Greene'. Under pressure from Utah Republicans, she announced on March 5, 1996 that she would not seek re-election to Congress.

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