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May 31, 2007


Just checking in here. The entire band -- 352 people, at last count -- woke up before dawn to perform on Good Morning America. We had a fine time; I don't know about the audience (if there was one). The highlight was when James McBride referred to Greg Iles, twice, as "Gary," then explained himself by pointing out that he is the only African-American in the band, and we all look the same to him.


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First to say I wish I was in New York.

me, too, Mary. Me, too.

I wish I had taped GMA. Maybe I can get it on OnDemand...


Saw it! Awesome.

DPC -- I bet you'll be able to see it, presuming you can Wait Until the Midnight Hour.

Oh well... another opportunity to watch the Blog inaction in action down the tubes. I was awake and already at work when it came on, however, even though I have a DVR, I am a simpleton an absent-minded scientist and completely forgot about this momentous event.

On a slightly lighter note, however, here is your Headline of the Day (so far).

Mmmmkay, For those who missed the RBR this morning, I'll recap. They open with "Wild Thing", a song which has several "chord changes" which the band performed awesomely (is that a word?). Then they did your basic boiler-plate interview, where The Blog did most of the talking. Then they played "Another Song", also containing "chord changes", and vocals. His Kingness sang a verse and he has the same clean pipes as James Taylor, with a touch of Tom Waits.

I stood in my living room holding up my cell phone.

In the interest of good taste, Good Morning America has not posted the video on its web site.

Excellent job, Dave! There did seem to be about twice the usual number of band members on stage, though. Frank McCourt and Roger McGuin were conspicuously absent, so who were all those other musicians/authors/ringers?

I watched. I taped. I bought the book.

WTG Dave! WTG Ridley!

Dave wore a blue shirt. Was that Dave's brother Sam on harmonica? I think that Sam sometimes plays with RBR, but I don't know what he looks like. Where was Amy Tan's whip? Perhaps GMA has a rule about onscreen domination.

Well, in James defence, most of you were wearing t'shirts and jeans.

Well I missed it! Had to leave the house early this morning. Hopefully they'll put the clip somewhere.

curses, foiled again by gainful employment.

It was awesome. Too bad we had to sit through all that news stuff, and the Swimming Pools of doom, but it was well worth it!
I thought the high point was not James McBride's remark itself, but the oscillating contrapuntal waves of variously hearty, stifled, and nervous laughter it caused among the NON-remainders in the studio. Ooooooh---edgy humor before sundown!!! What will the Demographic say???

Thanks for clearing that up, Dave. I kept thinking, "who the heck is Gary?"

I didn't see Her Judiness in the audience, so maybe she got to sleep in?

random: the song was "In the Midnight Hour".

And they were doing a little of "Louie Louie" at the end there.

Good point, Betsy. Is this what Morning TV is like most days, because all I watch normally is the local weather & traffic?

Swimming Pools of Death!
What Size High Heel is Too High?
High Excitement (not!) at the National Spelling Bee! (by strange coincidence, tonight on ABC)

The only other high point was Sam Champion shooting 2 x 4s out of a cannon to see if the New Shutters can withstand hurricanes tossing debris at them.

I want one of those cannons.

Tuned in to the blog the other day just in time to catch the news of the big performance, saw it this morning, very cool:)

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...Please pay attention! The issue wasn't whether the heels were too high: it was whether the new "convertible" heel, which could be adjusted by two inches to suit varying important situations, was made unsightly by the conspicuously "retracted" portion when it was in Low Mode.
If you're gonna watch GMA, you have to be alert...yet another good reason to skip it, 'cept when Dave is on.


"What Size High Heel is Too High?">

no such animal.

(Hah!!! Their security CAN be breached!!!)

Betsy, to be honest as soon as the shoe story started I muted it. Thanks for the clarification.

CG - You sure?

Key (the second) line in Chris's link written by a fantasist:

The XTREME is just that, featuring a 8 1/2" lift stiletto style spike high heel with a platform design. Real easy to walk in and the hot style everybody wants.

Well, it looks like I am a Jimmy Eat World song ("In The Middle"). I saw some of the RBR's presumably stellar appearance. But only some, because our local ABC waste dump station decided to walk all over GMA to bring us Colorado folks "breaking news", consisting of exciting helicopter shots of the world's current favorite Drug Resistant TB Patient walking from an ambulance into our local happens-to-be-the-best-in-the-world respiratory hospital.

What a jerk, this guy. He flies in the face of contrary orders, possibly infecting others, then lands in my town, then gets in the way of my watching my favorite band (of authors) on morning TV. I simply must remember to send a bouquet of ragweed to his room at National Jewish Hospital.

dpc, i'm sure. it just depends on the outfit. for the record i spotted the ballet ones the other day and my heart rate quickened. i don't believe you're supposed to actually stand in those.

I happened to see the show this morning and everyone looks like they are having a good time. I would love to see one of your concerts.

to see the r.b.r's, i would sit in a crowded airplane whose only seating choices were :
1) the screaming baby zone
2) the everyone is deathly allergic to peanuts zone
3) the drug-resistant airborne droplets o' germs zone (new!)

and when the r.b.r's do release an album (or whatver youcallem these days, givemeabreaki'malmost fifty...) the liner notes will be by lars ulrich!

I walked by the GMA studio on the way to work and saw the whole band (this was around 8:40am). It looked like they were getting ready to do a song, and they seemed to be having a fun time. Sometimes they broadcast the audio outside the studio, but not today. So I didn't actually get to hear them.

Writerdude, I agree. That guy was a complete moron. He should be charged with something for endangering other people's health. He's probably the type of guy who $h!ts and doesn't wash his hands too. When the SARS epidemic hit overseas they called people like him "Superspreaders", and they were actually arrested.

Rats! I missed this. Is there any chance the performance will appear here on the blog?
Please, please, please!!!!

cg - *SHUDDER* @ the ballet shoes. Those. Are. Just. WRONG.

Mars: I agree.

Didn't his wife think to say, "Forget the honeymoon for now, sweetie. Get treated and then we'll go to Paris."?

No. Obviously she's as big a jerk as he is.

No link to video? Anywhere? :(

Yes,...the band sounded tight (nice flams at beginning of Midnight-- nice guitar riff from Dave at ending, good harmonies of Dave and Ridley, nice piano rock trills, good breaks, bass was perfect(sorry, old musician)KIng's guitar could have been a BIT louder, good arrangements of sax...

BUT...the girls should spend a few more minutes on their dancing...call Paula Abdul...OR better yet, just get Scott to teach them some moves.

The old supremes moves were good, but they all have such nice bodies they should show them off.


Biggest laugh...yes all white people look the same.
Everyone one was VERY witty..Dave being his usual sharp self, and Ridley's 161 years, VERY quick..

Biggest laugh for this nobody...

The great master of horror was ...speechless about his fans, but DID remember staying at a holiday Inn!

I suggest Mr. King singing "People are Strange" by the Doors, and Ms Amy sing "Why don't You Play WIth My Poodle?"

A real classic that always got attention for me.

All and all, Romanda (from St. Louis) was overjoyed to see Scott dance.

I was overjoyed to see someone else besides Gene Simmons stick their tongue out.

The band sounded great...the concert will be a smash. Someone call up Kiethfer and have him come sit in, or is HE your road manager?

Be sure and post some pictures of your "tour." for all us fans!


i set my vcr to tape it while i was away, and i guess i set it to tape at 7:30 PM .... anyway it was the national spelling bee, not GMA. :(

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