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May 30, 2007


This blog has arrived in New York City (or, as the locals call it, "Frisco"). There are a LOT of people here. Most likely they have gathered for the Rock Bottom Remainders concert, which is garnering massive publicity.


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YAY! good to know you made it.

... um ... Scott? ... That's ... oh, I get it ... nevermind ...

Massive? Uh-huh ... about 1.5 (column) inches ... NOT THAT KIND, YOU PERVS!

and ... I've gotta try to werk, if weather permits ... and I'm gettin' kicked outta my motel (state convention of Firemen, State HS Baseball tourney ... towns 40 miles away are also filled up ...) so I'll hafta move ... won't have a chance to watch TV ...

Wait ... I never watch morning TV ... nevermind ...

NYC is ready to celebrate Dave's arrival.

I found out about it here - One man's journey of 1,000 bars in one year- which may explain TCK's absence.

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound with no dangerous groupie run ins! The excitement is just building!

I have to say that it's probably a good thing that I didn't win the tickets to the show. June 1st is my parents' 50 wedding anniversary and I sure would have hated to disappoint them by going to the show.

thanks, Bethie. It was touch and go there for a while.

Oh, wait, you're talking to Dave? Never mind.

WOW, Scott - 50 years is AWESOME! Congratulations to your parents!!

"...with no dangerous groupie run ins!"

The night is young. What row is Siouxie sitting in again?

You know, Dave wouldn't consider blogging JUST ONCE from the stage, would he? WOULD HE?!

*begs on bended knee*

OtU: I'll record it on my DVR, and will keep it until you know whether you're coming through Denver. Or until Ted puts it on YouTube.

The blog is back!
Our long national nightmare is over.

Best of luck from Frisco, or as we call it "Gotham City."

Glad to see Dan the Bar Man is still at it. I was supposed to meet him for a drink on last year's 1000 Bar Tour but we missed connections.

Maybe he can meet up with Dave.

Just checking in to admit that I am insanely jealous of all you concert-bound people. Wish I could return to steamy NYC for Bloglit Gathering Part Deux!

*waves to all who attended last summer's Barnes and Noble extravaganza*

*joins others in the naughty sobbing corner*

*mixes up a lone mojito with extra blue rubber bands for old time's sake*


pssst, y'all be nice to judi :)

Dave -- do you know whether GMA is putting you on in the last hour, as they usually do with most bands?

I think it's after the cute animal segment.


Maybe someone attending the concert can liveblog the event (not me, I don't have a laptop or a PDA).

Anyone? Bueller?

Wait a minute! You mean I didn't win the contest?!?

I guess that would explain why I'm not in New York.

*snork* @ Stevie.

'...performance...' did I read that right? Is it a group interview or does the SB have to lug equipment/ the band 'play' in the morning?

How convenient that all these authors are supporting a charity for literacy. Smacks of self interest if you ask me.

Honestly, I don't think anyone wants to be carrying a laptop. If someone carries a crap cam, they can send pics to me to post....

Whut? Aw come on....

(jeez, one brain bleach post)

I would have gone, if it didn't occur the day before the Special Library Association conference in Denver. And if I had the money. And if I had had the foresight to make arrangements. And a few other things. But it does, and I didn't, and I hadn't, and other things. Those of you who are going, enjoy!

Thanks, Diva, they're pretty cool.

I will be making a scientific comparison of how each author hugs in relation to his/her prolificnessisity. I will report when the data is complete. Dave will be my control group.

Punkin, does that mean you have to hug Dave just before and after each of the other... "test cases"?

jemmy, i had the same issues. only different.

"...all these authors are supporting a charity for literacy..."

I HOPE they do "My Back Pages," what with havin' the man himself among them.

*Hides laptop*

I'm assuming you meant the singer of "My Back Pages" rather than the author (Mr. B. Dylan), S(tevie) W. I'm guessing it is too mellow for the RBRs but I hope you're right and they do it.

Meanie? Wouldn't you post from the concert for li'l ol ME?

*pouts VERY cutely with big, sweet, wide green eyes*

But that would be highly disrespectful to The Artists, wouldn't it? Aw, he11, who am I kidding....

IF I can get an unsecured wireless network connection there, and PypeTad doesn't cr@p out, and I don't spill too much beer on my keyboard.... we'll see.


Meanie, you don't have to hide it. You'll be miserable if you're tracking a laptop, much less trying to post. Enjoy the show and just send CrapCams (if available) for someone else to post, then follow up with better pics....

*psst, good job, Diva. I don't think he'd have been as amenable if I pouted.*

Aw heck. CJ's right. :-( I don't wantcha to wreck your fun just fer me. Have a great time and don't give a SINGLE thought to all of us broke, lonely, envious, puerile supportively cheerful Boogers sobbing in our beer vicariously enjoying the experience.

Seriously, Meanie, if you decide to carry a laptop, put it in a back-pack with some padding, not a shoulder bag. Keeps your hands and arms free, but your options open.

Yeah, it's hard to stand and wave a lighter with a laptop across your knees.

psst - You never know, Scott - you are kinda cute. ;-)


true, Diva, very true *hair-flip*

ScottMGS, glad to see you here, I take it you are feeling better? Here's hoping!

So, I hear there is some kind of circus or concert or something in NY this weekend. Anybody have any news on that?

Blah blah blah, something something something, blah blah blah.

Is this thing on? Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Hi, Casey. Somewhat better, yes. How much of that is due to skipping work yesterday and today, I don't know.

I hear Keith Richards is old and playing a concert or something like that.

texts Scott some chicken noodle soup. Homemade!

If I had a laptop & knew what to do with it...nah, who am I kidding?

*gets out geezer bus, polishes fenders and puts on left turn signal*

Good evening!

Stevie - I am NOT dangerous....much. Besides isn't Homeland Security frisking us??? I am leaving my machete here.

KDF - would have loved meeting you. I'll have a mojito in your honor - hold the rubber band ;-)

*slurps chicken soup oozing up out of keyboard*

Scott! I'd make you some homemade chickie soup but it'll probably come out of a can ;-)

Hope you do feel better soon though.

*wanders in and finds a spot on the couch to kick back*

Finally got the kids in bed. How's everyone doing tonight?

btw...and I'm sure I'm here by myself.

My college girl got her hair cut really short today and we've got a foot-long pony tail ready to donate to Locks of Love! I'm so proud of her. This was her idea.

That's great Siouxie! Tell her hello and give her a ^5 from me.

Hey Prof! I sure will!

I've been to a Remainders concert and, believe me, you don't want to miss a thing. I'm soooooo envious of whomever won the contest! *pouts rambunctiously*

Hmmm I wonder where everyone is tonight...I guess I'll have to jump behind the blogbar and open it. Booze usually brings them out.

OK! who's ready for a drink????

you know my "usual" Siouxie (keep wanting to call you Q ... sorry... old habits LOL).

Hi, blogits! Siouxie, I'll have an appleblogtini please.

Hubby and the kids are hooting and hollering from the living room. They finally got their "Wii". I don't know who is enjoying it more.

Cat, some friends of mine just bought a Wii for "the exercise"... personally I think they're just big kids :)

Not that I wouldn't love to have one too.

It's our first venture into games. We were probably the last living holdouts who never got an X-Box or Nintendo or anything. I'll admit I played a "game" of tennis about an hour ago with my daughter, and it was fun. I wonder if Wii has a Dance-Dance-Revolution-type thing, because that would be fun -- and quite a workout, too!

It's funny watching my husband play virtual baseball from the next room. Swinging "nothing" at "nothing", like he's ready for the booby hatch.

*mixes up a rum &coke for the Prof and an appleblogtini for Cat*

Oh I played the bowling game with my nephews at Christmas... it was a lot of fun :)

I'm a bit of a video game junkie from way back... but the pricetags on some of these newer systems has my wallet hiding in a dark corner.

Hey Cat...if you haven't met yet...Prof is a good friend of mine that just started blogging.

Thanks, Siouxie! That Locks of Love is great. My daughter wanted to do it when she was 5, but we didn't get her hair cut properly for donation (phhtthhhffft -- my fault, I should have researched it better) and her waist-length hair went to waste.

Hi, Prof! Pleased to meet you!

The last game I was "good" at was "Tapper" in my favorite bar back in my twenties. Oh, and Centipede. Mr. R. has an ancient Atari set, and I think he figured out how to hook it up to our Ford Freestyle's DVD player.

Nice to meet you too Cat. And I LOVED Tapper... great game! :) You can actually still play tat online... there are a few flash sites that have it.

(Can you tell I sometimes have a serious lack of something to do??)

Cat, luckily we research it before and got the hairdresser to tie the hair up in a ponytail before she cut it.

I just searched online and Wii is coming out with a version of DDR in 2007. Move over, Richard Simmons -- no more Sweatin' to the Oldies for me!

When this Wii came out last year, there were all kinds of stories about people flinging the remote though their television sets accidentally, and I can see how. Things were getting pretty wacky in the living room before.

Well, I'm up early tomorrow. Good night, blogits! Hope to see you again, Prof! Thanks for the drink, Siouxie!

nite nite Cat!!! anytime!

geez..where IS everyone!!

hello??? *tap* *tap*

Yes, it's true... I can confirm it... last summer, when our little group of dedicated and tipsy happy bloglits gathered in NY on the hottest day Manhattan had ever seen, Meanie trudged through the city, all night long, carrying his trusty laptop. I don't think he ever actually blogged while we all blog-met, but it was there, just in case.

Hey, Sioux. My mini-me just got a wonderful thank you card in the mail for her donation today. :) The look of pride on her face was immeasurable. You should be proud too.

And have a good time in Frisco. Wish we could ALLLLLLL be there, but we'll be there with you in spirit.

Well, Siouxie, I'm here.

Everyone (I don't know who 'everyone' is) thinks the 2 whales have gone out to sea.

Glad you're feeling better, Scott!

THANK YOU DUDE!!! You have NO idea how many times I tried to post a *sweep* but the bot has caught me in a BIG way. It gave me 23 captchas in a row without posting (ISIANMTU).

Hi Dave! (and the rest of the Rock Bottom Remainders)

I hope you all have a rockin' show (insert rockin' picture here). I'm bummed I can't make it, but I know you all will show New York something it hasn't seen in a while.

P.S. Webster Hall is in a great bar district -- it's by NYU so you know the drinks are somewhat cheap. And if you're looking for a place to eat before the show, Thai on Two (2nd Ave @ 10th) is quite yummy.

Truly LTTG, but Dave, I hope y'all have a fantastic time in Frisco! Same goes for all the bloglits that are fortunate enough to attend the show!

*sniffling, crawls back into the corner of despair, wishing she, too, could be in Frisco*

FINALLY gets to wave at Liz and whoever else is still here.

Med - That's great that she got her thank you. :-) Cool.

Hey - since you're all gonna be in Frisco, if someone finds my heart, please send it back. I left it there.

Also, Siouxie & Med, kudos to your girls! Locks of Love is a wonderful organization.

Diva - The bot is at DEFCON 1, and still the game/shoe spama$$es get through. Makes me wonder how awful it would be if we were at DEFCON5?

*heartfelt snork* @ DDiva!

Hi, Ducky! How's life in your little part of the pond?

"I'm assuming you meant the singer of "My Back Pages" rather than the author (Mr. B. Dylan), S(tevie) W."

Oh crap - I blew the surprise!! Dylan is going to appear to throw the guitar down the stairs when they do "Gloria."

Kidding, jeff - yes, I knew that, and that's what I meant.

Hi, Diva! Things have been frenzied since the girlduckling returned home from AZ last week. I have had almost NO time at the computer since she's been here, and I miss y'all!

Also, we're refinancing our house, and I've had to gather all kinds of useless paperwork documentation for the mortgage people, and make the house look pretty for the appraisal. I'm ready for a rest!

Uh, Diva. You SO have not lost your heart. You have wonderful heart and soul. And a superb mind too. Nice try. ;)

Did I mention great smile, wit, and the best teeny weeny polka dot bikini ever?!!!


Med - You are the bestestest, and absolutely a LOVELY lady yourself! :-)

Let's go find some time to take in a Rockhurst soccer game, eh? ;-) (Mmmm. Rhodri....)

Ducky - I'm glad you got back online for a bit. Hope we'll see some more of you this week!

AND, Med - you are just about the most charming and generous person I think I've ever met. I need more of your self-confidence.

And your EXCELLENT tight, lowcut sweaters. :-)

*slides in Bauer-style* Hey ladies! Hope all is well with yall tonight. Bartender, round of whatever for the house and a double of the house finest for myself......ITS MY FRIDAY!!!!! WOOOOHHHOOOOOO!!!!! *does happy dance*

Thanks, Diva! I'm gonna try to be here more often.

OT Sports Alert:


/end Sports OT

Ok, Ducky has to pay for her own drink then. *curses under breath....STOOPID SPURS! Hate those guys!*


He didn't mean it. He likes you, really.

Doc, pass me a Kahlua and cream and DON'T stint on it!

*opens closet, grabs shotgun, loads*

What was that, Doc? (And I really liked you!)

(Thanks, Diva!)

Diva - I need more of my self-confidence. It's an act. But apparently, it's working.

*goes off whistling to tuck 2 very tired, "But it's summer vacation............." children into bed!*

Yes, Ma'am. That it is. You are so outgoing and chatty with complete strangers. Sometimes I can do that, but sometimes not. It's cool to see. :-)

But Ducky....we have Round Rock and Hunter Pence and Rice University. I forgive your shortsightedness with the Spurs. Your drinks are all on me of course.

*unloads shotgun, returns it to closet*

I grew up in San Antone, Doc; it's illegal for me NOT to root for the Spurs!

However, we will celebrate the things we have in common and ignore the rest! A blogarita, please, with salt!

Better watch out, Doc, or they really will be all on you. Literally. At least it's not Siouxie. She has hot wax.

I just realized I'm feeling lonely tonight. *sigh* I don't think I was before. Wish I knew where that came from. Kinda taking me by surprise.

*psst, Diva, Siouxie probably left the wax there behind the bar, knowing it might be needed.*

*slides appropriate drinks to the appropriate ladies* Well, San Antonio is the home of the Alamo so its special to Texas....Dallas on the other hand, Oklahoma south. Big D my arse!

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