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May 31, 2007


Now they're using camels.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Um, Dave? Those terrorist bastards have always used camels. Just sayin'.

How did they get the owner, let alone the camel, in a rifle? I B Confuzzled!

... with a bull camel, his wife, Carrie Kallstrom ...

I'm not surprised that the marriage didn't turn out well. He should have learned from the Nigerian Goat Groom.

For a moment, I thought that the headline was "Camel Attacks Owner with Rifle."

Nasty animals, camels. Tendancy to spit great big huge sticky loogies with unerring aim, particularly on unsuspecting young boys at the zoo who stick their tongues out at 'em. Not that I'm psychologically scarred or anything.

Just got an image of an Old West-style camel drive, with cowboys ululating at the herd to git 'em to git along.

I need more coffee.

How did they get the owner, let alone the camel, in a rifle? I B Confuzzled!

Posted by: Bãrön vønKlýff | 10:22 AM on May 31, 2007

not sure about the owner, but i know of a verse regarding camels passing through the eye of a needle, which would, by my guestimation, be a bit smaller.

Mornin'! Just back from driving abour two hrs in traffic! it almost makes me think of NYC.

Mornin'! Just back from driving about two hrs in traffic! it almost makes me think of NYC.

Could be worse, Lairbo.

*kicks the bot*

geez! ALREADY??????

CH- thanks for that link. probably the best Super Bowl commercial ever.

CH: Catscratch Mountain?

Sxie: Ah, for the days when you could get anywhere in NY in only 2 hours.

For the record: To get a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, you need only persistence and an industrial food processor.

Siouxie, I can get anywhere in NYC in two hours.

Not by car, you understand.

Anyway, Terrorist Camels WBAGNFARB.

Wait, I take that back. You need a passport and a guide to get to where Lairbo lives.

Lairbo - Miami's getting just as bad.

*Waves @ Hammie*!! one lump hump or two??

**SNORK** @ CH

They have camels in Denver? Do they come with snow chains?

*Lets double entendre comment go unspoken*

Waves @ Siouxie!!

***SNORK*** @ Hammie. Don't forget a fine-tipped funnel, too.

Why, whatever did you think I meant, Hammie??


*smacks* Hammie! gutter brain!

Not one reference to Ahab the Arab. And you people call yourselves geezers...

"about 50 miles northeast of Grand Junction"

ya know about 10 miles south of Crabapple Cove...You turn left about 3 miles after the old Peterson barn that burned down...
-- gotta love small town America

Lairbo - I do not call myself a geezer. But I do love them.

orcel - exactly. :-) (And you know that the Peterson barn hasn't been owned by the Petersons for 37 years....)


Camels is so stupid.


*finally admits to being a geezer*

*Rubs head*

"When I sez WHOA, I means WHOA!"

1001 Rabbit Tales and earlier versions, i think.

Hammie, one of the funniest Yosemite Sam cartoons ever.

LOL blurk - gotta love Yosemite Sam!!

Nah, blurkie. The funniest Yosemite Sam cartoon is the very first one--he and Bugs are on a train in the Old West and Sam tells Bugs to "Draw!", so Bugs sits down and draws a picture of a gun. Sam thinks he can do better, but Bugs is somewhat critical. I also love the one where Sam is a pirate and Bugs keeps tossing matches into the powder hold.
Why can't WB release a Sam only DVD? Who cares about Speedy GonzaleS? Gimme Sam!!!

I just want the good cartoons back on TV! Cartoon network has become almost unwatchable. *pouts*

Except for Adult Swim - The Oblongs, Futurama and Family Guy. And the occasional Robot Chicken popup.

Listen, blurk, if you're a geezer, we's AAALLL geezers 'round here. An' I ain't no geezer.

Agreed Nurse Tammy, I can't tolerate most newer cartoons... except maybe Courage the Cowardly Dog :)

MareBear and my the Nurse.
I'd sure as heck but a Yosemite Sam collection.

Diva, I stopped with the empty hope. I'm a geezer, just ask my 13 yo. According to her, I may be the oldest and perhaps dumbest man on the planet.

blurk, that phase does end. Eventually. Usually this coincides with the kid actually having to pay for stuff on his/her own...

I'm not a geezer. I'm a geezerette thankuverymucho!

*joins Tammy & Prof on the hating the new cartoons*

Courage is cute.

Don't worry, blurk. For the next couple years you get dumber but by the time she's 21 you be smart again. Like Mark Twain said, "My father was an amazing man. The older I got, the smarter he got."

Same with my kids blurk... I'm only "smart" when they want something.

Apparently, she's not far from right.
Please replace 'but' with 'buy' up there.

I must be a little distracted today.
Yeah, that's it.

hmmm last cartoon I really liked was Tazmainia oh and a few WB comics Batman Beyond and the short lived Zeta Project

is it ok to say that i like kim possible? and courage? and miss cow and chicken?

My wife likes kim possible too, and she likes me so we know she has good taste.

also I remember Yosemite Sam, but I can't be a geezer yet as my daughter still thinks I'm the best...(good taste there too)...of course she is only 13 months old.

If any says they adore Pokemon, there shall be a reckoning.

Any ONE. Sheesh. Time for bed. Later, ya'll.

*attempts to jerk the thread back on topic*

Doesn't seem like much of a threat. How hard could it be to train camel-sniffing dogs? Plus you'll never get one of those things into your carryon, especially if it's a two-humper.

*realizes he just set off another round of double entendres*

I like moose and squirrel. Grilled.

Has the weirdness magnet has spawned an outcropping in Colorado? Is Denver is now a third world country on account of because it has camels?

What you gon' do when yo’ black an’ blue?
Black an’ blue, been spit on too?
I'ma gonna, smack, smack, smack, yo’ some,
Get yo’ in hopspital wit’ my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, give bloody little lumps (Check it out)

LOL Boris

and 'ms. carrie kallstrom anagrams to 'camel stalk mirrors'...
and "claire martin" is "it camel rarin' "

**SNORK** @ the Big Stone Crab. :-)

Ah, blurk. You're younger than I am (I think), so don't let your darlin' get you down. I was that bad once upon a time, too. And what I wouldn't give to have my daddy and all his wisdom back now. It'll happen, Babe. It will. (But I know you know that.)

maybe boys are different. mine were born just knowing that they were vastly superior and that everything i did could be improved upon.

pssst, black eyes, i am shocked, shocked i say, that you have been thus corrupted.

Here in Canada, we don't have any towns named Rifle. But just down the road from here is the village of Firearms Acquisition Certificate...

How many camels do you have to have to be considered a "camel rancher"? This says they have 3 camels, I always figured you needed more than that. (What happens if they stampede?)

Finally, a blog entry I can make sense of.

As a piano player, my favorite Yosemite Sam cartoon had to do with a piano where he had rigged dynamite to explode when Bugs hit the "C" above high"C". Bugs, knowingly played every key but the high "C" until Sam, unable to stand it, ran up and said,
"NO, NO, NO, YA DURNED RABBIT-IT GOES LIKE THIS.." and then promptly played the right key and blew himself up. (I liked how he handled the camel, too.)

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