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May 30, 2007


...in Sandusky.


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OMG! we're famous!!

Dave, you could not be reached for comment??? damn, you must be famous or something.

spokewoman = judi???

It would have been nice if they had actually used the spokeswoman's name.

OMG, they like us, they really like us!!!!!!!!

that would be spokeSwoman, of course.

Yay, bloglits!

"...avid blog readers."

they spelled rabid wrong.

Woohoo... my "craptacular" comment was published, albeit in the Sandusky Toilet Roll Register, and they misspelled my name, but at least I am now a recognized published writer type dude.

I bet they couldn't use the spokeswoman's name because they're afraid her oosik is bigger than theirs.

i wonder, is news about news being blogged, news?

*Waves @ Sandusky!!*

Remember, Vote for Dave!

This comment was posted on the article:

amazed wrote on May 30, 2007 7:46 AM:

" and this story really belongs on the front page why???? geez must not be anything else to report

amazed, if you live in a town where toilet flower pots, four year olds running nekkid and the fact those stories are being blogged can be front page news the consider yourself blessed!

"Dave Barry, a nationally syndicated newspaper humor columnist"

Dave, when will you be publishing more newspaper humor?

i wonder, is news about news being blogged, news?

Only the bloglits are allowed to actually utter (not udder) the name of our sexy spokeswoman. Or spokesy sexwoman.

(aint' that right, judi?)

speaking of vomit, sandusky is home to 'cedar point' - an amusement park known for its numerous roller-coasters. they have so many roller coasters that they (the roller coasters) encroach on the walkway, midway, whaddyacallem swath of concrete that your supposed to walk on, often swooping overhead. so, it possible to get barfed on merely walking down the sidewalk. plus, the vomit will likely be traveling at 80 mph or so, which makes it even funnier when it happens to somebody else.

HEY!! here's a thought!! Maybe Dave can now right a book!!???

and he can WRITE one too!! sheesh...I need coffee!!

i wonder, is news about news being blogged, news?


This makes my head hurt....


coffee for Siouxie ...

and an unintentional *snork* for "right a book."

typos. we've all been there, but they're still funny.

Wow, I'm famous in Sandusky now... How impressive.I think...

*snork* @ 80 MPH vomit... so long as it's on someone else.

yummmm! Thanks Cheryl (otbCs)

I'm so impressed! And to think I can tell my friends that I know y'all! That will definitely elevate my status around here.


Sandusky... Vibrant? Exciting? I guess you haven't done much research. Here's a taste of what Sandusky is really like.

Sandusky - "In the case, a 15-year-old girl was sexually abused in 2003 after she met Fitzpatrick in a cop ride-along program. Fitzpatrick was a Sandusky police officer from 1992 until his resignation in 2005. He was found guilty of four counts of criminal sexual acts and sentenced in June 2006."

A few comments:

talk about a corrupt city! wrote on May 18, 2007 7:44 AM:

" Why didn't this case ever go to a grand jury? How could other cops defend Futzpatrick after raping Brittany Harrington in a police station while he was on the clock? And how the hell can this son of a *itch get out of serving 12 years and only have to do 11 months, meanwhile, the Register never bothered to interview or ask the little girl's side of the story...it was just "Poor Fitzpatrick!" Hopefully he got a little dose of what she went through in Lucasville. Inmates don't like rapists, especially corrupt cop rapists. Print the judge's name that let this happen! Next thing you know he'll be back on the force knowing this town! Here's his sentencing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f8TruACP2k

Sick in Ga wrote on May 18, 2007 10:38 AM:

" There is "NO" excuse for this man. Where is the justice for this "CHILD?" the rest of her life she has to deal with the pain & the memories. We teach our children to look up to cops,a bad seed doesnt spoil the crop but come on, the judge needs to be bent over as well, but then again some people like it in the back door.He needs to serve 12+ years not 11 months & no game time allowed. I am ashamed to tell anyone I grew up in this town,what happened to "an eye for an eye" was it put on the back burner for this judge & cop. Just because you hold a badge or a title doesnt mean your God, I hope I am at the judgement day for both of these men cuz God dont like ugly!!! "

MKR wrote on May 18, 2007 11:06 PM:

" I just watched to the sentencing video of Mr Fitzpatrick at Youtube.com. That poor child...if that had been MY daughter that he committed those crimes against,God help him. That sick pervert needs to sit in prison for MORE than 12 years & be reminded daily with taste of his own medicine of what he did to that little girl.Mr Fitzpatrick... you are a disgrace to this community and quite frankly... you make me sick!!! "

still sick in Ga. wrote on May 19, 2007 12:13 AM:

" It doesnt matter how long the jerk sit's in jail, there will never be justice for that little girl. To change her name won't change the hurt!! Oh but, wait he'll be the one in the eyes of everyone that get's " REFORMED", Baby Girl, hold your head up high,you did nothing wrong!! Every DOG has it's day & every cat has it's night,he'll get his in the end, wait till judgement day you scum piece of sht!!! Laws are made for the defendants not the victims!!! "

Yep wrote on May 23, 2007 12:15 PM:

" Something missing from these posts for the most part is the Federal Lawsuit against the City of Sandusky, Detectives Mark Volz and Helen Prosowski.The lawsuit contends in part that Fitzpatrick was undercharged; that is, he was allowed to plead guilty to lesser charges to avoid a rape conviction. The crux of the lawsuit according to the Sandusky Register 9/6/06 states: "They (SPD) ignored undisputed evidence and sought special treatment for Fitzpatrick in an attempt to protect Fitzpatrick from punishment, "(Prosowski and Volz) recklessly or intentionally ignored the admission of the use of force and, so they could charge Fitzpatrick with the least crime possible, failed to ask about the element of force during the Plantiff's polygraph examination". The fact that Det. Prosowski asked the sentencing judge not to send him to prison and Fitzpatrick's subsequent early release can only reinforce the victim's case against the City of Sandusky. "

TALK ABOUT A CORRUPT CITY! wrote on May 23, 2007 4:13 PM:


Uh Huh wrote on May 24, 2007 7:56 AM:

" There is no question that Brittany Harrington was sexually assaulted by ex-Sandusky Police Officer James Fitzpatrick. She passed her polygraph. He confessed. He went to prison. From the get-go she said it was NOT consensual whether it be 4 times (to which Fitzpatrick claimed) or numerous times which she stated. Who knows the dynamics of the Harrington household. The fact that they didn't want her talking to the police about the assault speaks volumes in and of itself. Had it been my daughter telling me that she had been raped by an authority figure such as Fitzpatrick I would want his head on a platter along with anyone else who might have covered for him. And by the way, there is no such thing in Ohio law as a consenting 15 year old. "



The real truth wrote on May 19, 2007 8:11 PM:

" Yea I knew Fitzpatrick to. I had to work with that pig. I didnt know that he did all this crap till he started touchy feelly and I had to file a complaint about it. Then at that time was I told he was a sex offender. What really sucks is that they didnt fire him or do anything and it didnt just happen to me. Point is I left the job because no one would do anything about it. I dont care how long you have known a person they are who they are. nothing but a pig!!!!!!!!!you want to defend someone like that you are not any better. "

Pissed of Momma wrote on May 25, 2007 2:52 PM:

" Screw this, if that man was to even look at my daughter wrong I'd be doing everything in my power to put him back in prison. Sex crimes are the highest rising crimes in America and I think that sex offenders should be treated just like murders for what they do! "

I'm glad you guys are getting such a kick out of 80 MPH vomit. I was two months pregnant, with accompanying morning sickness and stupidly rode a coaster by the name of The Hurler. ISIANMTU. Obviously, I got sick and while running under the coaster to get to the ladies room in time, I was hit by 80 MPH vomit from the gleeful riders overhead. Needless to say, I almost died that day. I'm sure I flushed a liver and part of my intestines down the commode that day.

This message has been brought to you by your resident puking idiot.

well casey, it's only funny if it doesn't happen to you.

awwwwwww casey!!


Barry said through a spokeswoman.

judi, you're (semi-)famous in Sandusky.

My favorite part of all this (other than judi) is that if you check the comments almost all of them are from the blog!

I think it's kinda cool that Sandusky (at least part of it) can laugh at its ownself a bit ... WTG, blogits!

HOWever, on the rapist criminal cop storyline ... I'm reminded of a different time, when someone suggested a simple answer would be, "Smith & Wesson. Model 29."

I'm inclined to think that's a bit inappropriate ... he wouldn't suffer enuf ... (I'm also reminded of the bumper-sticker doctrine: "The Criminal is entitled to whatever the victim got.")


*vomits @ 80 mph*

Wow! To make the Sandusky News, now that is an honor that only comes once in a lifetime, if at all!

hehehe, I posted on the site. I'm so glad I amuse myself.

hehe casey, I just posted too! we are so easily amused!!!

SNORKS at Suz & Meanie! I think I know what we can do while the blog is away!

LMAO @ Meanie's Mooning Lisa!!!

Sure, you're a big deal in Sandusky, but are you ready for the bright lights of...Vermilion?

& don't even talk to me about Middle Bass.

Hey, I'm going to Cedar Point next weekend with my hubby! I haven't been there since high school. I'll remember to pack an umbrella, although with any luck, I'll be the hurler, not the hurlee.

Wheeee! *splat*

Too bad daves out of town. He missed the big news story of the day in sandusky.

Man sets hair on fire.


Dave better think twice about bringing his daughter to Sandusky. If he ever brought her he may not think the city's so vibrant and exciting anymore. Unless he could careless about her being raped by a cop. Dave's obviously scared to mention anything about the above comment from "You Must be Joking." He'd rather waste his time writing about UNhilarious stuff. Get a life. Takes idiots to get a kick out of Sandusky making his blog.

Why did she keep going back numerous times again?

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