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May 19, 2007


Here is one.

(Thanks to Jennifer)


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it was also a lonG time ago...

Well, I got back, too, but it's more like "DAMN, girl!" than "DAYUM, GIRL!!" LOL.

Eh. None of those guys do it for me. Now, put BLURK in there, or Agent Rickenstien, or WYOOOOO.... Ohooo yeah!! ;-) You know....REAL men.

Diva, no one's saying that OUR boys aren't total hunks, but a girl can dream....YUMMMMMMO!!

I'm off for a bit - tatas for now!

See ya, Siou.

Veddy soon one ov my students vill discover ze doggie sqveaky toy I haf hidden inside der prototype. Den - ve haf lots uv laffing - Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Is it THIS toy, Doc?

I'm not fallin for that "Turnankov" stuff.


Heh. Yes, you are - you fall for it every year.

And I'm back!

und *snorken* @ heir Doktor!

Don't vorry. Ven you fall, I'll be right behind you. With a squeaky toy. Den you become MY squeaky toy. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ah-choo!
Exsqveeze me.

Just popping back in before I dash off for another exciting night of medically telling Darwin to stick it.


ddd - be for to careful vat dat you pop back in vith. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

ddd!! did you have a nice sleep????

Hope your day is a better one ;-)

Dr. Ben! How veddy nice to see again. That last surgery, evveyting come out ok?

Doktor, do ve need ze cazzeter for zis von?

Why yes, Dr. Tunankov! It was touch and go for a while, but I managed to single handedly extract the buzzing probe from Ms. Punkin.

Zis blurk iss a big man. Maybe ze large cazzeter?

so you're stuck all night again, ddd??

Und zo iz Nurse Tammy, who should be here playing viz uss.

oopsie...who was that quack???

see ya, ddd!!! go save some lives!

Have a good night, Doc - an easy one.

No wonder I'm feeling all sleepy and dreamy - I had a simul with Siouxie! Well, guess I need a little nap so I can come back and play later. :)

*taps on stethoscope*

Is this thing on?


pssssst doc, you gotta put those IN your ears.

before I forget (again), Jack Bauer is guest-starring on the Simpsons season finale tomorrow night at 8pm on Fox.

Whatcha doin' today there, Annie?

Did anyone else watch the total butchering of "Big Trouble" just now on Comedy Central? I swear the spot breaks ran longer than the stretches of film -- it was like 5 min. of spots followed by 4 min. of movie. Sheesh!

Sorry, Dude - I did not, but I have seen other butchered flicks where it's to the point where you know you've missed something vital, even if it's the first time you've seen the movie. I HATE that.

I wuz watching pretty horses playing in the mud... Curlin by a nose!

Heh. I wish I could be watchin' pretty horses.

Yay, Curlin! I was watching the Yankees come from behind to lose to the Mets...in the rain..and I'll never have that recipe again....again!!

Hey, um, Doc? Y might wanna change your name. Just sayin'. ;-)

*sighs and tosses self an a.*

For Dr. Turnankov's Oral Hijinksist, and other gal Yankee fans:


oopsie. Guess the doc's a Yankee fan, too.

"...Jack Bauer is guest-starring on the Simpsons season finale tomorrow night at 8pm on Fox."

Who cares. Just tell me which episode of 24 Bart makes his cameo in. Now that's must see TV.

Ah, the Babe. I have a really great poster of him on my wall.


*snork* @ Stevie. I think I'm with you. Just imagine the havoc....

Speaking of squeaky toys, is this blog the place I learned of this website?

I think so Stevie. Nurse Tammy's brother and I had the most hilarious time on the phone one night answering all the questions. Oh, the things we were wrong about!!!

Stevie, I don't think so. I don't hope so... OK, probably.

Admit it, cj, you're just embarrassed by your low score. But I understand you have a very happy dog.

rats - missed one.

Too bad, annie. Get behind me. 100%, and I'm rusty. It's been a while since I've had um, um, a dog.

The one I missed was debatable. It's been used both ways. I have an appeal in to the line judge.

"It's been used both ways."

I'll bet you've been to some interesting dog shows.

Dr. Turnankov's Oral Hyjinksist speaks. And apparently she has writers!

What with the way dogs sniff crotches and each others butts, it's no surprise that they'd find any marital aid interesting. Particularly after it's been used.

Oopsie - gotta run or I'll be late for my date. You boys have fun together. ;)

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard
To get her poor doggie a dildo.
Her flashlight she shone; there was only a bone
But Lassie barked out, "Well that'll do."

Late for your date? I'm so jealous. Have a good time. And don't forget the doggie toys ;)


On a serious note, mammagrams save lives, I'm told. So get yours Monday. Cancer KILLS.

DD, I will also pray for your friend's wife. If it's a "bad" test, she will need all the help available to fight this thing.

ES, rest assured that us BlogBoys stand ready and willing to assist in any and all breast exams....

Elaine, I agree. I get my torture boob squeeze mammogram EVERY single year.

DD, my first mam came back "weird" and after having several procedures and a biopsy, it turned out "clear". I hope that's the case with your friend. It's nervewrecking and scary...trust me.

Me, too. :) And this is ONE area that big-cup girls have it all over the little gals. MUCH less painful for us since they don't have to tug and pull like they do with the little ones.

Thanks. I'm trying to be reassuring, too. My mom just went through a scare a few months back, too. It's so often just a watery or fatty cyst. (This was her first mam. She's 39.)

And boys? You DO help your women. Most lumps and irregularities in the breast are found by a woman's partner because of his familiarity with her body, so you have MY permission to grab all the boobs you want!!! Especially mine! ;-)

LTTG, but a great way to start the day: coffee and sequential multiple *snorkG*age. Bravura performance, all!

(Got one wrong on the quiz. Does that mean I'm sexually sophisticated or just spend too much time at PetCo...?)

"...you have MY permission to grab all the boobs you want!!! Especially mine!"

If I had a nickel for every time a gal has said that to me...I'd still be broke.

I know it is probably late to be posting on this thread but I was quite surprised (given the nature of the thread) that no-one has mentioned the The Colorectal Surgeon's Song by Bowser and Blue.

Maybe it is just a Canadian thing.

Thanks Buford. I'd forgotten about that one. It's always worth a laugh.

I'm so glad that you folks are willing to talk about it. Most don't.

I have big bazooms and the surgeon had a lot to work with, so I don't look "uneven" at least.

I, also, have "volunteers" to look for lumps. You people must know my buddy Steve,too. There certainly are a lot of Steves..

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